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"When you need to deliver a load of kinetic energy to your opponent, its time to get the Ziggo Grip and Grappler. He's the most feared horizontal spinner in his weight class, and after you see his opponenents at the end of the match, you'll know why. He also happens to be a two time lightweight BattleBots champion."
— The toy's official description on the BattleBots Store.[1]

Ziggo was one of nine BattleBots competitors released as part of Jakks Pacific's line of Grip N' Grapplers toys in 2001.

Like every other toy in the range, the main robot was attached to a flexible, plastic tube connected to a pull trigger. When activated, the trigger would power Ziggo's iconic spinning shell.

In the case of Ziggo, both of its weak points were located on its shell, and when struck, would "explode" to signify the robot being knocked out. Ziggo also comes with a practice robot - Striker.

Other Releases[]

Alongside Mauler, Toro, and numerous practice robots, Ziggo was also released in a Toys 'R Us exclusive pack of Grip N' Grappler toys known as Kings of the BattleBox.


  • Ziggo was the only lightweight robot to feature in the Grip N' Grapplers toy line.