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"I just wanted to have a truly destructive robot..."
— Jonathan Ridder on Ziggo

Ziggo was a lightweight robot built by Team Ziggy, which entered the inaugural BattleBots event in Long Beach, California, as well as all five seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots.

Its weapon comprised of a spinning shell made from a steel wok with 1/4" steel teeth at either end. The name "Ziggo" was a portmanteau of its two inspirations - Jonathan Ridder's late cat Ziggy, and the dangerously destructive Blendo. Ridder's aim was to create a spinner like Blendo, but have it grab hold and claw deep into other robots like his cat used to do to his house guests.

"My robot has always been named Ziggy after my cat who died last year at age 14. He was known as being the most ill tempered feline that you would ever likely meet (though I got along fine with him.)"
— Jonathan Ridder on the etymology of Ziggo on an archived forum[1]

Debuting at the original 1999 Long Beach event, Ziggo proved highly durable and destructive from the outset, winning the Kilobot Championship before repeating the same feat in the Season 2.0 and Season 4.0 lightweight divisions. These were interspersed by quarter-final finishes in Seasons 1.0 and 3.0 respectively, though Ziggo would not be able to replicate either feat in Season 5.0 following a loss to Code:BLACK in the Round of 32. Other highlights of its career included victory in the Season 3.0 Lightweight Royal Rumble via the audience vote, and receiving the Most Aggressive Robot Award in Season 2.0.

Ziggo remains a display piece under ownership of Jonathan Ridder’s son.

Outside BattleBots[]

Ziggo also fought at BotBash in October 2001. Ziggo defeated Squirrel and Bad Buzzard before losing out to Toe-Crusher. In the loser's bracket, Ziggo defeated Herr Gepoünden before taking on Backlash. Ziggo was relentlessly attacked by Backlash, causing gashes in the shell and shattering its teeth.[2]

It also appeared at Steel Conflict 2, which took place in February 2003. However, it didn't take part in the tournament.[3]

That year, Ziggo was inducted into the Combat Robot Hall of Fame.

Robot History[]

Long Beach 1999[]

Ziggo vs. Hot Air

Ziggo Vs Hot Air

Ziggo with the remains of half of Hot Air.

Ziggo's first ever match in BattleBots was against Hot Air. Both of the Hot Air bots were slow to get out of their square as Ziggo was spinning up. As Ziggo got to full speed, he first went after Dr. Inferno, but Dr. Inferno backed away before Ziggo got in a shot, not doing much damage. When the two bots finally made contact again, Ziggo ripped out a piece of Dr. Inferno. The two clashed again, and this huge hit immobilized Dr. Inferno. This gave Ziggo a devastating KO in 53 seconds, and as a result it advanced to the next round, where it faced Executioner.

Ziggo vs. Executioner

Before this match, it was initially determined that Ziggo was not allowed to compete due to sending a piece of Hot Air's hole saw out of the arena. However, Trey Roski and Greg Munson reconsidered, and the safety inspectors allowed Ziggo to continue in the competition with its dome only able to spin at 1500rpm. Ziggo won by KO and advanced to the next round.

Ziggo vs. Toe-Crusher

Ziggo took on Toe-Crusher. Ziggo won by KO and advanced to the next stage of the competition.

Ziggo vs. Defiant

Ziggo then faced Defiant, who surprisingly won by crowd vote. As such, Ziggo was now in the losers bracket, where it faced Executioner again.

Ziggo vs. Executioner

In this rematch against Executioner, Ziggo won by KO again and was now in the Kilobot finals.

Ziggo vs. Defiant

Defiant Ziggo LB1999 final

Ziggo rips parts away from Defiant.

Ziggo Defiant killsaws LB1999

Ziggo is pinned against the killsaws late on.

In Ziggo's second rematch of the bracket, it took on Defiant. Here, the fight went the distance and it was Ziggo that won by crowd vote this time to be declared the Kilobot champion.

Kilobot Royal Rumble

Ziggo also participated the Kilobot Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament, which was ultimately won by HammerHead.

Season 1.0[]

Ziggo vs. Missing Link

ZiggovsMissingLink sf00

The aftermath between Ziggo and Missing Link.

After receiving a bye, Ziggo went up against The Missing Link in its first fight. The Missing Link charged straight at Ziggo while it was spinning up to speed, but failed to slow the spinning down. Ziggo drove away and tried to attack The Missing Link, but was deflected off of the attachment added to The Missing Link for this fight. Ziggo managed a glancing blow on one of The Missing Link's wheels, before managing to send The Missing Link flying with its next hit and tearing the wheel clean off. Ziggo attacked its crippled opponent again, ripping off the other wheel and making sparks fly. Immobilized, The Missing Link took a final hit from the killsaws and was counted out. Ziggo won by KO at 1:18 and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Ziggo vs. Das Bot

Ziggo vs das bot sf00

The impact between Das Bot and Ziggo.

In the last eight, Ziggo faced Das Bot. It was again able to cause a lot of destruction in this fight, inflicting noticeable damage to Das Bot. However, the impact of one of Ziggo's attacks caused it to ricochet into the spikestrip, where it got stuck. Because of this, Das Bot surprisingly went through and Ziggo was eliminated. Jonathan Ridder's bot had to be freed from the spikestrip with a crowbar after the fight.

Lightweight Consolation Rumble

AfterthoughtLWRumble sf00

The Ziggo immobilized right under Afterthought.

Ziggo returned for one of two Lightweight Consolation Rumbles. Unfortunately, an early hit from Sallad caused it to ricochet into the Lexan wall before landing on the floor with a broken flag arm and its shell spinning down. Ziggo was left there for the rest of the rumble and it lost overall to Sallad, Cereal Box Killer, Rott-Bott 2000 and Mouser Mecha-Catbot.

Season 2.0[]

Ziggo vs. Scrap Metal


Ziggo attacks Scrap Metal.

Ziggo Killsaws

Ziggo runs itself into the killsaws after striking Scrap Metal.

Ziggo Scrap Metal flip

Ziggo tosses Scrap Metal upside down.

Ziggo's first match was against Scrap Metal. Ziggo started spinning its shell as Scrap Metal traveled across the BattleBox. Scrap Metal tried to line up a shot on Ziggo, but then backed off. Ziggo pursued its opponent and hit Scrap Metal's front wedge, noticeably bending it. Scrap Metal moved over to the killsaws in case Ziggo follows. Ziggo waited and then attacked Scrap Metal when it came back around the side. This impact ripped Scrap Metal's wedge almost clean off. Scrap Metal moved around and Ziggo attacked Scrap Metal again. This time, the front wedge is torn off completely and the rest of Scrap Metal was thrown to the other side of the BattleBox. Scrap Metal was now barely moving and Ziggo moved in and hits Scrap Metal again, knocking loose the battery pack inside Scrap Metal, who stopped moving as a result. This last impact also stopped Ziggo from spinning but Scrap Metal was being counted out. Ziggo won by KO at 2:27 and advanced in the season.

Ziggo vs. Scrap Daddy LW 55

ZiggovsScrapDaddylw lv00

Ziggo tears into Scrap Daddy LW 55.

In the Round of 16, Ziggo faced Scrap Daddy LW 55. Before the match began, Scrap Daddy LW 55 could not get its gas-powered saw running. Ziggo hit Scrap Daddy LW55 's right wheel, sending it flying across the BattleBox, leaving Scrap Daddy LW 55 to spin in a slow circle with his remaining left wheel. Ziggo soon moved in again, hitting the rear scoop of Scrap Daddy LW 55, tearing into it severely. Another hit sent Ziggo's opponent flying against the arena wall by the pulverizer, and in several pieces. Scrap Daddy LW 55 was counted out and Ziggo won by KO at 1:13.

Ziggo vs. Afterthought 2.0

Ziggo Afterthought KO

The decisive impact.

This win put Ziggo to the quarter-finals, where it faced Afterthought 2.0. At the start of the match, Afterthought went straight at Ziggo as it started spinning. However, Afterthought managed to high-center itself on an entry ramp. Ziggo came back to attack and sent pieces of Afterthought flying, but this hit also freed its opponent and Afterthought drove itself under the pulverizer. Both robots met again and Afterthought lost more of its spikes, along with its sacrificial wooden armor. Ziggo lined up for another attack and came in at full speed. This impact flipped Afterthought, while Ziggo deflected in such a way that it became stuck underneath the hell-raisers. The match was paused momentarily and Ziggo was freed. Afterthought was also put back on its wheels. As the match got going again, Afterthought started spinning its disk again and hit Ziggo. As Afterthought landed several more hits on Ziggo, they retaliated and flipped Afterthought again. This time, Afterthought was counted out and Ziggo won by KO at 1:55, advancing to the semi-finals.

Ziggo vs. Beta Raptor

Ziggo Beta Raptor killsaws

Ziggo gets thrown by the killsaws

ZiggovsBetaRaptor lv00

Ziggo hits Beta Raptor.

Next up for Ziggo was Beta Raptor. Before facing Ziggo, Team Raptor added Styrofoam on the front of Beta Raptor. At the beginning of the match, Beta Raptor went straight at Ziggo before Ziggo started to spin its dome. Ziggo evades and started hitting Beta Raptor, while both robots were near the killsaws. Beta Raptor accidentally got on the killsaws for a few seconds, where Ziggo also got thrown in the air. Ziggo came back and hits Beta Raptor so hard that it sends it flying across the BattleBox. After this, Beta Raptor was only going around in circles. Ziggo came back for one more attack, but it accidentally got caught on the killsaws and the dome stopped spinning. Both robots, severely damaged, finish off the match with a few shoves, trying to position each other under the pulverizer, but Beta Raptor is counted out and Ziggo won by KO at 2:38.

Ziggo vs. Backlash

ZiggovsBacklash lv00

Ziggo hits Backlash.

This win put Ziggo to the lightweight finals again, where it faced Backlash. At the start of the match, Backlash's antenna was too far down, limiting its ability to receive Jim Smentowski's radio commands, though the TV broadcast made it seem like it was just battle damage from the previous match that was to blame. Somehow Backlash's disk remained spinning. Ziggo hit Backlash from the side, taking out a chunk from his tire and bending the extended shaft. The impact apparently disabled something inside Ziggo, because it stopped spinning. Ziggo moved in to Backlash, right at the spinning disk, and got hit. Every once in a while, Backlash was pushed within range. The non-spinning Ziggo came in and pushed Backlash from the side enough to upend it, and the gyroscopic forces of the disk took over and Backlash ended up on his back. Immediately after this hit, Ziggo found itself high-centered on the arena exit ramp. Since Backlash was out first, the referee counted it out and Ziggo won by KO at 1:23. This meant that Ziggo has won the lightweight division for the second time.

Lightweight Royal Rumble

Ziggo also participated the Lightweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament.

Season 3.0[]

Ziggo vs. Wacker

ZiggovsWacker sf01

Ziggo flips Wacker.

Due to being the lightweight champion, Ziggo was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, where it eventually faced Wacker. The first three seconds of the fight consist of both robots getting their spinning weapons up to speed. Ziggo and Wacker approached each other and Ziggo hits Wacker's front, disabling Wacker's spinning blades in the process. As Wacker was barely moving, Ziggo works its way toward Wacker's side and hits it hard. This hit removed the side panel and immobilized the left wheel of Wacker. Ziggo is now behind Wacker and while trying to turn around, inadvertently hits the stuffed rabbit with its flag. Ziggo hits Wacker's right wheel and Wacker stopped moving. Ziggo gets around to the rear of Wacker and one hit from Ziggo flips Wacker onto its back. Ziggo performs a victory spin as Wacker was being counted out. Ziggo won by KO at 1:28 and advanced to the Round of 16.

Ziggo vs. Shrike

Ziggovsshrike sf01

Ziggo rips off Shrike's shell.

In the Round of 16, Ziggo fought Shrike. Ziggo was avoided by Shrike for a while. Ziggo eventually hit Shrike hard and destroyed Shrike's left wheel. Its foe now immobile, Ziggo attacked Shrike one more time, ripping off its shell. Shrike was counted out and Ziggo moved on.

Ziggo vs. Sallad

Sallad vs Ziggo

Ziggo and Sallad collide.

Ziggo was now in the quarter-finals where it faced Sallad. After one hit between the two robots, Ziggo suddenly stopped moving as its receiver battery had come out, and Sallad pushed the immobilized Ziggo onto the killsaws. Ziggo was being counted out and Sallad won by a surprisingly quick KO. This meant that Ziggo was eliminated from the tournament.

Lightweight Royal Rumble

Ziggo again returned for the the Lightweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament. After spinning at full speed, Ziggo rammed Sublime and Trilobot. It didn't move much in the next few moments, but was hit by Gamma Raptor, deflecting Ziggo into the wall. It then bumped into Backlash while trying to get away from Gamma Raptor. Ziggo turned its attention to Backlash but was attacked by Dr. Inferno Jr. and again by Gamma Raptor. Ziggo stayed out of the action in order to get its shell spinning up to speed and eventually did so, but Gamma Raptor attacked Ziggo again and slowed the shell back down. Ziggo attempted to attack Dr. Inferno Jr. again, but opted to hit an already-immobile Bad Habit, before getting assaulted by The Crusher. Time ran out and Ziggo was crowned winner of the rumble.

Season 4.0[]

Ziggo vs. SnowFlake

ZiggovsSnowflake sf01b

Ziggo hits SnowFlake.

Due to being a former champion, Ziggo was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it eventually faced SnowFlake. Ziggo was rammed repeatedly at the start of the fight by SnowFlake, but Ziggo managed to knock SnowFlake away every time. Ziggo eventually damaged SnowFlake's plow, but the Team Toad robot stayed determined until Ziggo hit SnowFlake's safety switch, causing its opponent to stop moving. Snowflake was being counted out when it came back to life, but then died again shortly after. Ziggo then pushed SnowFlake into the killsaws, where it was unable to get going again and was counted out. Ziggo won by KO and advanced in the tournament.

Ziggo vs. Serial Box Killer


Ziggo rips off Serial Box Killer's arm.

ZiggovsSerialBox sf01b

Ziggo hits Serial Box Killer.

Ziggo advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Serial Box Killer. Both robots went straight at each other and Ziggo hits Serial Box Killer. Ziggo was hit by Serial Box Killer and bounces back into the screws. After both robots were chasing each other, Ziggo hits the front arm of Serial Box Killer and bends it. Serial Box Killer runs into Ziggo with the arm once more and the arm is severely bent. Serial Box Killer uses its bent arm frame to attack Ziggo. This hit from Ziggo removed Serial Box Killer's arm and the front frame. Serial Box Killer immediately tries to ram Ziggo again, now with much less keeping the internal components from being damaged. Serial Box Killer suddenly stopped moving and Ziggo hits Serial Box Killer again. Serial Box Killer came back to life, but then died again shortly after. Ziggo hits Serial Box Killer again as it was being counted out. Ziggo won by KO at 1:32 and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Ziggo vs. Wedge of Doom

ZiggovsWOD sf01b

Ziggo rips the wedge right off of Wedge of Doom.

In the final eight, Ziggo took on Wedge of Doom. After an early missed box-rush, Wedge of Doom slammed itself into the base of the screws. Ziggo gets up to full speed and began shaking slightly while Wedge of Doom maneuvred around the BattleBox, Ziggo goes over the killsaws and gets tossed around. Ziggo flies up the entrance ramp and starts spinning again. Wedge of Doom gets itself oriented and pushes Ziggo further up on the entrance ramp. Wedge of Doom starts to lift Ziggo, but slips out shortly after. Ziggo tries to escape, but Wedge of Doom kept it on the entrance ramp and this prevented Ziggo from spinning. Wedge of Doom backs up to try to slam into Ziggo, but Ziggo started spinning again. When Wedge of Doom approaches, Ziggo smacks the wedge and sends the robot spinning into the arena wall. As Ziggo was unbalanced, Wedge of Doom goes straight at Ziggo and gets itself underneath the spikestrip. Wedge of Doom escapes and gets hit by the pulverizer. Ziggo starts spinning again and hits Wedge of Doom's front. This hit almost flipped Ziggo onto its side and Wedge of Doom's front is bent. Ziggo starts spinning again and head towards Wedge of Doom. Ziggo hits Wedge of Doom slightly and Wedge of Doom tries to line up on Ziggo. Ziggo tries to maneuver itself toward Wedge of Doom's wheels. Ziggo hits Wedge of Doom and rips the wedge right off of Wedge of Doom. Wedge of Doom tries to position its front at Ziggo, but it couldn't and Ziggo smacks the corner of Wedge of Doom, spinning it towards the arena wall again. This impact ripped one of Wedge of Doom's wheels and Tony Buchignani taps out. Ziggo starts slowing down and smoke was coming out of the bottom of Ziggo. Wedge of Doom was being counted out and Ziggo won by another KO. After the match ended, Ziggo's internals were on fire and extinguished immediately.

Ziggo vs. Death By Monkeys

ZiggovsDeathbyMonkeys sf01b

Ziggo tears a piece off of Death By Monkeys' front.

This most recent win put Ziggo to the semi-finals, where it faced Rob Farrow and Death By Monkeys. Ziggo started spinning as Death By Monkeys was tentative early on. Death By Monkeys drove straight into Ziggo, who went careening off toward the entrance ramp. In doing so, part of the front of Death By Monkeys came away, but this did not hamper its ability to drive. Ziggo was rammed into by Death By Monkeys again, narrowly avoiding the pulverizer. However, the damage was more telling than initially thought as the metal bent into one of Death By Monkeys' front tires, slicing the rubber and obstructing it. Ziggo continued spinning and headed towards Death By Monkeys, who struggled to escape the spikestrip. Ziggo then hit Death By Monkeys in a move which sent both robots flying away in opposite directions of the BattleBox. Ziggo got its shell back up to speed and approached its opponent, who was now near the entrance ramp. Ziggo attacks Death By Monkeys again, before it backs into Ziggo, throwing Ziggo away against the spikestrip on impact. This proved to be the final attack from Death By Monkeys as it eventually stopped moving and Ziggo headed toward the center of the BattleBox. Death By Monkeys was counted out and Ziggo won by another knockout.

Ziggo vs. The Big B

Ziggo vs Big B SF01B

Ziggo hits The Big B.

This latest win put Ziggo to the lightweight finals again, where it faced newcomer The Big B. The Big B immediately goes straight at Ziggo and Ziggo wisely gets out of the way. The Big B turns around and heads into Ziggo, which is still getting up to full speed. Ziggo hits The Big B and no damage was caused. The Big B turns around and heads right back toward Ziggo. The Big B gets its wedge underneath Ziggo and Ziggo starts bouncing into the air, but lands steadily on its feet. The Big B tries to push Ziggo against the arena wall and Ziggo hits The Big B. The Big B goes after Ziggo, but Ziggo retreats. Both robots went straight at each and Ziggo gets pushed on the killsaws by The Big B. This hit from Ziggo knocked the plate on The Big B's front crooked. The Big B fights on and kept attacking Ziggo. The hit knocks the wedge out of place a little bit more. Ziggo initiates another hit to The Big B and still isn't able to rip the wedge right off The Big B. Ziggo takes a hit on the rear of The Big B and once again, no damage. The Big B continues to attack with its front wedge and Ziggo is around the pulverizer. The Big B drives toward Ziggo and after the pulverizer hits the BattleBox floor, both robots were bounced into the air. Ziggo stopped spinning momentarily and The Big B's wedge is hanging on just one side. The Big B tries attacking Ziggo with the front wedge and then attacking with the rear. When The Big B attacks with its rear, the reverse wedge rides up on Ziggo, raising The Big B. The Big B then stops Ziggo from spinning and starts pushing it around the BattleBox. The Big B continues to ram into Ziggo and Ziggo starts slowing down. The Big B has Ziggo's shell at a stand-still and Ziggo retreats while The Big B chases it. Ziggo starts pushing The Big B, but The Big B runs away. The Big B pushes Ziggo over the killsaws and Ziggo starts spinning again. The Big B was chasing Ziggo and The Big B gets caught on the killsaws. Ziggo hits The Big B's side and stopped spinning entirely. Ziggo starts spinning again and The Big B collides with Ziggo. The Big B pushes Ziggo over the killsaws again and tips Ziggo sideways into the air. The flagpole bounces Ziggo back onto the BattleBox floor. The Big B drives around Ziggo, which isn't spinning again, and begins to push Ziggo again. The Big B tries to push Ziggo onto the killsaws twice, but Ziggo escapes. Ziggo starts spinning again and as The Big B approaches, Ziggo immediately escapes again. The Big B moves around the BattleBox and Ziggo starts spinning once again. Ziggo hits The Big B again and the front wedge is still on The Big B. The Big B repeatedly rams into Ziggo until it stops spinning. The Big B pushes Ziggo onto the killsaws and both robots were maneuvering each other before the time ran out. Ziggo won on a close 24-21 judges' decision and was declared the lightweight champion again.

Lightweight Royal Rumble

Ziggo overturned in 4

Ziggo on it's side after hitting Hexy Jr.

Ziggo again participated the Lightweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament. Ziggo was pushed under the spikestrip early on and was left there for half of the rumble. As the crowd were shouting "Free Ziggo!", The Crusher gets underneath Ziggo and frees it. Ziggo starts spinning furiously and after it connects to Hexy Jr.'s front, it became unbalanced and was knocked onto its side. Ziggo was trying to move with its flag, but it couldn't self-right and the time ran out soon after. Dr. Inferno Jr. was declared the winner of the Lightweight Royal Rumble.

Season 5.0[]

Ziggo vs. Code:BLACK

ZiggovsCODEBLACK sf02

Ziggo gets hit by Code:BLACK.

Due to being the lightweight champion, Ziggo was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it faced Code:BLACK. Both robots started spinning their weapons and Code:BLACK drives itself on the entrance ramp. Ziggo came in and hits Code:BLACK right off the entrance ramp. Both robots were dancing around each other and Code:BLACK delivers a hard hit on Ziggo with its spinning blade. This tossed Ziggo into the pulverizer and barely missed a few hits from the pulverizer. Ziggo suddenly stopped spinning after it reversed into the spikestrip before Code:BLACK was hitting Ziggo with its spinning blade. One hit from Code:BLACK actually destroyed Ziggo's driving wheels and Ziggo couldn't move. As Ziggo started smoking, Ziggo was being counted out and Code:BLACK won by KO. This meant that Ziggo was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 18
  • Losses: 4
Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999


Hot Air





Season 1.0


The Missing Link

Das Bot
Season 2.0

Scrap Metal

Scrap Daddy LW 55

Afterthought 2.0

Beta Raptor


Season 3.0



Season 4.0


Serial Box Killer

Wedge of Doom

Death By Monkeys

The Big B

Season 5.0 None Code:BLACK


Long Beach 1999
Giant Nut
Season 2.0
Giant Nut
Most Aggressive Robot Award
Season 4.0
Giant Nut

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Weighing in at 53 pounds, from the creative mind of Jonathan Ridder. He is assisted by his accomplice Douglas Ridder. From San Jose, California, introducing ZIGGO!"

"The thing that goes bump in the night is small with a hell of a bite. Its ZIGGO!"

"Hang down your head in pride. Poor bots, you're bound to die when you fight ZIGGO!"

"With his spinning fury and quarter-inch steel blades, he'll cut out your heart and show it to you. All hail ZIGGO!"

"First he goes zig. Then he goes zag. Then you go home in a body bag. Behold the rapid, rotating force of ZIGGO!"

"He's fought his way through hell and back with three simple words. Attack, attack, attack! Here is ZIGGO!"

"He was named the most aggressive robot last season. Here is the former two-time lightweight champion ZIGGO!"

"Its two steel blades will slice and dice even the toughest robot. Its the two-time lightweight champion ZIGGO!"

"You can keep your fancy toaster, but when it comes to spinning bots of fury, let go of my ZIGGO!"

"This bot's New Year's resolution was to stop smoking, drop 10 pounds and kick the holy bejeezus out of anything with moving parts. One out of three ain't bad for ZIGGO!"

"The bile festering in this robot's soul makes him prone to chewing up robots, then spitting them out. It's ZIGGO!"

"He already has one Giant Nut and tonight he's going for two. Give it up for ZIGGO!"

"He's made from an old Chinese cooking wok, which explains why so many of his opponents are now vegetables. Here's ZIGGO!"


Any appearances by Ziggo in merchandise are listed below:


  • Ziggo was once mistakenly referred to as Ziggy in Ultimate Real Robots Magazine.
    • This was actually the name of Team Ziggy's previous Lightweight (originally Featherweight) entry, with which they had competed in the original US Robot Wars from 1995-1997.
  • Ziggo was one of eight robots on display at the 2001 Toy Fair Hasbro Showroom arena. The other known robots were OverKill, BioHazard, Minion, Ginsu, Vlad the Impaler, Tazbot, Diesector and Toe-Crusher.