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"Yeti is meant to go weapon-to-weapon with the best of 'em. Tombstone, Son of Whyachi – bring it on, and we'll just see where the dust settles. I'm coming here to prove not that I can hang with the big guys, but that I am one of the big guys."
— Greg Gibson during World Championship II

Yeti was a heavyweight robot built by a team led by veteran Greg Gibson, which competed in four BattleBots World Championships. It entered under C2 Robotics for World Championship VI,

The robot was built by Greg Gibson, who also competed in Season 5.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots with middleweight Blue Steel and superheavyweight Little Pink Butterfly of Doom as part of Team Lunch Money. However, both robots lost their first matches in their respective campaigns. Though it has evolved through several iterations over the years, Yeti has always been armed with a drum spinner and an optional set of lifting forks at the front.

Yeti rear WCII hero shot

Yeti during World Championship II hero shots.

Yeti was originally an alternate in its debut season, but was allowed in due to the drop-out of Clockwork L'Orange, which occurred during filming for World Championship II.[1] It was armed with its trademark 48lb, 3000rpm spinning drum (alternatively quoted to spin at 4000rpm by Chris Rose) and lifting forks, which were blue and white in color. It featured 13" diameter front wheels, as well as 10" wheels at the rear. Yeti made the semi-finals of the competition before being defeated by Tombstone via judges' decision.

Yeti WCIII hero shot

Yeti during World Championship III hero shots.

For World Championship III, Yeti had been totally rebuilt, as proven during an Episode 2 segment showing the 2018 build of Yeti overturning the older design. This included but was not limited to a new set of forks, additional drum options and a wedge for facing horizontal spinners. Yeti primarily opted for its 50lb drum with a tip speed of 100mph, including in its first Fight Night win over fan favorite Witch Doctor. Aesthetically, Yeti also had new top panel art and larger front wheels to clamber over opponents. Joe Sena joined the team, who had previously competed as part of Wrecks in both ABC seasons of BattleBots. Yeti went 3-1 in the Fight Night rounds, only losing a Main Event to Icewave, but fell short of the previous year by losing to Whiplash in the Top 16.

Yeti WCVI backstage

Yeti backstage during World Championship IV hero shots.

For World Championship IV, Yeti received another new frame, after the last one kept warping during its fights. A narrower drum was made for fights where the team wanted to use its forks, but its weapon chain was more exposed as a result.

"This year we said 'alright, if I'm gonna run the forks, we have to go smaller drum... No more forks, no more strategy. I'm just gonna go drum and go crazy because that's... that's where we do well."
— Greg Gibson in an interview segment with Jenny Taft during World Championship IV

For much of the season, Yeti went without its lifting forks in order to dedicate sufficient weight to its weapon and its chassis. Yeti once again did well in 2019 where it once again went 3-1 in the Fight Card rounds. Its only pre-tournament loss came in a Main Event to the reigning champion Bite Force and Yeti won its play-in match against DUCK! to earn a spot in the Round of 16. At this stage, however, Yeti fell victim to DeathRoll.

Yeti did not return for World Championship V as Greg Gibson and his family moved to California to start a new job, and were not in a position to upgrade the robot.

Yeti WCVI hero shots red

Yeti during World Championship VI hero shots.

Ahead of World Championship VI, Greg Gibson enlisted the help of legendary BattleBots veteran Christian Carlberg, who became the co-captain of the team. Christian Carlberg had previously competed in the modern era with OverDrive and Mecha Rampage, as well as becoming a staple of BattleBots with robots such as Minion and OverKill. For the 2021 season, Yeti was redesigned from the ground up but kept the same principles which Yeti became known for in previous seasons. The biggest upgrade concerned Yeti's weapon motor, which now had variable speeds to allow for more control when driving the bot with its weapon on. Other upgrades included longer forks which could now retract into slots in the top panel, a more compact chassis, slightly smaller wheels and the option to swap the aforementioned forks out for a steep wedge configuration, allowing the 40lb drum to be the first point of contact against opponents. Yeti began its season with a brutal loss to MadCatter, but redeemed itself after beating Pain Train by knockout and then chalking a Main Event win over Skorpios. However, Yeti's run was cut short in the Top 32 by Cobalt.

As a result of the damage caused by Cobalt, Yeti was unable to return for BattleBots: Champions I. On October 2, 2022, Greg Gibson announced Yeti's retirement, as well as his own on Reddit.[2]

"BattleBots is a lot of fun, but it’s a big commitment, time and finances. The more dangerous the field gets, the more time and money it takes to stay competitive. Multiple frames, more spares, etc. Time and money are finite resources, and I have other hobbies I enjoy too (not to mention a career and a family). Right now I’m enjoying a summer spent spearfishing tuna instead of sweating in the garage every night. Over the winter I’ll build some small bots with the kids, but otherwise I’m not up for the big commitment that comes with the big televised production. I still love the stuff, it’s just balancing life and priorities."
— Greg Gibson on Reddit[3]

Robot History[]

World Championship II[]

Yeti vs. Lock-Jaw

Yeti's BattleBots debut came against former Giant Nut winner Donald Hutson and his most recent creation, Lock-Jaw.

Lock-Jaw vs Yeti sparks WCII

Sparks fly as both robots go weapon-to-weapon.

Greg Gibson initially held back, allowing Lock-Jaw to approach with the jaws of its spring-loaded flipper closed. After mistiming a flip, Yeti raised its forks and slammed into the side of Lock-Jaw, throwing it over. Yeti followed this up with an attack which set Donald Hutson's machine on top of the housing for the screws, but it quickly escaped.

Lock-Jaw Yeti WCII pin

Yeti is pinned by Lock-Jaw.

Yeti's aggressive start was followed up by attacks to the flipper of Lock-Jaw, causing sparks to fly. Lock-Jaw responded by using its open jaws to pin Yeti against the wall before driving it under the pulverizer.

Lock-Jaw vs Yeti WCII screws

Lock-Jaw places Yeti atop the screws.

As the fight moved to the middle of the BattleBox, Yeti's drum spinner got back up to speed and began grinding against the inside of Lock-Jaw's flipper. It was halted again shortly after, however, before Yeti was driven back into the blue starting square. Yeti was briefly taken to the screws as one of its snapped chains lay on the floor.
"Ohhh-ho! Right on top of the screws, in front of the judges... Lock-Jaw saying "Hey, judges. You wanna judge somethin'? Judge this!""
— Chris Rose

Lock-Jaw vs Yeti smoke WCII

Lock-Jaw begins smoking.

Once again, Lock-Jaw used the geometry of its primary weapon to its advantage as it held Yeti against and then positioned it on top of the screws. However, smoke began to pour from the returning Top 16 finisher and its right-front wheel was now locked up, preventing it from escaping the corner.

Greg Gibson's team urged him to attack so Yeti launched an assault on the front of Lock-Jaw, bending its lower jaws. Lock-Jaw retaliated by pushing back, preventing Yeti from spinning up again in the closing moments and letting go as the clock hit zero.

As Lock-Jaw had lost use of its primary weapon and had suffered from internal damage late on, Yeti won on a unanimous judges' decision and advanced to the Round of 32 as the No.12 seed.

Yeti vs. Lucky

In the Round of 32, Yeti fought faced the No.21 seed Lucky.

Yeti vs Lucky WCII 1

Yeti rides over the top of Lucky.

Both robots met in the center of the arena and Yeti raised its forks, revealing its spinning drum to Mark Demers' robot. Yeti began driving up the front of Lucky, grinding against its front plow and threatening to attack its flipping arm. Lucky fired its flipper, successfully freeing itself from Yeti's attack.

Yeti vs Lucky WCII 2

Lucky's flipper becomes stuck open.

As the fight moved to the corner of the BattleBox, Lucky's primary weapon appeared stuck open and Greg Gibson's robot began attacking the underside of its flipping arm. Veteran driver Gary Gin drove away from danger, but not before losing a chunk of armor courtesy of Yeti.
"Drive it like you stole it!"
— Rob Masek's message to Lucky's driver, Gary Gin

Yeti vs Lucky WCII flipper off

Yeti rips away Lucky's flipper.

Lucky's flipper finally retracted as Yeti charged head-first into it. Sparks flew on impact and Lucky timed its flip well enough to tip its opponent back. Yeti lost one of its back tires from this attack, which appeared to hamper its mobility. However, Yeti retaliated by using its forks to clamber up the front of Lucky and tear off its flipping arm.

Yeti vs Lucky WCII 4 KO

Lucky is knocked out.

Yeti momentarily became caught in the killsaw slots, but escaped once Lucky pushed it free. With Lucky's weapon disabled, Yeti was able to attack without fear and continued to attack the front plow of the No.21 seed. Yeti raised its lifting forks and charged, landing damaging blows to the front and side of Lucky which fatally damaged its left side drive.

After one final blow, Lucky was no longer moving due to a loose connection in its drive system, and was counted out by referee Michael Ayers. Yeti therefore advanced to the Round of 16.

Yeti vs. Mega Tento

YetivsMegaTento bb2016

Yeti destroys Mega Tento's right wheel.

This win put Yeti to the Round of 16, where it faced the No.28 seed Mega Tento. In the beginning of the match, Yeti started to attack and eventually damaged Mega Tento's right wheel. Mega Tento was then pushed on top of the screws and became unable to move. Mega Tento was counted and Yeti finished off the destroyed wheel. Yeti won by a quick KO at 44 seconds and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Yeti vs. Chomp


Yeti breaks off Chomp's self-righting wing.

In the final eight, Yeti took on where it faced the No.13 seed Chomp, who had dethroned reigning champion Bite Force in their previous battle. Ahead of the quarter-final battle, Greg Gibson had decided to remove the lifting forks and added multiple titanium panels to the top of the machine to protect the electronics, which were directly under the armor. In this match, Yeti was in control and attacked Chomp repeatedly, eventually tearing off one of the wings that helps Chomp self-right with its arm. Chomp eventually ended up on its side where it couldn't right itself and was counted out, giving Yeti the win by KO.

Yeti vs. Tombstone


Yeti loses a wheel and both robots lose their weaponry.

This allowed Yeti to advance in to the semi-finals, where it faced the No.1 seed Tombstone, a robot that Yeti was designed to face. In the pits before the fight, Greg had to find out what was causing Yeti to smoke during the battle with Chomp, only to find out there was a roll of electric tape thrown in the machine in their haste. Luckily, it didn't cause too many problems. Not long after the fight had begun, Tombstone had managed to tear Yeti's exposed wheels away, causing the drum to hit the BattleBox floor and rendering it useless. However, a big impact disabled Tombstone's weapon, resulting in a pushing match between the two bots. Yeti found itself being pushed around by Tombstone, as Ray Billings' machine could still drive effectively. Yeti was bullied for a large portion of the fight and in the end, the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Tombstone, eliminating Yeti from the tournament.

The team later explained in a Reddit AMA that the one working weapon motor heated up enough to desolder wires from the brushes as it tried to spin the drum, and this caused the weapon to die completely. A pinion seized to one of the gears in the lifter's planetary gearbox, jamming the lifting forks as well.[4]

World Championship III[]

Yeti vs. Witch Doctor

YetivsWitchDoctor bb2018

Yeti and Witch Doctor collide.

Yetiwitchdoctorpulverised bb2018

The immobilized Witch Doctor is pushed under the pulverizer.

Yeti found itself up against Witch Doctor in its first fight. The match was fairly even to start until Yeti managed to push Witch Doctor into the screws, which tore off one of Witch Doctor's tires. As a result, Yeti took hits from Witch Doctor and lost part of its lifting forks while the rest of the assembly was bent backward and unable to be used for the rest of the fight. However, Yeti fought back and started to get the better exchanges in collisions by tearing loose, then later tearing off the extra rib-cage armor Witch Doctor added for the fight. As the match progressed, Yeti continued to attack, tearing off a tire from Witch Doctor and eventually leaving Witch Doctor unable to move under the pulverizer. Witch Doctor was counted out, giving Yeti the win by KO.

Yeti vs. Icewave

IcewavevsYeti 1 bb2018

Yeti and Icewave collide.

IcewavevsYeti 2 bb2018

Yeti tosses Icewave into the air, which immobilized itself.

IcewavevsYeti 3 bb2018

Icewave's last hit on Yeti's tires.

Yeti's next opponent was Icewave. In response, Yeti replaced its front lifting forks with a solid blue wedge to try and deflect Icewave's attacks and perhaps flip it over. When the match began, it was rather even, though Icewave was first to get an attack. After another hit, Yeti took a hard hit from Icewave that sent Icewave flying but landing upright. Unfortunately, this knocked out Yeti as it could no longer drive or move due to an intermittent power failure regarding one of the wires plugged into the receiver. Yeti was counted out and Icewave won by knockout. After this decisive hit, Icewave accidentally hit Yeti's tires, prompting a reaction from Yeti's Greg Gibson.
Greg Gibson: "Hey, don't be a d***."
Marc DeVidts: "I didn't mean to! I didn't even know it was that close, man. I'm sorry."
— Both drivers react to the accidental late hit

Yeti vs. Bombshell

Yeti wheel Bombshell

Yeti damages Bombshell's wheel.

Bombshell smoke Yeti

Smoke leaks from Bombshell after pressure form Yeti.

Yeti next found itself up against former runner-up Bombshell. When the match began, Yeti took the worst of the first hit. Yeti pressed on and the gyroscopic forces were leaving both robots to pivot on one side or the other. Yeti got underneath Bombshell using Bombshell's gyroscopic forces and pushed it into the screws. Yeti then took another hit from Bombshell and its front lifting forks were now bent and practically useless. After the next collision, Yeti's weapon chain fell off, leaving it almost defenseless against its opponent. Even so, Yeti wasn't backing down and one of Bombshell's wheels were loose, leaving it to wobble a bit as the robot progressed. As the fight was winding down, now it was Bombshell showing technical problems as it was now smoking and catching fire. Time ran out and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision for Yeti.

Yeti vs. Petunia

Yetivspetuinia bb2018

Yeti turns Petunia over with its weaponry.

Yeti was next drawn against Petunia and went with its usual lifter and drum configuration, though the drum was a more powerful one than it normally used. The match got underway and Yeti went on the attack, throwing Petunia over but Petunia was quick to right itself. Yeti continued to attack, refusing to let up and threw Petunia completely on its beak before launching it back upright. Petunia began to suffer from mobility problems as the fight continued and was reduced to driving in circles. Yeti didn't let up and hit Petunia again, causing it to land near the screws and stop moving shortly thereafter. Petunia was counted out, giving Yeti the win by KO.

Yeti vs. Whiplash

Yeti vs Whiplash

Yeti rides the top of Whiplash.

The selection committee determined that Yeti did enough to enter the Top 16 and Yeti was put up against Whiplash. For this fight, Yeti opted to remove one of its two lifting forks and add in its bigger drum to hopefully cause damage and/or KO its opponent. When the match began, things were pretty even as both robots decided to face weapon-to-weapon where little damage was caused. However, as the match progressed, Yeti found itself being lifted and pushed around, nearly landing upside down each time. Yeti pressed on, going with another weapon-to-weapon attack with its opponent, then took a big hit from its opponent that caused smoke to pour out and its weapon to spin down. Even so, Yeti pressed on but now had no major means of attack and took damage to its wheels. Yeti was lifted up and taken to the killsaws but didn't suffer any major damage.  In the final fifteen seconds of the fight, Whiplash's drive motors started smoking, and it stopped moving but there wasn't enough time for a count out so the fight went to the judges, whom awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Whiplash, eliminating Yeti from the tournament.

World Championship IV[]

Yeti vs. Bite Force

Yeti Bite Force

Yeti gets launched into the air by Bite Force.

First up for Yeti in the 2019 season was a match against the reigning champ Bite Force. For this fight, Yeti went with the thinner 30lb drum to get those lifting forks involved. When the match began, Yeti was showing some control over Bite Force as it pushed them into the arena barrier. However, Yeti then took a big hit from its opponent that sent it flying though the air. Yeti was unphased and attack again, this time losing the chain to its lifting forks and any control the forks would have. Yeti pressed on and managed to get one of its forks caught in Bite Force, resulting in the two robots struggling to break free. Luckily both robots separate before the match needed to be paused and Yeti took damage to one of its wheels. Even so, Yeti continued to fight and seemed to be somewhat getting the upper hand as Bite Force was losing drive on one side. After Yeti was thrown in the air and flipped by Bite Force again, Yeti tried to flip itself back over, as one of its forks was stuck under Yeti, lifting all but one wheel off the ground, and preventing Yeti from taking advantage of Bite Force's lack of mobility. Yeti was unable to do so before the time runs out. The judges awarded Bite Force a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Yeti vs. Free Shipping

Yeti free shipping S4 2019

Yeti attacks the top of Free Shipping.

Yeti's next opponent was Free Shipping. Yeti opted to go with its heavier drum and no forks to cause as much damage as possible, especially with the additional motor that was added for more power to the drum. As the match got underway, Yeti found it difficult to cause much damage to Free Shipping. Even so, Yeti pressed on and was occasionally shoved around a bit. Yeti was also suffering gyroscopic forces and struggled to drive properly at times. However, Yeti eventually got on top of Free Shipping and began to tear into the casing for Free Shipping's flamethrower. Free Shipping was unphased and continued to attack so Yeti ripped off the rest of the flamethrower casing and bent the lifting arm, but also losing a wheel. Yeti ripped one of Free Shipping's front tires off in the dying stages before it ran into two sets of killsaws within the final ten seconds. Both robots made it to the end of the match and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Yeti.

Yeti vs. Rainbow


Yeti smashes Rainbow with its spinning drum.

Next for Yeti was a match against Russian newcomers Team Unicorn and Rainbow. When the match began, Yeti had no trouble getting to Rainbow, whom was retreating as their weapon wasn't working. Yeti hit Rainbow hard one time, breaking armor and flipping them over near the pulverizer. Rainbow was no longer moving and smoking heavily as it was counted out, giving Yeti the win by a very quick KO.

Yeti vs. Tantrum

Yeti smashes Tantrum against the rails near the Pulverizer

Yeti bullies Tantrum into the pulverizer.

Up next for Yeti in the 2019 season was Tantrum. Yeti opted for a more restrained approach for this fight in that it wasn't going for the aggressive destruction it was typically known for. The match started off pretty evenly for Yeti as they were attacking Tantrum but Tantrum was withstanding the impacts being thrown at it. Additionally, Yeti found it difficult to get under Tantrum's low wedgelets and was risking contact with Tantrum's weapon. After a big impact with the pulverizer, Tantrum was struggling to move and its bottom plate was mangled. Tantrum was counted out, giving Yeti the win by knockout.

Yeti vs. DUCK!

2019 duck yeti

DUCK! lifts Yeti early on.

Yeti was next against DUCK! for a spot in the Top 16 and started off evenly by attacking DUCK!'s lifting plow but not causing much damage. Yeti was then quickly flipped and struggled to right itself with its drum's gyroscopic forces. Yeti played more carefully, attacking only at times but DUCK! was also struggling with its lifting plow and wasn't really doing much offensively at all. Yeti continued its more laid back assault, causing little damage to DUCK! but still sending it through the air at times. Time ran out with both robots still mobile and the judges awarded Yeti a unanimous 3-0 decision and a spot in the Top 16.

Yeti vs. DeathRoll

Yeti vs DeathRoll s4

Yeti balances on one wheel momentarily.

Yeti's next match came against the undefeated DeathRoll. The team opted for Yeti's 50lb drum with the intention of causing maximum damage to the Australian representative. As the match began, Yeti quickly found itself on the receiving end of DeathRoll's attacks. It struggled to remain upright due to its drum's gyroscopic forces, which were made worse by the weight of the weapon. DeathRoll took advantage of this and Yeti lost a wheel as a result. As the fight continued, DeathRoll remained on top and eventualy, Yeti found itself immobile near the screws. Yeti was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO and a spot in the quarter-finals.

World Championship VI[]

Yeti vs. MadCatter

Yeti mad catter s6

MadCatter flips Yeti over before tossing it through the air.

Yeti mad catter 2

Yeti loses a wheel courtesy of its opponent.

Yeti mad catter 3

Yeti is slayed by MadCatter.

After a season away from BattleBots, Yeti returned World Championship VI, and its first opponent was MadCatter. The fight began with both bots charging at one another, before they spun around to face each other again. With its forks raised, Yeti attempted to clamber on top of MadCatter and from above, but found itself popped into the air by its opponent's vertical spinner. Yeti was hit again, this time overturned, before it used its forks to right itself. However, it landed on top of MadCatter again and soon found itself at the mercy of Martin Mason's bot. MadCatter went weapon-to-weapon and flipped Yeti again, before landing a brutal shot which sent Greg Gibson's bot twisting through the air. Soon after, MadCatter was able to rip off one of its wheels and deform the drive shaft on that side. Unable to move as freely as before, Yeti turned into the path of MadCatter's vertical spinner and lost its entire back panel. With its electronics vulnerable to another hit, MadCatter opted to stay away as Yeti was put out of its misery and counted out. MadCatter celebrated as it handed Yeti a loss on its return to BattleBots.

Yeti vs. Pain Train

Pain Train Yeti S6

Yeti is popped into the air by its opponent.

Yeti pain train s6 2

Parts of Pain Train litter the BattleBox floor.

Yeti's second opponent was Evan Arias and Pain Train. As Yeti positioned itself, Pain Train flew out of its starting square and hit the arena barreir. Pain Train landed a few early shots to the side of Yeti, but was unable to tear off either of the tires. It then left itself vulnerable to Yeti's drum as Greg Gibson got around to the side of Pain Train, grinding at its armor before getting underneath. Yeti continued to evade Pain Train before opting to go weapon-to-weapon, which saw Yeti popped up several times from Pain Train's heavier drum. Yeti then landed a blow which unbalanced Pain Train and flipped it over, detaching its top panel for the second consecutive fight. From then, Yeti honed in on the side of Pain Train and tore away its wheelguard, exposing its right-side tire. Yeti was then able to eat away at its exposed tire, before slamming into the side of Pain Train. Two final hits from Yeti caused Pain Train's weapon to fall out on one side, tore out a brushless motor and left another dangling outside the bot. A count began on Pain Train, and Yeti scored its first win of the season, rising to 1-1.

Yeti vs. Skorpios

Yeti Skorpios

Yeti gets under Skorpios' wedge.

Yeti Skorpios s6 2021

Yeti sends Skorpios flying.

Yeti Skorpios 2

Yeti kicks Skorpios into a backflip.

Last up for Yeti in the Fight Night rounds was a Main Event against fellow 1-1 bot Skorpios. In this fight, Yeti purposely started with its forks down to get underneath the front plate of its opponent, though these served as keep-away sticks in the opening moments. Yeti was consistently able to counter Skorpios' hammersaw and threw last year's Bounty winners around the arena even despite losing a weapon belt. At one stage, a piece of debris smashed one of the lights, raining broken glass onto the BattleBox floor. Skorpios had suffered damage to one of its wheels, but landed several glancing hits on a front wheel of Yeti to return the favor. Now smoking, Skorpios ran away to recalibrate before spinning its saw up and dealt a blow to the top of Greg Gibson's bot, though this did not cause much damage. Yeti returned to shove Skorpios under the pulverizer before using its drum to throw it near the arena barrier. Once both bots returned to the middle of the BattleBox, Yeti again punted Skorpios, this time forcing them upside down and caught in the screws. However, as Zach Lytle's bot freed itself, it became clear that Yeti's drum was no longer working and its front-left tire had been severely damaged. It remained aggressive and led with its forks, keeping the Skorpios weapon away from Yeti's box-like chassis and even attempting to lift their opponent. In the closing moments, Skorpios threw itself at Yeti in an attempt to leave the lasting impression on the judges, pinning it against the Upper Deck momentarily and landing a glancing hit to their top panel. Skorpios drove Yeti around for the final seconds as the Main Event went the distance. After a live view at the drivers' reactions to the battle, the result was announced and Yeti won by split decision, putting them to a 2-1 Fight Night record.

Yeti vs. Cobalt

Yeti Cobalt S6 2021

Cobalt turns away from Yeti.

Entering the Top 32 as the No.19 seed, Yeti faced No.14 seed Cobalt in the first round of the tournament. Yeti was quickest out of its square as it led with its forks and spun up to speed. Cobalt was already spinning by this point too as they met head-on. Yeti's forks prevented either weapon from engaging, but Cobalt was able to nearly shove Yeti into the Upper Deck in the opening seconds. As Cobalt turned around, Yeti stood up on its forks in order to raise its drum, but saw the tip of its left fork curled upwards in doing so. Cobalt was then driven by Yeti into the wall, and lifted off the floor as it turned to escape. Yeti took advantage, getting around to its side and landing the first big hit of the fight with its drum. Cobalt landed upside down, though bounced back onto its wheels and recovered well. It spun to Yeti's side as it tried to attack the exposed wheels, though drove into one of the paddles of the BattleBox. Both robots drove to the center of the arena as Yeti drove up the front of Cobalt and straight into their primary weapon. Greg Gibson's bot was thrown upwards and landed inverted. Though it could drive that way, Yeti was able to use its forks to quickly self-right. However, neither was flush to the ground at this stage and Cobalt again punted its opponent high into the air. Yeti twisted and turned, and one of its rear wheels appeared to have locked up upon landing. Furthermore, Yeti's right-side armor panel had begun to peel away as it desperately tried to recover. It was no longer able to drive, and Yeti was counted out, falling at the Round of 32 stage.


World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
#12 Seed, Semi-Finals
Qualifier vs. Lock-Jaw Won (JD)
Round of 32 vs. Lucky (21) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Mega Tento (28) Won (KO)
Quarter-Final vs. Chomp (13) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Tombstone (1) Lost (JD)
World Championship III
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Main Event vs. Witch Doctor Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 - Main Event vs. Icewave Lost (KO)
Fight Night #3 vs. Bombshell Won (JD)
Fight Night #4 vs. Petunia Won (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#7 Seed, Round of 16
Round of 16 vs. Whiplash (10) Lost (JD)
World Championship IV
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Main Event vs. Bite Force Lost (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. Free Shipping Won (JD)
Fight Night #3 vs. Rainbow Won (KO)
Fight Night #4 vs. Tantrum Won (KO)
Play-In Match vs. DUCK! Won (JD)
World Championship Tournament
#11 Seed, Round of 16
Round of 16 vs. DeathRoll (6) Lost (KO)
World Championship VI
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. MadCatter Lost (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Pain Train Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 - Main Event vs. Skorpios Won (Split JD)
World Championship Tournament
#19 Seed, Round of 32
Round of 32 vs. Cobalt (14) Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 7
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship II Lock-Jaw


Mega Tento


World Championship III

Witch Doctor (Main Event)

Bombshell (Undercard Match)

Petunia (Undercard Match)

Icewave (Main Event)


World Championship IV

Free Shipping (Undercard Match)

Rainbow (Undercard Match)

Tantrum (Undercard Match)


Bite Force (Main Event)


World Championship VI Pain Train (Undercard Match)

Skorpios (Main Event)

MadCatter (Undercard Match)


Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Yeti or not, here he comes to Hima-lay you out! It’s YETI!"

"Prowling the slopes of Mt. Kill-imanjaro. Y'all ain't really ready, it's YETI!"

"From the frozen state of Alaska, its favorite dessert is a popsi-kill. Are you ready!? It's YETI!"

"If this bot were a rock band, it would be called "Tom Yeti and the Part Breakers." You're about to see some free brawlin'. Y'all ain't ready. It's YETI!"

"Are you Yeti to rumble? Goin' steady like Archie and Betty. Hoping for an upsetty, his palms are sweaty, cold and ready, like moms spaghetti, it's YETI!"

"From Alaska, its favorite dessert is Eskimo Die. Give it up for the bot from Wasilla, the Vanilla Killa, YETI!"

"From Alaska, it's the abominable indomitable, make you sick to your abdominable, ditch your sister at the prominable. You are about to be goneable. Get ready, get set-y, it's YETI!"

"Are you getting sweaty because you might soon be dead-y. *Southern accent* I always enjoy a nice mani and pedi. What? It's cool. It's YETI!"

"This Alaskan bot has some polar flair with a drum that'll send you flying through the air. Juno this is gonna be good. Y'all ain't ready. It's YETI!"

"Straight outta Wascila, part machine, part gorilla, it's Bigfoot's brotha' from anotha' motha'. I know you're ready. Say it with me. It's YETI!"

"This legend is no myth. Elusive and keen, a cold hearted killing machine. He's gonna Hima-slay-a. It's YETI!"

"From Alaska, it's the diabolical, crypto-zoological beast with all the white follicles. It's YETI!"

"It's the return of the Yet-i. Ruin you in two Jar Jar Blinks of an eye. Hunt you down like Boba Fetti, the North Star warrior. It's YETI!"

"From the frozen north, he's madder than Matterhorn and will send you flying airborne, then pop you like a bag of popcorn. Make some noise for Orville Shredenbacher. YETI!"

"He's got his game face on. He’s armed and ready. Enemy's knees weak, their palms are sweaty. There's vomit on their controller already, bot spaghetti. You only get one shot to die at the hands of the YETI!"

"From San Luis Obispo, California, this ice monster will leave you shaking in your snow boots. Its YETI!"

"Four gores and seven fears ago, he put other bots in distress. Now he's back with a new proclamation. Call it the Yetisburg Address. He makes other bots weep like they were Abe's wife, Mary Todd, when he fires up his engine and emancipates their souls from their bod. It's YETI!"

"From San Luis Obispo, California, he's bringing hairy back. It's YETI!"