Wrecks' Season 2 appearance.

Wrecks is a heavyweight robot which competed in the first two seasons of ABC's BattleBots reboot. Wrecks was one of the few walkerbots for the reboot. Unfortunately, Wrecks did poorly in the competition, losing both of its two fights.

After Season 2, Team Wrecks would split up, with Dan Chatterton (lead designer of the robot) being the current owner and only known member of Wrecks and its team. Dan would later join team Skorpios. Adrian Bunny Sauriol would apply with Team Bots FC and their bot, Doomba and Friends. Doomba was ultimately rejected.

Wrecks is the brainchild of Dan Chatterton, who prototyped this design on an antweight named Gyrobot. Gyrobot's unique design gave it an honorable mention in the Combat Robot Hall of Fame.

While Wrecks did not make its return, the team has entered with Shatter! and made its debut as Wrecks' replacement in Season 4.


Wrecks in the red square during Season 1.

Wrecks is a green walkerbot build to look like a dinosaur. Its main weapon was a large vertically-spinning steel disc which also provided the motion for its forward movement. Wrecks had no wheels, instead operating on the principle of gyroscopic procession. Its weapon was attached to an apparatus which tilted it back and forth. This rocking motion caused a large "foot" mounted at the back of the robot to move, causing the robot to move forward.

Wrecks in the red square during Season 2.

For Season 2, Wrecks got a new paint job, being red and black. The blade was now different and could spin slightly faster The legs of Wrecks were changed from yellow to silver and could now walk faster. It also had extra steel armor in the front and around of the bot.

Robot History

ABC Season 1

Wrecks vs. Plan X

Wrecks' Season 1 appearance.

Wrecks' first ever match in BattleBots was against Plan X in the round of 24. When the match began, Wrecks started maneuvering around the Battlebox, but due to the slow nature of Wrecks' walking system, Plan X was able to get behind Wrecks and shove it from behind. However, Wrecks soon turned around and tore into Plan X's left rear corner.

Wrecks tears into Plan X's left rear corner.

Plan X took advantage of Wrecks' limited maneuverability and pushed it from behind, causing Wrecks' disc to dig into the floor before kicking away Plan X's protective rod knocked loose earlier in two and grinding to a halt in a killsaw slot.

Wrecks digs the floor as Plan X pushes it around

Wrecks continued to get shoved from behind until its rear legs moved right above Plan X's pneumatic rear weapon and allowed the disc to tear a chunk off of it from behind. This caused Wrecks to get flipped over and dig its disc into the screws where it struggled to right itself, giving Plan X the time it needed to spin up its downcutting bar and strike Wrecks on the side. Wrecks was eventually able to right itself using the screws, and to make matters even better, Plan X got itself high-centered on its own protective rod that was knocked loose and bent by Wreck's disc. With 10 seconds left, Wrecks maneuvered to where Plan X was stuck and tore the entire left side off of Plan X at the very last second.

Wrecks tears off the entire left side of Plan X

Unfortunately, this last-second charge was not enough for Wrecks, and the judges unanimously ruled Plan X the winner. Wrecks unfortunately was not chosen to be a wild card meaning it was eliminated from the tournament at the early stages.

Wrecks was due to compete in a nine bot rumble at the end of the tournament, but due to time restraints in filming, the rumble never happened.

ABC Season 2

Wrecks vs. Red Devil

Wrecks has Red Devil under the pulverizer.

Wrecks' first match in Season 2 was against Red Devil. Wrecks was able to get moving for a little while before ending up on its back end, leaving it top-heavy. Wrecks toppled back down where its disc made contact with the floor and caused it to dart across the BattleBox. Red Devil pushed Wrecks around the BattleBox, even as Wrecks' weapon was grinding on the floor, and slammed it into the wall.

Wrecks being grappled by Red Devil before getting shoved into the wall.

After a bit more movement from Red Devil, it was clear that both robots were stuck together and a timeout was called to separate them. When the match resumed, Wrecks' weapon was at top speed but while Red Devil was showing movement, Wrecks couldn't move around as its legs' chain had fallen off. Wrecks was counted out, giving Red Devil the victory by KO at 1:46. Unfortunately, Wrecks was not chosen for a wild card and was thus eliminated from the tournament at the early stages again.

Wrecks vs. Bite Force vs. Witch Doctor

Wrecks' shot on Witch Doctor sends it out of the arena.

Bite Force almost sends Wrecks out.

Despite this, Wrecks was still not finished and competed in a rumble which featured two other vertical spinners, former BattleBots champion Bite Force and Witch Doctor, another robot that fallen to Red Devil. During the introductions for the robots, Wrecks was mocked by Kenny Florian and Chris Rose for not being able to make it into the green square and very nearly tipped over at the start of the match. Wrecks did however redeem itself by first attacking Witch Doctor, ripping off one of its top panels and disordering the purple machine. After Bite Force attacked Witch Doctor and turned it over, Wrecks attacked the purple machine again, ripping off its self-righting mechanism and then throwing Witch Doctor out of the arena, eliminating it from the match. Bite Force then attacked Wrecks' weak point - its apparatus, tossing the red machine up in the air and causing it to land awkwardly. Wrecks did however get its own attack in, ripping off one of Bite Force's wedges and throwing both robots away, with Wrecks ending up near a corner with a out of the arena zone. Wrecks seem to have problems moving after this attack and Bite Force proved this, first by self-righting and approaching the walkerbot with absolutely no fear and then by tossing Wrecks out of the arena. However, this did not defeat the machine, as Wrecks was able to climb out, becoming one of the few robots in the entirety of robot combat climbed back in to the arena after being flipped out, despite its hindered mobility. Wrecks was then counted out, despite many attempts to show that it could move forward, allowing Bite Force to become the winner of the rumble.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 1 None Plan X
ABC Season 2 None

Red Devil

Bite Force (Rumble)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

Wrecks in 2018

"Its a modern day dinosaur, with an appetite for destruction. Here to make a Jurassic mark in the competition, it's WRECKS!"

"It's in a 12-step program because it's a wrecks addict. It's WRECKS!"

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