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"With the tournament approaching, some of the biggest names in the sport will be jockeying for top seeds in tonight's fight card. And in the main event it's the ultimate sibling rivalry when Blip steps into the BattleBox to face its sister team and defending World Champions Tantrum."
— Official description

Mirror, Mirror was the name given to Episode 8 of BattleBots World Championship VII.

It was the eighth of fifteen Fight Night episodes which determined the Top 32 which would make up the World Championship tournament. The episode contained seven fights, topped off by a Main Event between both entries from Seems Reasonable Robotics - Tantrum and Blip.

This episode first aired on February 23, 2023.


Free Shipping Hydra Fusion HUGE
Free Shipping BB2022
Fusion BB2022
Team: Team Special Delivery Team: Team Whyachi Team: Team Whyachi Team: Team HUGE
Captain: Gary Gin Captain: Jake Ewert Captain: Reese Ewert Captain: Jonathan Schultz
Lock-Jaw Glitch Beta Shatter!
Lock-Jaw BB2022
Glitch BB2022
Beta BB2022
Shatter! BB2022
Team: Mutant Robots Team: Combat Robotics
at Berkley
Team: Team Hurtz Team: Bots FC
Captain: Donald Hutson Captain: Kyle Miller Captain: John Reid Captain: Adam Wrigley
Quantum Black Dragon Slammo! Terrortops
Quantum BB2022
Slammo! BB2022
Terrortops BB2022
Team: Team Robo Challenge Team: Team Uai!rrior Team: Team Danby Team: Team Terrortops
Captains: James Cooper
Grant Cooper
Captain: Julio Cortez Captain: Craig Danby Captain: Ben Burton
Tantrum Blip
Team: Seems Reasonable Robotics Team: Seems Reasonable Robotics
Captains: Ginger Schmidt
Alex Grant
Captain: Aren Hill


Hydra vs. Free Shipping

Episode 8 opened with the powerful hydraulic flipper Hydra taking on a redesigned Free Shipping.
Hydra free shipping WCVII first flip

Hydra immediately gets underneath Free Shipping.

Both competitors approached each other tentatively, until Free Shipping attempted to ram Hydra head-on. Hydra took this chance to throw Free Shipping into the bottom-right corner, just as Gary Gin's machine activated its flamethrower. This momentarily left Free Shipping upside-down and on the spiked bumper, with Hydra tossing it a second time onto the killsaw slots. Jake Ewert's machine was not without issues, however; its forks and flipper lip kept catching the slots and floor seams while trying to track Free Shipping's movements.
"We said the ground game was the key for both of these teams. So far, Hydra is the lower bot!"
— Kenny Florian, moments after Hydra lands its first two flips
Hydra free shipping WCVII 1

Free Shipping approaches Hydra early on.

Hydra turned to face Free Shipping as the latter again came in for another ram. It proceeded to hurl Free Shipping three more times across the inner lower perimeter; through this sequence, Hydra took a grazing hit from its opponent's drum and lost the first of its side skirt plates during the second flip. Another head-to-head collision ensued, with Hydra again pivoting and shuffling around near the center as Free Shipping unsuccessfully tried to ram it. Once Free Shipping slammed into the wall beneath the competitors' control booth, Hydra closed in. Contact with Free Shipping's drum caused another of its side skirts to fly off.
Chris Rose: "Oh man, "How much can Gary Gin take?" is the question."
Kenny Florian: "Oh, he's rocked!"
Chris Rose: "We know it won't stop 'im from driving like a mad man. In fact, it may even make him crazier!"
— As Free Shipping attempts to retaliate with a few rams

Hydra vs Free Shipping WC VII big flip

Hydra launches Free Shipping high into the air.

Hydra weaved over the killsaw slots, as Free Shipping charged in and once again rode up its front end. A large piece of metal was deposited as Hydra raised its flipper, though this had no detrimental effect on either robot. Free Shipping proceeded to circle across the lower perimeter, before repeating its earlier attempts to drive up and ram Hydra. In doing so, it bumped into one of the Upper Deck screw mounts, then Hydra once again as the two competitors met in the center for the second time. Following this stand-off, Hydra flipped Free Shipping over as soon as the latter made another head-on lunge. Free Shipping retreated to make another similar charge, only for Hydra to toss it at greater height into the blue square.
Chris Rose: "Oh right! There it is!"
Kenny Florian: "Big one!"
Chris Rose: "I didn't think that Free Shipping could get any flatter…"
— After Hydra catapults Free Shipping towards the ceiling
Hydra free shipping WCVII 2

Free Shipping loses a wedge.

Hydra turned and tracked Free Shipping's movements as the latter attempted to recover from the top-right corner. Another head-to-head collision allowed Team Whyachi's machine to catapult Free Shipping back into the corner with a similar force and height. Free Shipping's front-left wedge broke off upon landing, with Hydra proceeding to throw it over the entire width of the Upper Deck. These flips, again, had no impact on the drivetrain of Gary Gin's machine, which Hydra again monitored from the center as it darted to the bottom-right corner.

Hydra continued to pursue the damaged Free Shipping, before tossing it into the air for the tenth time. An eleventh flip followed as the battle entered the final minute, with Free Shipping inverted once more. In the tentative movements that followed, Hydra drove front-first into the now-active killsaws, but sustained no major damage. Hydra proceeded to throw Free Shipping into the air and onto the killsaws with two quick successive attacks. Both competitors circled around simultaneously. Hydra slipped underneath Free Shipping's remaining wedge, and proceeded to catapult the entire robot three more times, removing another strip of metal from it in the process. It promptly tossed Free Shipping onto the red square screws with another flip - the fourth in this sequence – and again once the screw reversed direction to free its opponent.
"Somebody throw in the towel! Jake Ewert... have you no mercy, sir?"
— Kenny Florian, shortly after Hydra tosses an immobile Free Shipping away from the screws
WC VII Hydra Free Shipping end of fight JD

Free Shipping at the end of the fight.

Through this fifth flip, Free Shipping became completely incapacitated. Unrelenting, Hydra tossed it again into the outer Lexan enclosure, before pushing and briefly clamping it in the top-left corner. As the count-out began for its opponent, Hydra landed two more flips, buckling and ripping another piece of sheet metal from Free Shipping moments before the end buzzer sounded. Though Free Shipping had become immobilized, both robots had survived to a judges' decision. It was revealed following post-match replays that Hydra had flipped Free Shipping a total of twenty times, achieving a maximum recorded height of 15.3ft, almost certainly the highest in BattleBots history.
"Well, Kenny, Gary Gin came out spittin’ flames, but Hydra was in the mood for inflicting pain!"
— Chris Rose, over a replay of Hydra’s first flip

The judges unanimously ruled in favor of Hydra, bumping its Fight Night record up to 2-1.

HUGE vs. Fusion

The second battle saw HUGE square off against Team Whyachi once again - this time versus Fusion.

Huge fusion WCVII

HUGE takes on Fusion.

Both robots crept out of their starting squares and met near the center of the BattleBox. HUGE, while seemingly the faster machine, skidded directly into Fusion's horizontal spinner, taking a hit to its right wheel as a result. However, it immediately responded by hitting Fusion's right-hand side, partially immobilizing it near the Upper Deck.


HUGE leaves Fusion to be counted out.

HUGE trundled across the arena floor to line up another attack. It charged, bounced up from, and slammed Fusion into the opposite Upper Deck screw mount. Another successive hit from HUGE's bar spinner allowed it to incapacitate Fusion completely, while also removing its top panel.

"Jonathan Schultz givin' out free haircuts! Takes the top right off of Fusion and... I'm no doctor, but I'm not sure the patient's gonna survive this one..."
— Chris Rose reacts as HUGE removes Fusion's top panel

HUGE stood still in front of Ewert's defeated machine, before maneuvering back towards the center of the BattleBox as the crowd began shouting its name. As the countout for Fusion started, it spun and gyro-danced in celebration, having secured a 44-second knockout win and a preliminary 3-0 record.

Lock-Jaw vs. Glitch

Veteran of the sport Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw next met the previous season's co-Rookie of the Year, Glitch.

Glitch lock-jaw 1 WCVII

Lock-Jaw circles Glitch early on.

The match started with Lock-Jaw circling around Glitch, looking for an opportunity to hit their side panel. Glitch did not back down but had problems driving forward to attack them, so Lock-Jaw eventually initiated a weapon-on-weapon attack. The resulting few shots popped Glitch into the air a few times, but one of Lock-Jaw's forks bent upward in the process, rendering it useless.

Lock-Jaw Glitch WCVII

Lock-Jaw looks on as Glitch is counted out.

Nevertheless, neither bot had incapacitated the other yet. But with Glitch now backing into the near right corner, Lock-Jaw charged at them from the front yet again. This warped Lock-Jaw's frame and caused a fire somewhere towards the weapon system, but Glitch was launched a few feet in the air and it landed upside down.

Unable to self-right, Glitch got counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO and a 2-1 Fight Night record.

Beta vs. Shatter!

US and UK hammerbots collided in the next bout as Beta faced Shatter!.

Shatter beta WCVII 1

Shatter and Beta meet in the center of the arena.

Early in the fight, Shatter! glided around Beta as both robots looked for an opening. As it drifted to the corner of the BattleBox, Beta fired its hammer but just missed as Adam Wrigley drove away from danger. Shatter! retaliated by firing its own weapon, but striking the floor before landing a glancing hit to the front of John Reid's machine. Beta then got to the side of Shatter! and drove in underneath, attempting to feed it to the screws. However, Shatter! escaped and on the opposite side of the BattleBox, struck the front wedge of Beta several times as it attempted to reach its weapon system.
Chris Rose: "Kenny, if Adam Wrigley could land that shot, it would change this fight."
Kenny Florian: "Yeah, it's a tiny opening but that would disable Beta's weapon like shooting Proton torpedoes into the Death Star!"
— Chris and Kenny react as Shatter! picks up the pace

Shatter beta WCVII 2

Beta attacking Shatter! in the short corner.

Now in the short corner, Shatter! swung its hammer desperately trying to escape while Beta got its wedge underneath again, striking the top of its opponent several times before allowing the Bots FC machine to drive away. Escaping to the opposite corner, Shatter! tried to swing its hammer at Beta but flipped itself over in the process, Upon self-righting, this allowed Beta time to align itself before landing a series of hits to Shatter!'s frame once again. Shatter! took refuge in front of the drivers' booths, but Beta gave chase and pinned it in place, landing several more blows with its hammer.
"Adam Wrigley's gotta get out of there... and he does. John Reid giving him no room to breathe. Can Adam Wrigley turn this thing around?"
— Chris Rose as Shatter! is pinned against the rails

Shatter beta WCVII 3

Shatter! briefly gets in underneath Beta.

Beta continued to attack as both robots found their way to the center of the BattleBox, and Shatter!'s forks got in underneath the back end of the British bot. However, Shatter! was unable to capitalize as Beta used the power of its hammer to jump away from Shatter!'s clutches. It then became apparent that Beta's attacks had disabled its opponent's hammer by cutting its weapon chain as it mercilessly swung against the AR500 steel top panels of Shatter!, visibly bending the right-side panel inward and buckling the plastic underneath.

Shatter beta JD end of fight WCVII

Shatter! suffers a flurry of hammer hits in the final few seconds.

Late in the fight, Beta suffered a hit from the pulverizer but remained the aggressor, getting to Shatter!'s side in the closing seconds and leaving not only a lasting impression on its opponent, but on the judges as well, as it took the win by unanimous decision to advance to 2-0.

Quantum vs. Black Dragon

2-0 Quantum now faced off against World Championship V semi-finalist Black Dragon. Quantum returned to its dual-tooth set-up as its Brazilian opponents had equipped Black Dragon with additional UMHW armor.

Quantum black dragon WC VII

Quantum bites down but Black Dragon pushes back.

In the starting seconds, both competitors slowly approached each other until Quantum almost sunk its teeth onto the eggbeater of Black Dragon. The latter swerved away and retaliated with a grinding assault on the side of Quantum. The Cooper brothers' crusher hooked its teeth behind the eggbeater and shoved the Brazilian machine to the corner. But not long after, they found themselves being overpowered in the pushing contest against Black Dragon. Both robots separated after Quantum was slammed into the screws of the Upper Deck.

Quantum vs BD (1)

Quantum bites one of Black Dragon's wheel.

Quantum swiftly crept from behind and grappled one of Black Dragon's vulcanized rubber wheels and sent it to the pulverizer. It released its opponent after that successful attack. However, Black Dragon fled and returned to strike to the front of Quantum. Soon after, they gained distance from each other and remained cautious in their approaches. The eggbeater weapon grazed against Quantum before it was halted by the crushing jaw. Another back and forth pushing contest ensued before Black Dragon escaped. Team Robo Challenge started pursuing its opponent until their wedge took a bump from an uneven part of the floor. Black Dragon then drove up the wedge, but could not cause significant damage to the British crusher.

Quantum vs BD (2)

Quantum fails to release its hold after clamping down on the weapon of Black Dragon.

Yet again, Quantum successfully sunk its teeth down on the spinning weapon and tried its best to control Team Uai!rrior's robot. The opposing team requested for a release but Quantum was unable to let go due to a loose solenoid wire.[1] Timeout was called and Trey reported that the robots could not be pried apart, so the match went to the judges.

Judges black dragon quantum WC VII

The judges assess both robots before making a decision.

All three judges took the opportunity to enter the BattleBox to assess damage caused to both robots. Quantum earned another victory by unanimous decision, continuing its win streak as it advanced to 3-0.

Terrortops vs. Slammo!

Newcomer Terrortops fought veteran Craig Danby and his most recent build of Slammo!.

Terrortops slammo KO WCVII

Terrortops leaves Slammo! to be counted out.

Both robots immediately met in the center of the BattleBox, and Terrortops was able to get its lifting forks underneath Craig Danby's bot, tipping it backward. In the same motion, Terrortops engaged its vertical spinner and attacked the underside of Slammo!, flipping it over. Slammo! recovered, but its lifting mechanism was weighing the back of the robot down, and lifting its front wedge off the BattleBox floor. This allowed Terrortops the opportunity to lift from the front, and it capitalized, lifting again before grazing Slammo!'s armor with its spinning disk.
"I like this technique from Terrortops! Very nice."
— Kenny Florian heaps praise on Ben Burton's team
Terrortops KO celebration WCVII

Terrortops gyro-dances in celebration.

With its arms seemingly stuck in position, Slammo! adopted a sit and spin approach momentarily, but Terrortops was not deterred and drove directly into its opponent. It followed this up by getting underneath the front of Slammo! again and driving it into the rails with its lifter up. Slammo! was now stuck on its rear end, and a count began shortly after. Terrortops took the win by knockout, confirming a debut win for the rookie team.

Post-fight, Ben Burton revealed that it took several attempts to get Terrortops ready for their debut battle. Upon being loaded in the first time, one side of drive died after it became caught on the floor. Once this was fixed, the team then discovered three of their speed controllers had died from static.[2]

Blip vs. Tantrum

In the show's first competitive fight between two robots from the same team, Blip faced defending champion Tantrum in Episode 8's Main Event.

"It's a family affair. Tantrum versus Blip - the reigning world champion will try and take down its creator."
— Chris Rose pre-fight
Tantrum Blip loses fork WC VII

Blip loses a fork in the center of the BattleBox.

Both robots were fast out of their starting squares as Blip immediately got to the side of Tantrum and slid underneath, threatening an early flip. Aren Hill hesitated as Tantrum tried to rock itself away from danger by thrusting its drum back and forth. With its flywheel powered up, Blip's weapon engaged and landed the first attack of the fight. Tantrum quickly self-righted and turned to face its opponent, landing a few glancing punches to the front of Blip.

Tantrum Blip fire WC VII

A fire starts within Tantrum.

Suddenly, a fire erupted from the right-hand side of the reigning champions, where its speed controller was housed. The flame quickly diminished, replaced by smoke as Tantrum found itself pinned in the corner by Blip. Dillon Carey drove Tantrum out of danger and as Blip turned to face it, Aren Hill's bot lost one of its front forks. However, Blip was still able to get in underneath and drove its opponent towards the drivers' booths, flipping Tantrum over in front of its co-captains, Alex Grant and Ginger Schmidt. Tantrum righted itself again, but was on the back foot and its drum weapon was no longer spinning.
Chris Rose: "Come on Aren, let's see it! C'mon, up here..."
Kenny Florian: "Give it to us! Come on, I dare you!"
— Chris and Kenny react as Blip threatens to launch Tantrum in front of their booth
Blip Tantrum WCVII flip

Blip pins Tantrum in the corner before launching it through the air.

Now in the short corner, Blip had Tantrum pinned and the blue half of Seems Reasonable Robotics counted as the flywheel flipper charged up for another attack. Smoke began to pour from the reigning champions and Blip pulled the trigger, tossing it through the air.
Ginger Schmidt: "Hahaha, oh my God..."
Chris Rose: "A nervous laugh from Ginger Schmidt as her robot gets taken into the corner. Holy smokes!"
— Chris and Kenny react as Blip threatens to launch Tantrum in front of the commentary booth
Tantrum Blip short corner WCVII

Tantrum is pinned in the corner late on.

Both robots regathered in the opposite corner and although Blip rode up the front of Tantrum, the lack of a spinning weapon meant it simply posed little threat to Aren Hill's new creation. It was now also missing a fist, and one of its self-righting arms had become bent inward. Once more, Blip won the ground game and charged Tantrum into the rail, and then into the screws of the Upper Deck.

Tantrum Blip finish JD

Tantrum ending the fight on top of the Upper Deck.

With second remaining, Tantrum lost its other fist but began to fight back, pushing Blip back late on. However, it was quickly driven back to the short corner and with the last attack of the fight, found itself thrown atop the Upper Deck.

The fight went the distance, and Blip was declared the winner by a unanimous judges' decision. Although Blip earned its first win of the season, it put both robots from Seems Reasonable Robotics at a perilous 1-2 record.