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"Black Dragon has never been knocked out; Riptide has destroyed every opponent in seconds. Tonight these two formidable foes face each other in the ultimate match up."
— Official description

The Unbeatables was the name given to Episode 14 of BattleBots World Championship VII.

It was the penultimate Fight Night episode prior to the start of the World Championship tournament. The episode contained seven fights in total, ending in a Main Event between knockout specialist Riptide and a robot which had never been knocked out in its career to date, the Brazilian Black Dragon.

This episode first aired on April 20, 2023.


Starchild HUGE Ominous Shatter!
Starchild BB2022
Ominous BB2022
Shatter! BB2022
Team: Omega Team Team: Team HUGE Team: Team Ominous Team: Bots FC
Captain: Brandon Zalinsky Captain: Jonathan Schultz Captain: Tim Bouwens Captain: Adam Wrigley
Triton Horizon Bloodsport Beta
Horizon BB2022
Beta BB2022
Team: Team Overboard Team: Team Horizon Team: Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics Team: Team Hurtz
Captain: Bradley Hanstad Captains: Joshua Kong Captain: Justin Marple Captain: John Reid
Mammoth Kraken Valkyrie Glitch
Mammoth BB2022
Kraken BB2022
Valkyrie BB2022
Glitch BB2022
Team: Team Mammoth Team: CE Robots Team: Team VALKYRIE Team: Combat Robotics
at Berkeley
Captain: Ricky Willems Captain: Matt Spurk Captain: Lucy Du Captain: Kyle Miller
Riptide Black Dragon
Riptide BB2022


Team Break32 Team: Team Uai!rrior
Captain: Ethan Kurtz Captain: Julio Cortez


HUGE vs. Starchild

Opening the episode was a battle of big wheels as 3-0 HUGE fought winless rookie robot Starchild.

HUGE Starchild WCVII 1

HUGE begins the stronger of the two robots.

HUGE immediately veered left as its opponent drove towards it, looking to land an early attack with its thwacking arm. However, Starchild drove into the path of HUGE's bar spinner, which tore off the stabilizer keeping its own spinner from hitting the floor. HUGE pinned Starchild in the corner, tearing off its ablative shell as Brandon Zalinsky's robot was held by the pulverizer.
"Starchild already in trouble here, Chris. Great driving by Jonathan Schultz, pinning it in the corner to start."
— Kenny Florian as HUGE gains an early advantage
HUGE Starchild WCVII 2

Starchild is double-teamed by the Upper Deck and its opponent.

Chipping away at the frame of Starchild, HUGE continued its assault as it landed a shot on its wheel, flinging the winless bot through the air. Starchild then became snagged in the screws of the Upper Deck in a desperate attempt to escape trouble. This split Starchild's left-side wheel across several of its spokes as it now buckled under the robot's weight. The rookie robot stopped momentarily, showcasing the extent of the damage caused to both of its Tegris wheels.

HUGE Starchild WCVII 3

HUGE watches Starchild before attacking its wheel again.

HUGE attacked again as Starchild turned, gaining purchase on the right wheel and ripping off the spindle preventing it from becoming stuck on its side. Struggling for balance, the Omega Team robot spun in place for a moment before collapsing on its broken wheel. The undamaged HUGE clambered its opponent before striking the wheel, tearing a significant chunk of Tegris material away.
Kenny Florian: "OHHH, there goes the wheel, Chris!"
Chris Rose: "Half of that thing has been chewed off. It's like I took a big ol' bite out of that thing."
Kenny Florian: "Ohh, this is almost sad to see; Starchild is struggling. It's like a wounded animal out in the wild."
— Chris and Kenny react as Starchild suffers more damage
HUGE Starchild WCVII 4

Shards of glass rain down on HUGE.

Starchild was still mobile, however, inviting HUGE to try and become the first opponent to immobilize it. Jonathan Schultz honed in on the tail of Starchild, whose weapon chain had snapped and the disk itself lay loose within its housing. Attacking what remained of its primary weapon, HUGE sent a piece of shrapnel into the ceiling and shattered one of the lights.
"It just won't die!"
— Jonathan Schultz in the final twenty seconds of the fight
HUGE Starchild WCVII end

HUGE lands one final attack on Starchild.

Keen to score a knockout, HUGE attacked the healthier of Starchild's two wheels and tossed it through the air. Landing on its side, Starchild could no longer move, but there was not enough time remaining in the fight to initiate a count-out. HUGE won by unanimous decision and extended its streak to 4-0 as Starchild's difficult debut season ended winless.

Shatter! vs. Ominous

In a battle between two omniwheeled bots, Bots FC and Shatter! fought Dutch entry Ominous.

Shatter! vs Ominous WCVII teaser

Shatter! and Ominous meet in the middle of the BattleBox.

Both robots strafed across the perimeter, with Shatter! making the most assertive movements towards the center of the BattleBox. It strafed around to meet Ominous over the red 'B', where the latter's drum was unable to make contact with its front end. Shatter! steered Ominous back and pierced its top-right panel. With the spiked tip of New Rusty embedded into the panel, it pushed its Dutch opponent into the top-left corner, before hammering its srimech and back wheel. As this happened, Ominous turned round, flicking Shatter! upward.

Shatter! vs Ominous WCVII teaser 2

Ominous grinds the front armor of Shatter!.

Shatter! hopped in reverse, only to charge back in as Ominous took a pounding from the nearby pulverizer. After a brief moment's hesitation, the Bots FC machine closed in, only to have its left wedgelet torn off and sent flying across the left perimeter by Ominous. Shatter! tried to axe Ominous again, but missed, and was briefly flicked onto its side again as Ominous clipped it. The two competitors separated; Shatter! again began circling around, then collected Ominous as Tim Bouwens' machine skirted around the upper-left paddle. Shatter! attempted another unsuccessful hammer blow, with Ominous retaliating by flicking it backwards with the drum. Moments later, it forced Ominous back into the corner, hammering the latter twice. The second attack was enough to bend, spear and prise Ominous' top-right UHMW panel clean off; a florescent yellow chunk also fell from beneath the Dutch robot's front-right wheel.

Ominous vs Shatter WCVII 2

Shatter! hones in on the UMHW panel of Ominous, prying it away.

In an attempt to shake the UHMW panel off, Shatter! fired its hammer, flinging itself over the top of Ominous in the process. However, it briefly became high-centered on the panel itself, requiring further hammer swings to throw itself free. Shatter! - regaining its composure – tracked Ominous across the BattleBox. During these tentative maneuvers, the Bots FC machine exposed its right-hand side directly to Ominous' drum, though the latter was again unable to connect. A few more nudges followed, before Shatter! aimlessly swung its hammer twice more. More nudging and bumping ensued, after which Shatter! forced Ominous back into the top-left corner and hammered its front-left corner.

Ominous vs Shatter WCVII 3

Ominous pushes against the side of Shatter!, who struggles for mobility.

The thrust of Shatter!'s weapon carried it into the bumper, at which point it momentarily stood still. Shatter! fired its hammer again, but in doing so launched itself into the air, allowing Ominous to attack its baseplate. Adam Wrigley's machine recoiled, but recovered to again strike Ominous from the back end. It attempted to push a spinning Ominous along, but again encountered difficulties moving smoothly across the floor. Shatter! pivoted around and into a gyrating Ominous, hammering its opponent's drum and causing sparks to fly. Again, the attack threw it forwards and over the left side of Ominous, and the robot continued to suffer apparent mobility issues negated by powerful hammer swings.

Ominous vs Shatter WCVII 4

Ominous rips off Shatter!'s remaining wedgelet.

Both competitors continued to shuffle and nudge each other towards the bottom-left corner, at which point Ominous spun its drum back up. Shatter! pressed Ominous against the bumper, but lost its remaining wedgelet in the process. A swing of Shatter!'s hammer left it vulnerable to another flick from Ominous' drum, the head of New Rusty flexing against the nearby Lexan shields. Again, neither robot engaged after this point, with Shatter! still struggling for drive, and Ominous spinning and sliding its way out of the corner in pursuit.

Ominous vs Shatter WCVII 5

Ominous rests against Shatter!'s hammer head.

With less than 23 seconds remaining, Shatter! mistakenly drove itself over a set of killsaws, as did Ominous. From that moment, it again chased - and unsuccessfully attempted to axe – its opponent as the full three minutes expired. Shatter! swerved around as Ominous lifted itself onto its left side, the New Rusty hammer head briefly breaking the latter's fall back onto its wheels. A final bump was exchanged before both robots spun around in celebration of the match's closure.

The subsequent judges' decision unanimously ruled Shatter! the winner, allowing it to rescue its Fight Night campaign with a 1-3 record.

Triton vs. Horizon

Two rookies rounded off their Fight Night battles as Triton took on Horizon.

Triton horizon 2 WCVII

Triton approaches Horizon.

Quickly getting its bar up to speed, Triton approached Horizon and landed a blow as Joshua Kong's robot took time to spin its arm. Horizon drove away to safety, but one of its discs suddenly ground to a halt. Its bar began rotating the other way as Horizon drove into Triton with its non-spinning disc. Bradley Hanstad's machine powered up its spinner again, striking one end of Horizon's arm before following this up with a blow to the other.
"There's a nice shot... and maybe it disassembled one of those spinning disks."
— Chris Rose reacts as one of Horizon's spinners goes down

Triton horizon 3 WCVII

Triton hits Horizon as it grinds to a halt.

However, Triton's left-side drive chain had snapped, causing it to arc in place around the edge of the blue square. It was still able to land several more attacks to the frame and the weaponry of its opponent, after which Horizon stopped moving over the killsaw slots.

Edging its way to Horizon, Triton swung its weapon again, making contact and throwing Horizon near the center of the BattleBox. Although its main bar was spinning, it had no control over its drive, so a count was initiated.

Triton took the win by knockout and recovered to a 2-2 finish in the qualifiers. However, this was not enough to break into the Top 32.

Beta vs. Bloodsport

British hammer Beta now squared off against Justin Marple's horizontal spinner, Bloodsport.

Beta Bloodsport WCVII slam

Beta gets underneath its opponent and slams it into the screws.

Beta immediately pursued Bloodsport, as the Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics entry headed across the bottom inner perimeter and into the center. The two heavyweights clashed, sparks flying as Bloodsport's disk glanced off the heavily-armored wedge of Beta. Beta rounded Bloodsport up across the BattleBox, this tactic enabling it to get underneath and slam Bloodsport into the bottom-left paddle. However, while pushing Bloodsport back, it missed with its first hammer attack from Jason Marston.

Beta Bloodsport WCVII 1

Beta pins Bloodsport against the Upper Deck.

Regardless, Beta scooped Bloodsport back up again, driving it into one of the red square screws. Bloodsport was almost flipped over on impact, but tumbled back onto its wheels, though Beta wasted no time in driving it towards the other nearby screw and the Upper Deck bumper. This attack was enough to temporarily halt Bloodsport's "Wheel of Misfortune". Beta struck down on Bloodsport's directional indicator as the latter escaped, resuming its chase moments later.
Chris Rose: "Nice job by Beta using the BattleBox and throw at Bloodsport, right off the rails - and again, off the screws!"
Kenny Florian: "Yeah, it's definitely doin' a great job at introducing the BattleBox to Bloodsport here. This is exactly what they need to do. They have it trapped in the corner, but Bloodsport escapes!"
— As Beta shepherds Bloodsport into the top-left pocket

Beta Bloodsport WCVII Upper Deck

Beta drives Bloodsport into the Upper Deck.

Two deflections lifted Bloodsport off the BattleBox floor, the second destabilizing and sending it careering into the bottom-right Upper Deck screw. Beta rushed in as its opponent tried to back away from the screw, flinging its opponent onto the Deck itself in the process.

Beta Bloodsport WCVII 2

Beta stops the horizontal spinner of Bloodsport before landing blows to its top.

As Bloodsport escaped from the Upper Deck platform, Beta approached and twice fired its hammer, causing a sheet of metal to be removed from underneath the former. Again, the UK entry chased, deflected and rammed Bloodsport into the bottom-left corner, though this time its hammer missed. This was followed by a similar sequence of attacks leading back to the Upper Deck screws. Beta pinned Bloodsport against one of the screws and its left-most mount, while stopping and pounding the "Wheel of Misfortune". With Bloodsport appearing stunned by this point, it began targeting its opponent's weapon housing, pounding the top of it twice with the hammer. Following gentle nudging, Beta backed away, allowing Bloodsport to escape and get its weapon back up to speed.
"Big picture and enormous fight for both these bots sitting at 2-1. You're talking about Round of 32 seeding, and Beta just delivering shots, and stopping the blade of Bloodsport!"
— Chris Rose, as Beta pounds and releases Bloodsport

Beta Bloodsport WCVII 3

Bloodsport finds itself in the short corner.

Again, Beta deflected Bloodsport in a head-to-head ram, sending Bloodsport back into one of the red square screws. As the battle entered half-distance, it proceeded to ram Justin Marple's machine against the bottom-left bumper a second time, almost turning it onto its side. More chasing and deflecting followed from Beta, causing Bloodsport's disk to again hit the Upper Deck screw mount. Beta initiated two more similar series of attacks, both ending with Bloodsport being pushed into the Upper Deck bumpers and screws. Two more rams popped Bloodsport into the air, prompting Beta to push it into the upper-right pocket. Beta hammered an escaping Bloodsport once again, before pushing it up against the center Upper Deck screw mount. While again shepherding Bloodsport across the arena, both robots temporarily fell foul of the rising killsaws.

Beta Bloodsport WCVII Hammer Shots

Beta hacks away at the top of Bloodsport.

Undeterred, Beta drove Bloodsport one more time into the bottom-left bumper, using this opportunity to hammer and bend the latter's directional indicator. After once more chasing and pushing Bloodsport against the Upper Deck screw mount, it slammed the latter into the top-left paddle, along with the yellow bumpers on each side of the BattleBox. Now opposite the control booth, Beta pinned Bloodsport in place while striking both the "Wheel of Misfortune" and its top housing. These attacks broke apart the front casing for the latter, earning vital damage points for Team Hurtz, though Beta was in turn pushed back over the killsaws by Bloodsport. As the final ten seconds ticked down, both competitors clashed again near the center. Beta deflected Bloodsport and rammed it into the bottom-left bumper for the final time, releasing its opponent just before the end buzzer sounded.
Chris Rose: "Kenny, credit to these two bots for putting on a show, but man, this was all about Beta."
Kenny Florian: "Absolutely. There was just no getting around that big wedge! This was a masterful performance by John Reid, repeatedly ramming Bloodsport into the rails, and dominating the Control category..."
— Over post-match replays

Team Hurtz celebrated their dominant three-minute showing, initiating chants of Beta's name which were replicated by the audience. Their delight was substantiated by the resulting judges' decision, which unanimously deemed Beta to be the winner. With this, Beta completed its Fight Night schedule with a competitive 3-1 record as Bloodsport turned in a respectable 2-2.

Mammoth vs. Kraken

Next up, Ricky Willems and Mammoth took on Matt Spurk and Kraken.

Kraken mammoth wcvii 1

Kraken and Mammoth meet in the middle of the arena.

As the fight began, Mammoth met Kraken in the

center of the arena, using its trunk to swat its opponent away. Kraken, avoiding the primary weapon of Mammoth, got its kinetic crusher up to speed and positioned it low to target the wheels of Ricky Willems' bot. However, Kraken was again pushed away by Mammoth's trunk.

Ricky Willems: "Yeah, that's a good one!"
Chris Rose: "Good shot, there..."
— Ricky Willems reacts to their strong start

Kraken mammoth wcvii 2

Mammoth collects Kraken and takes it to the corner.

Kraken opted to drive its vertical spinner into the mid-section of Mammoth, but the six-foot robot shoved the side of Kraken's arm, comfortably keeping Matt Spurk's robot at a distance. These repeated attacks began to bend the white, UMHW half of Mammoth's trunk, but the 1-2 bot kept being aggressive, ultimately shepherding Kraken into the corner.

Kraken mammoth wcvii 4

Both robots last the full three minutes.

With little room to move, Mammoth caught the arm of Kraken and flipped it over. It self-righted, but could not escape the corner as Mammoth's trunk caused cosmetic damage to Kraken's head before overturning it a second time. On this occasion, Mammoth followed this up with a ram into the wall, turning its opponent around. Now in a suboptimal position to get onto all four wheels Mammoth retreated, gifting Kraken time and space to flip back over in a show of sportsmanship. Mammoth dealt an uppercut to Kraken's head as its vertical spinner appeared to no longer be functional.

As the clock ticked down, Kraken's drive had also been compromised, but it survived to a judges' decision. Mammoth was unanimously declared the winner, meaning Kraken ended Fight Night rounds winless again. Mammoth recovered to a modest 2-2 record but this was not enough to seal a Top 32 place for Ricky Willems' team either.

Valkyrie vs. Glitch

In the penultimate fight of the episode, 1-2 Valkyrie and 0-3 Glitch squared off.

Glitch Valkyrie drive issues WCVII

Glitch struggles to face Valkyrie in the opening seconds.

Glitch held back as Valkyrie approached, strafing from side to side as it appeared unable to point its eggbeater spinner at Lucy Du's machine. Valkyrie looked to capitalize, getting its fork underneath Glitch and landing a shot to its frame. Glitch's weapon was still spinning, but the robot was positioned over the killsaw slots and unable to move. Valkyrie got around to its unprotected rear, but opted to hold back.
"Uh-oh. Valkyrie gets around to the back side and has Glitch lined up for the killshot... but Lucy Du's hanging back, she's hesitating! What in the world is going on here, Kenny?!"
— Chris Rose anticipates a knockout blow, but Valkyrie refrains from attacking

Glitch valkyrie WCVII 1

Valkyrie gets around to the back of the immobile Glitch.

Not wanting to hit an incapacitated opponent, Valkyrie intentionally held back as the referees initiated multiple count-outs on Glitch. This, however, was cut from the final edit.[1] Glitch was able to get itself away from the killsaws and now faced the other way, but its wheels were spinning on the right side, unable to make contact with the floor. One of its armor panels had also been peeled away at this stage. Valkyrie took a controlled approach as it grazed its undercutter against its opponent, something Kenny Florian lamented in commentary.
"If Valkyrie wants to give themselves a chance to make the post-season, they have to win in impressive fashion tonight. This is not a good start; you cannot afford to drive conservatively in a fight of this magnitude."
— Kenny Florian questions Valkyrie's approach to the fight

Valkyrie vs Glitch WCVII

Glitch struggles to move as Valkyrie approaches.

With its eggbeater drum still spinning, Glitch arced to face Valkyrie again, and a burst of acceleration saw Glitch slide under its opponent, tearing away its hinged fork in the process. Valkyrie retaliated by attacking the side and then the rear of Glitch, its blade dancing around the 0-3 bot.

Glitch valkyrie WCVII 3

Valkyrie strikes the back of Glitch.

The two robots then met head-on, halting Glitch's eggbeater as the impact cracked the weapon diagonally, splitting it in two. With its primary weapon down, Glitch's front was pinned against the rails as Valkyrie continued to grind away at the angular back panels of Kyle Miller's machine.

More content to attack with its opponent's weapon disabled, Valkyrie swung its undercutter into the front of Glitch, tearing parts away with seconds left on the clock. The fight went to the judges, who scored unanimously for Valkyrie, pushing it to a 2-2 record.

Riptide vs. Black Dragon

In the Main Event, 3-0 Riptide sought to complete an unbeaten Fight Night record against Team Uai!rrior and Black Dragon, who had never been knocked out in 24 career fights to date.

Riptide Black Dragon 1 WCVII

Riptide cuts Black Dragon off immediately.

Riptide immediately drove towards the center of the arena, spinning up as Black Dragon kept to the outside of the BattleBox. The 3-0 bot cut Black Dragon off, however, guiding its front into the eggbeater spinner and throwing it into the screws. Riptide followed this up with several more shots while the Brazilian bot flailed helplessly.
"Riptide sends the message immediately... no-one's been able to escape the wrath of this weapon."
— Kenny Florian as Black Dragon is on the back foot

Riptide Black Dragon WCVII

Riptide throws Black Dragon against the Lexan.

Black Dragon finally landed, but lay against the housing for the screws with its wheels off the arena floor. Riptide closed in again, tearing into the back and causing a gaping hole in Black Dragon's frame. Shrapnel also reached the roof of the BattleBox, shattering a light as glass rained down onto Team Uai!rrior's struggling bot. With their record in serious trouble of coming to an end, Black Dragon's primary weapon continued to spin and the robot turned into the front of Riptide, but rode up its forks again before being launched into the Lexan.

Riptide Black Dragon KO WCVII

Riptide watches on as it ends Black Dragon's streak.

Riptide followed this attack up with an assault to the underside of Black Dragon, then striking its wheel and tossing the former semi-finalist through the air once more. Black Dragon landed inverted this time, and appeared to no longer be moving, prompting celebration from Team Break32.

Referee John Remar threatened to count Black Dragon out, and began doing just that soon after. With no life in the Brazilian bot, Riptide took the win by knockout, advancing to an unbeaten Fight Night record and becoming the first opponent to immobilize Black Dragon in the process.


  • This episode marked the first televised fight ever between two robots with full omniwheel drive.