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The Battle Begins: Qualifying Round Part 2 was the name given to Episode 2 of BattleBots World Championship I.

It was the second of two episodes which focused around the pre-tournament qualifiers and determined the 16 robots in the World Championship brackets. This episode saw a total of eight fights, four of which were aired in full whereas the other four were only highlighted and uploaded in full to YouTube, with the exception of Radioactive vs. Sweet Revenge. The winners of each qualified for the Top 16, with the losing robots thrown in the pool of potential wildcards. This episode first aired on ABC on June 28, 2015.


Lock-Jaw Overhaul Bronco Witch Doctor
Lock-Jaw ABCBB2015
Overhaul BB2015
Bronco ABCBB2015
WitchDoctorandShaman BB2015
Team: Mutant Robots Team: Team JACD Team: Inertia Labs Team: Busted Nuts Robotics
Captain: Donald Hutson Captain: Charles Guan Captains: Alexander Rose
Reason Bradley
Captain: Andrea Suarez
Tombstone Counter Revolution Stinger Captain Shrederator
Tombstone BB2015
CounterRev BB2015
Stinger Killer Bee BB2015
Capt Shrederator BB2015
Team: Hardcore Robotics Team: Team Boilerbots Team: Team PlumbCrazy Team: Team LOGICOM
Captain: Ray Billings Captain: Curt Meyers Captain: Matt Maxham Captain: Brian Nave
OverDrive Chomp Radioactive Sweet Revenge
OverDrive abcbb2015
Chomp BB2015
Radioactive ABCBB2015
SweetRevenge ABCBB2015
Team: C2 Robotics Team: The Machine Corps Team: Team Make Robotics Team: Team Rock, Paper, Scissors
Captain: Christian Carlberg Captain: Zoe Stephenson Captain: Anthony Pritchard Captains: Nola Garcia

Bill Garcia

HyperShock Mohawk Ghost Raptor Complete Control
Hypershock ABCBB2015
Mohawk ABCBB2015
GhostRaptor ABCBB2015
Complete Control BB2015
Team: Shenanigans & Co. Team: Euclid Robotics Team: Team Raptor Team: Mission Destruction
Captain: Will Bales Captain: Tom Bales Captain: Chuck Pitzer Captain: Derek Young


Lock-Jaw vs. Overhaul

Continuing the Round of 24, the first fight of Episode 2 saw former Giant Nut winner Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw take on newcomers in Overhaul.

Overhaul Lock-Jaw 1 - early attack

Lock-Jaw drives Overhaul back.

Immediately, Lock-Jaw was able to get Overhaul in grabbing distance, failing to clamp down in time and allowing Overhaul to escape. Donald Hutson's robot then slid its lower jaw underneath its opponent's left pontoon and rammed Overhaul towards the screws, but Team JACD's robot drove away from danger again.

Overhaul vs Lock-Jaw Fight 1 - 1

Lock-Jaw rights itself but remains in Overhaul's control.

The MIT entry honed in on a left-side wheel of Lock-Jaw before eventually grabbing its front. With Lock-Jaw perched on its rear wheels, it reversed to flip itself over in a most credited to Overhaul. Lock-Jaw recovered momentarily, but was carried across the length of the BattleBox and slammed into the wall.
Chris Rose: "So far, the youngsters guiding Overhaul, totally owning this fight against a legend."
Kenny Florian: "They are dominating so far!"
— Chris and Kenny express surprise at Overhaul's dominance

Overhaul vs Lock-Jaw Fight 1 - 2

Lock-Jaw tries to lift Overhaul, but upends itself.

Lock-Jaw was again driven into the rails, this time between the pulverizer and the drivers' booths. In retaliation, Lock-Jaw clamped down on Overhaul's right pontoon but let go, instead opting to drive its jaws underneath Charles Guan's robot. However, the weight distribution caused Lock-Jaw to flip forward rather than lift Overhaul.

Overhaul then led its opponent to the corner of the BattleBox, lifting Lock-Jaw from the front again. Lock-Jaw almost found itself hit by the pulverizer courtesy of Team JACD's Jamison Go, but the hammer missed with under thirty seconds remaining.
"Who's gonna leave that last impression on the judges?"
— Chris Rose pre-empts Lock-Jaw's final attack
Overhaul vs Lock-Jaw Fight 1 - final flip

Lock-Jaw overturns Overhaul in the final seconds of the fight.

In the closing moments, Lock-Jaw was able to slide its jaws underneath Overhaul's flank, ramming it directly into the screws and flipping it over. Unable to right itself before time expired, Lock-Jaw used its primary weapon to clamp Overhaul and drag it away in what was deemed a controversial late attack by Team JACD.

LockJawvsOverhaul BB2015

Lock-Jaw's controversial attack on Overhaul.

Kenny Florian: "They are very upset with that late hit."
Adam Bercu: "That's a late hit..."
Charles Guan: "What the hell, man?"
— Team JACD and Kenny Florian react to the aftermath of Lock-Jaw's late attack

Handshake refusal Overhaul Lock-Jaw 1

Adam Bercu refuses to shake hands with Donald Hutson.

When Donald Hutson entered the BattleBox to power down his machine, he initially attempted to make amends with Adam Bercu, explaining that the late attack was accidental and offering to shake hands. Still upset, Team JACD's Adam Bercu refused while Charles Guan also believed that the hit was a case of "bad sportsmanship" on Hutson's part, in a brief interview with Alison Haislip.

The resulting 2-1 split decision ruled Lock-Jaw the winner. By this point, both teams had made up for the earlier controversy. Donald Hutson owed up to his miscommunication and both Adam Bercu and Charles Guan shook hands with the veteran builder after the decision was announced.

Bronco vs. Witch Doctor

The second fight of the episode saw veterans Inertia Labs and their newest creation Bronco take on BattleBots IQ champion Witch Doctor.

BroncovsWitchDoctor BB2015

Bronco flips Witch Doctor.

Bronco immediately got underneath the side of Witch Doctor, tossing it through the air. The vertical spinner landed inverted but reversed into the wall and managed to right itself against the BattleBox.

Bronco Witch Doctor WCI Flamethrower Shaman

Bronco becomes stuck on top of Shaman.

Briefly caught under the spiked barrier, Bronco suddenly became vulnerable. Witch Doctor struck the back of Bronco, and Shaman fired its flamethrower. This hit freed Bronco and allowed it to drive away to the middle of the arena. There, Shaman drove towards the back end of Bronco and scorched its underside, high-centering the flipper until Bronco fired its weapon and escaped.
"The little bot is doing a great job against that powerhouse, Bronco."
— Kenny Florian heaps the praise on Witch Doctor's minibot

Witch Doctor KO vs Bronco WCI

Witch Doctor is counted out.

Witch Doctor dealt two glancing hits to the side of Bronco, but was otherwise unable to capitalize on its opponent being stuck. Bronco recovered and wasted no time getting underneath Witch Doctor again, throwing it upside-down. This time, Bronco forced Witch Doctor into the screws where it was snagged and hauled onto the augers.

Bronco turned its attention to Shaman, but this proved irrelevant as the main robot was immobile and being counted out. Bronco won by knockout in under a minute and advanced to the Round of 16.

Tombstone vs Counter Revolution

Next was a battle of RoboGames competitors as Ray Billings' horizontal spinner Tombstone drew Counter Revolution.


Counter Revolution's driving mistake is punished.

Both machines spun their weapons up and Counter Revolution approached Tombstone. Tombstone then struck the front of Counter Revolution, severely damaging the body and nearly immobilizing it.


Tombstone destroys Counter Revolution.

Tombstone struck Counter Revolution several more times, causing large amounts of damage before landing one last hit that launched Counter Revolution through the air and into the wall.

Counter Revolution was counted out and Tombstone won the match by knockout after just 37 seconds and advanced to the Round of 16.

Stinger vs. Captain Shrederator

In the first of four highlighted battles, Team PlumbCrazy and Stinger fought shell spinner Captain Shrederator.

Stinger vs Captain Shrederator WCI 1

Captain Shrederator tears a chunk out of Stinger's front tire.

The fight commenced with Captain Shrederator getting its shell up to speed as Stinger approached. Captain Shrederator met it head-on, bouncing upward and landing on top of the six-wheeled robot, tearing a chunk out of one of its tires.

Stinger vs Captain Shrederator WCI 2

Captain Shrederator loses some teeth.

Stinger again drove plow-first into its opponent, which sent Brian Nave's robot careening across the BattleBox, first into the screws, then the rails and finally the paddle. Stinger attempted to get underneath Captain Shrederator and charge it into the wall, but Team LOGICOM's robot slipped free and Stinger drove head-first into the trails instead. However, Captain Shrederator deflected into the corner and lost several teeth in the process.

Stinger vs Captain Shrederator WCI 3

Stinger capitalizes on a motionless Captain Shrederator.

Captain Shrederator then appeared to slow as it bounced off the plow of Stinger, which allowed Matt Maxham to take full advantage. Stinger slid its plow underneath the inactive shell spinner, driving forward and hoisting Captain Shrederator over.
"Well Brian [Nave] said, you know, the biggest threat to him is the arena itself... OH, look at this! Stinger may have taken Captain Shrederator out!"
— Kenny Florian as Captain Shrederator is thrown over

Stinger vs Captain Shrederator WCI 4

Stinger attempts to keep the fight going, but Captain Shrederator is counted out.

Without a self-righting mechanism, a count began on Captain Shrederator, despite Stinger's best attempts to get its opponent back onto its wheels again. Stinger took the win by knockout and moved on in the competition.

OverDrive vs. Chomp

The second highlighted battle saw returning Giant Nut winner Christian Carlberg and OverDrive face newcomer Chomp, captained by Zoe Stephenson.
"For me, this is the rookie against the legend. Complexity against simplicity. I can't wait to see what happens."
— Kenny Florian weighs in on the fight
Overdrive vs Chomp WCI

OverDrive rams into Chomp and then spins to get under it.

As the fight began, OverDrive charged towards Chomp, missing with its box-rush but keeping its front pointed at its opponent. By contrast, Chomp was slower out of the gate, but possessed the more damaging weaponry and threatened to spew fire from its front.

OverDrivevsChomp BB2015

OverDrive almost flips Chomp.

OverDrive then rammed into Chomp, buckling its side armor and getting around to its back. From here, Christian Carlberg pushed Chomp towards the pulverizer before reversing over its front. It then got its four-bar lifter underneath, tipping Chomp up but failing to overturn Zoe Stephenson's machine. Chomp retaliated by chasing OverDrive down, and the veteran driver almost found himself tangled in the screws.
"Dad, get out of there!"
— Carissa Carlberg, as her father drives OverDrive out of danger
Overdrive vs Chomp Screws KO WCI

OverDrive forces Chomp onto the screws.

In this momentary showing of poor control, OverDrive was penned near the rails, allowing Chomp to attack with its flamethrower at closer proximity. However, OverDrive reversed up its wedge and into the danger zone of its crusher. In doing so, this forced Chomp back into the screws. The teeth caught underneath Chomp's armor, dragging it up and onto the hazard, in front of Chris Rose and Kenny Florian.

Now stuck with its wheels off the floor, referee Michael Ayers initiated a countdown against Chomp. OverDrive took the win by knockout and advanced to the Round of 16 as the No.8 seed.

Radioactive vs. Sweet Revenge

Next up, British entry Radioactive was drawn against an all-female team in Sweet Revenge.

RadioactivevsSweetRevenge BB2015

Radioactive hits Sweet Revenge with its axe.

Sweet Revenge suffered with technical issues from the off, leaving it with no weapon and little mobility. This allowed Radioactive to hit Sweet Revenge with its axe several times.
Chris Rose: "Radioactive setting up that axe..."
Kenny Florian: "BOOM!"
— Chris and Kenny react as Radioactive lands a blow
Radioactive Sweet Revenge WC I

Radioactive strikes its opponent again.

After this, Radioactive begun to lose mobility, and started to move very slowly, also losing power to the weapon. According to the team, Radioactive finished the battle immobilized.

In a largely uneventful fight which saw Radioactive finish immobile, there was not enough time remaining to count it out. Radioactive won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and advanced in the tournament.

HyperShock vs. Mohawk

Next up was a family affair between members of the Bales family as HyperShock squared off against Mohawk.

IMG 7824

Mohawk is hit by HyperShock.

Mohawk baseplate post HyperShock WCI

Mohawk's baseplate post-fight.

HyperShock instantly box-rushed Mohawk, who after one strong hit from HyperShock, suffered issues with its speed controllers. This knocked Mohawk out completely and HyperShock won by knockout after just 35 seconds.

Ghost Raptor vs. Complete Control

The final fight of the episode was aired in full, and saw two Comedy Central era veterans pitted together as Chuck Pitzer and Ghost Raptor fought Derek Young's heavyweight Complete Control. For the fight, Complete Control held a gift-wrapped box, which unbeknownst to both Team Raptor and the BattleBots staff contained a net.
Chris Rose: "Derek Young, the creator of Complete Control, has done a little, um... I don't know if it's birthday shopping or what have you. What does it say? 'Dear Ghost Raptor, our deepest condolences...' Ha!"
Chuck Pitzer: "Oh for f**k's sake..."
Kenny Florian: "Very interesting... the mind games of Complete Control. I love it. If you win that mental battle early, you can win the fight."
— Chris Rose, Kenny Florian and Chuck Pitzer react to Complete Control's addition

Complete Control Ghost Raptor net WC I

Ghost Raptor is incapacitated by Complete Control's net.

The fight began and Ghost Raptor spun its bar up to speed. As soon as Chuck Pitzer's bot broke through the box, the net inside ensnared its spinning bar. Ghost Raptor drove around, but was then totally incapacitated. The fight was halted as referees John Remar and Michael Ayers looked to decide whether or not this was a legal move. Derek Young specifically stated that the rules disallowed some materials and weaponry, they did not specifically rule out nets. Eventually, a rematch was called.

CCvsGhostRaptor2 BB2015

Complete Control attempts to grab Ghost Raptor.

In the rematch, Complete Control drove quickly towards Ghost Raptor but hit a seam in the BattleBox floor, causing it to jolt and stop, damaging its drive train. Ghost Raptor took advantage of this and maneuvered Complete Control towards the wall, to strike it with its spinning bar.

Ghost Raptor spinning bar broken

Ghost Raptor's spinning bar was broken after hitting Complete Control.

However, the bar snapped in half, rendering it useless. The battle became largely a pushing match. Complete Control managed to briefly grab and lift Ghost Raptor at one point and seemed to regain some mobility, but not enough to make use of the grapple. Ghost Raptor also managed to shove and slightly lift Complete Control at the very end of the match.

Ghost Raptor won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and became the final robot to advance into the Round of 16.

Other Airings[]

On the UK version of Netflix, this episode was called Crunch Time: Qualifiers Part 2.[1]

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