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The first version of Witch Doctor out of its packaging.

The second version of Witch Doctor out of its packaging.

"Prepare to be spellbound! Wielding a sabotaging wedge and spinning vertical disc, this BattleBot creates a magic we call "chaos" for any opponent who dares to cross its path!
— Witch Doctor's official description.

Witch Doctor was one of the BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It was originally released in 2016 alongside Tombstone in two-pack, individually and as part of an Arena set as one of the first HEXBUG releases in the BattleBots range. Witch Doctor was later redesigned and released for a second time in 2018 alongside Bronco.

The first version of Witch Doctor packaged as a single release.

The first HEXBUG remote control release of Witch Doctor is based on its 2015 season appearance, evident by its artwork and lack of a self-righting mechanism. It is an accurate representation of the robot, with the toy's angled front plow, spinning disc and intricate aesthetics replicated well. However, its tires are a lighter shade of gray compared to those seen on the 2015 build of Witch Doctor. Much like other toys in the range, Witch Doctor featured removable pieces which could come off during play. In the case of this release, the sides of the plow and the entire top and back panel piece can be removed, as showcased in the packaging of its individual release and an alternative packaging display of its Rivals pack with Tombstone.

The second version of Witch Doctor packaged as a single release.

HyperShock was originally planned to pair Bronco in the 2018 HEXBUG BattleBots reveal. However, due to HyperShock's dramatic redesign between its ABC seasons and Discovery Season 3, it was decided that a toy based on Witch Doctor's most recent appearance would pair Bronco instead. This toy features the ribcage self-righting mechanism seen on Witch Doctor from the 2018 season onwards, though it is not powered and instead hinged. It is again a very accurate representation of this Witch Doctor build, specifically the configuration sporting a flat plow which it used against Overhaul and Minotaur during the competition. This redesign of Witch Doctor also sports their drisc weapon as well as the updated graphics and sponsor logos for the 2018 season. It was released with Bronco as a Rivals set and Arena set, as well as on its own. In May 2022, the Witch Doctor vs. Bronco Rivals pack was released in the United Kingdom for the first time, as well as Bite Force vs. Blacksmith and the Arena MAX set.

The unique sticker which came with Witch Doctor when ordered from HEXBUG's website.


  • The second version of Witch Doctor, much like Bronco, has no removable pieces that are held in place with magnets.
  • The prototype version of Witch Doctor's toy had less vibrant coloring than the final release.
  • If purchased from the HEXBUG website, the original Witch Doctor toy comes with a unique sticker.
  • Both versions of Witch Doctor share the same official description in their respective dual packs alongside Bronco and Tombstone.