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Wild Side Robotics are an active team who made their debut in BattleBots World Championship VI with heavyweight Dragon Slayer. The team previously applied with Piranha, but were not chosen to compete.

Wild side robotics 2021

The team celebrate their 2021 season win over DUCK!.

The team began building heavyweight robots in 2018, designing and constructing a two-wheel drive robot with a 60lb bar spinner. This later became Piranha, unrelated to the four-wheel drive Robot Ruckus competitor of the same name. After an unsuccessful 2020 season application, Wild Side Robotics later designed Dragon Slayer under a medieval theme. The team were advised by from Jonathan Schultz and Will Bales of Team HUGE and Team HyperShock respectively while building Dragon Slayer.

A brand new Dragon Slayer was entered into World Championship VII, but the team pulled out after only being accepted as an alternate.

With 15lber Horns of Fury, Jordan Neal competed in BattleBots: Metal Mayhem in March 2024.

Outside BattleBots[]

Dragon slayer s7

The rebuilt Dragon Slayer, which formed the basis for Sir Botsalot.

In July 2022, Wild Side Robotics entered Piranha into the Robotica event. Although it suffered losses to Rizon, Tiger Plywood and Orly, it defeated Lil Pip Resurrected and NEUMATIK. After a loss to event winners Deferred Maintenance. Piranha finished with a 2-4 record and placed outside the Top 3. In the same event, they placed first with their 30lb robot Squire, which is essentially a smaller version of the 2022 iteration of Dragon Slayer.

The team also submitted an application for RoboGames 2023 with Sir Botsalot, but ultimately had to withdraw.

Team Members[]


Jordan Neal[]

Team captain and main builder, Jordan Neal is a CNC machinist from Texas, who also captained Piranha in its 2020 application. He was Dragon Slayer's dedicated driver and took interviews during BattleBots.

In May 2022, he designed and built a 3lb beetleweight called Dungeon Dweller.


Name Weight Class Season
Piranha Heavyweight World Championship V
(Not selected)
Dragon Slayer Heavyweight World Championship VI
BattleBots: Champions I
World Championship VII

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3

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