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Originally written by admin, MasterMarik. Revised by Falco276 (17/1/22).

1. Ensure your images are named based on what the image is about. An image named "Screenshot" followed by a bunch of letters and numbers is not useful.However, an image of Vlad the Impaler called "VladLasVegas2.0.jpg" is much more appropriate.

2. Do not upload fan made content. Official merchandise and/or screenshots from the TV show only.

3. No vandalism. This one is a big rule. If I catch you vandalizing 3 times or you're reported for repeat offenses, you get an indefinite block, unless you can somehow convince me your vandalism is not what it seems to be. However, do note I have had a liar consistently claim things that were false.

4. When writing bot match summaries, please use past tense and write it from that bot's perspective. Do not copy summaries from one page to the other, unless you specifically state you're going to fix it later. As an example of how to write the summary, if it's Witch Doctor's page, you could use, "Witch Doctor drove around, then moved in and attacked, causing damage to its opponent." In instances where neither bot does anything, you can mention they both did it on either page such as "both bots circled for a while."

5. Please sign your posts so that others know you wrote it. The button can be found next to the U (3rd button from the left at the top when editing a page).

6. If you have a question, contact me on my talk page or post on the talk page of the page the question is about.

7. Have fun.