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Whyachi was a superheavyweight shufflebot built by Team Whyachi which competed exclusively in Season 3.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a scaled-up version of the team's heavyweight entry Son of Whyachi, using a very similar weapon and shuffling system for mobility. Whyachi's tri-bar spinner weighed 120lbs in total, including the three 10lb hammers at each end, made from S7 tool steel.

Whyachi pits 5

Whyachi in the pits.

However, the team's more powerful motors were dedicated towards their heavyweight entry, leaving Whyachi's weapon relatively underpowered. As such, Whyachi performed poorly in its only season, advancing by virtue of a forfeit before losing in the Round of 32. Whyachi did win the superheavyweight consolation rumble later in the season.[1]

A change in rules regarding shuffling robots ahead of Season 4.0 made Whyachi ineligible for the same weight bonus as in Season 3.0. Therefore, it would subsequently be retired and replaced in this division by Son of Whyachi for the remainder of the Comedy Central run.

After retirement, Whyachi was displayed at Fuzzy Mauldin's Robot Club and Grille in Florida as part of the robot museum there until it closed. It is still in storage today under ownership of Team Toad.[2]

Robot History[]

Season 3.0[]

Whyachi vs. Hammerlock (Forfeit)

After it received a bye, Whyachi was scheduled to fight Hammerlock, but Hammerlock forfeited the battle and Whyachi advanced.

Whyachi vs. Odin II

WhyachivsOdinII sf01

Whyachi and Odin II collide.

This win put Whyachi through the Round of 32 against Odin II. During the fight, both robots went straight at each other and clashed blades. Whyachi's cage got bent at one point and ultimately stopped working, while Odin II took several shots to its front wedge and also had its spinning blade bent from the collisions, but was still able to work for the rest of the fight. After the match made the distance, Odin II won the match on a 28-17 judges' decision. This meant that Whyachi was eliminated from the competition.

In a March 2023 Team Whyachi livestream, Terry and Jake Ewert revealed that the gears powering Whyachi's weapon came out of alignment.[3] This issue was remedied for Son of Whyachi as the 488lb robot would not fight in BattleBots again.

Superheavyweight Consolation Rumble

Whyachi also entered the superheavyweight consolation rumble in the end of tournament, also featuring DooAll, OJ, Tortoise, Hammertime, Eradicator, Half Gassed and "three other robots" according to the Team Whyachi website. Little is known about the fight, though Whyachi reportedly won the battle.[4]

This win put Whyachi through to the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble. However, due to technical issues, Whyachi was forced to pull out.


BattleBots Season 3.0
Superheavyweight Division
Round of 32
Round of 64 vs. Hammerlock Won (Forfeit)
Round of 32 vs. Odin II Lost (JD)
Exhibition Matches
Rumble vs. DooAll, OJ, Tortoise, Hammertime, Eradicator, Half Gassed, Three Other Robots Won (JD)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0


Hammerlock (Forfeit)

Odin II