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"Let the gymnastics begin! Launch your opponents into next week with Whiplash's lifting disc spinner! With dual weapons, Whiplash takes no prisoners and is bound to turn the competition on its head.
— The toy's official description

Whiplash was one of two BattleBots competitors made into infrared remote control toys by HEXBUG in July 2021. It was released alongside SawBlaze in the first two-pack Platinum Rivals set, but not separately.

Unlike HEXBUG remote control releases before it, Whiplash uses a rechargeable, 100mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery,[1] a much smaller version of the kind of batteries often seen in heavyweight BattleBots machines, meaning the toy could be charged from a micro USB port rather than needing to totally replace AAA batteries. It also features an additional motor to power both its lifting arm and vertical spinning weapon. These perks saw Whiplash and SawBlaze priced higher than standard Rivals packs at $69.99.

The toy is highly accurate, with Whiplash's chassis, dual weaponry and overall appearance bear a strong representation of Whiplash from World Championship V. Its lifting arm and spinning disc can be used separately or in unison, utilizing different buttons on the controller.

Unlike its real-life counterpart from the 2020 season, the vertical spinner is not removable, as was an option when Whiplash fought Valkyrie during the season, and throughout the entirety of World Championship VI.

Whiplash is available as a two-pack Rivals Platinum set, as well as in an Arena Platinum set which includes the first edition of the HEXBUG BattleBox.


  • The packaging for Whiplash uses the British English spelling 'disc' rather than the more widely-accepted US English spelling, 'disk'.
    • Strangely, this is inconsistent with the description for ROTATOR on the packaging of its Rivals set.