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War Machine was a superheavyweight robot built Team Delta which competed in Season 2.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a short, box-shaped robot with ten-wheel drive and a front metal plow. War Machine used its pushing power to reach the semi-finals of Season 2.0, only losing out to Diesector. Despite Team delta mentioning the possibility of bringing it back with upgraded drive to Season 5.0,[1] War Machine would not return after this season.

Robot History[]

Season 2.0[]

War Machine vs. One Tin Soldier


War Machine carries One Tin Soldier across the arena.

War Machine's first bout was against One Tin Soldier. Both robots drove out and One Tin Soldier hit War Machine with its spikes, doing no damage. War Machine then utterly dominated One Tin Soldier, slamming it into the wall, pushing it into the killsaws and the pulverizer, and just driving One Tin Soldier around. Eventually, One Tin Soldier lost drive power in one wheel, and then time ran out. War Machine won a unanimous 45-0 judges' decision to advance to the second round.

War Machine vs. Snake

Snake War Machine

War Machine pushes Snake against the spikestrip.

In the next round, War Machine took on Snake. In this battle, War Machine waited until Snake inched toward the center, then rammed Snake in its midsection against the wall. It kept ramming Snake as Snake tried to attack, and smoke started coming out of Snake. Eventually, Snake gave up and attempted to attack the pulverizer as it was counted out. War Machine won the fight by KO and advanced to the quarter-finals.

War Machine vs. DooAll


War Machine scoops underneath DooAll.

Now in the final eight, War Machine fought DooAll. War Machine was the clear dominator in this match, slamming DooAll around the arena. Both robots did some pushing, however, and the match lasted the whole three minutes where a 38-7 judges' decision advanced War Machine to the semi-finals.

War Machine vs. Diesector


Diesector celebrates its victory over War Machine.

In this semi-final match, War Machine faced Diesector. After both robots attempted to get under each other and took a shot from the killsaws, Diesector wedged underneath War Machine and lifted it onto its back against the wall. Unable to move, War Machine was counted out. Diesector won the fight by KO and War Machine was eliminated from the tournament.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

War Machine wasn't finished, however, as it was one of nine robots to enter the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble and it performed well. It was one of only two competitors still alive at the end, but lost the judges' decision to Toro.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
Season 2.0 One Tin Soldier
War machine stats 2

War Machine's stats as listed on the TV show.

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Huh? Good God you all, what is it good for? Absolute destruction. In the blue square, it's the WAR MACHINE!"

"This robot will thrash and smash and bash, but it's strictly for the cash. Make your selection and place your wagers on WAR MACHINE!"

"Built with cruel intentions and willfully ignoring the Geneva Convention. One step away from the superheavyweight championship, WAR MACHINE!"

"Countless warriors coveth the throne but only one gladiator can become supreme ruler of the BattleBots kingdom. Here now to duel the ultimate glory is WAR MACHINE!"


Appearances in merchandise by War Machine are listed below.


  • With 10 wheel drive, War Machine had the most wheels of any BattleBots competitor.