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WAR? EZ!, pronounced War? Easy!, is a heavyweight robot built by Team War? EZ! which competed in Discovery Season 5 of the BattleBots reboot.

Built by father and son team Jonathan and Dyhlan Juarez as their first ever robot, WAR? EZ! is four-wheel drive and armed with a 2" S7 tool steel bar spinner which weighs 40lbs, and front-mounted feeder wedges.[1] Due to its large exposed wheels, shape and weaponry, it bore a similar appearance to HyperShock. In testing, WAR? EZ! proved capable of pulling a Nissan truck and a large wooden crate.[2] It was supposed to be armed with a self-righting mechanism, however, this had to be removed to keep WAR? EZ! within the 250lb weight limit.[3] This meant WAR? EZ! was vulnerable to being flipped, which cost it in two of their three fights. Despite showing moments of promise against fellow newcomers Axolotl, it lost both matches against Fusion and SlamMow! and did not make the Top 32 with its 1-2 record.

WAR? EZ! in the pits during the 2020 season.

Its name was a play on the surname of team members Jonathan and Dyhlan Juarez, but was intentionally pronounced differently to cause confusion.

Despite showing intent to compete again, WAR? EZ! did not return for Discovery Season 6.[4] However, they competed in Norwalk Havoc events with a 3lb robot called WAR? HARD!, a play on their BattleBots entry's name.[5] The team also registered for Robotica at Comicpalooza with a heavyweight called NEUMATIK.[6]

According to Slammo! builder Craig Danby, Team War? EZ! have again opting out of applying for BattleBots in 2022, preferring to maintain and compete with their 3lb and 12lb entries.[7]

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 5[]

WAR? EZ! vs. Axolotl

WAR? EZ! sends Axolotl's wheel into the BattleBox wall.

WAR? EZ!'s BattleBots debut came against a fellow newcomer in Axolotl. Though initially only highlighted, the fight was later uploaded as a basement battle. WAR? EZ! started the fight being attacked by Axolotl's front wedges, but did not spin up. In the meantime, WAR? EZ! had managed to spin its weapon, but Axolotl's drive became intermittent. WAR? EZ! was able to overturn Axolotl and damage its top panel, as it spat out its own weapon belt. Without a functional weapon, Axolotl could no longer pose a threat and after losing its left-side wheels, was counted out. WAR? EZ! punted Axolotl's wheels into the wall of the box, as it won by KO.

WAR? EZ! vs. SlamMow!

WAR? EZ! is suplexed by SlamMow!.

WAR? EZ!'s second match was against SlamMow!. As with its previous fight, this was only highlighted until uploaded in full as a basement battle. SlamMow! started by hitting WAR? EZ! head on but did not win the ground game, so retreated. Both robots struggled for dominance until WAR? EZ! drove over the top of SlamMow! and was overturned. Without a srimech, WAR? EZ! was counted out, handing SlamMow! the win by KO.

WAR? EZ! vs. Fusion

The KO hit from Fusion.

WAR? EZ! then faced off against newcomer Fusion. WAR? EZ! was armed with its vertical bar setup and was off to a good start as Fusion was struggling to move across the arena floor. However, WAR? EZ! took a big hit to its left front wheel and was thrown across the arena, landing upside down with its front left tire removed and the mount peeled open. Unfortunately, WAR? EZ! had no way to right itself or drive inverted and was counted, out, giving Fusion the win by KO.


Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Axolotl Won (KO)
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. SlamMow! Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Fusion Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 5 Axolotl (Untelevised Undercard Match) SlamMow! (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Fusion (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Houston, Texas, where everything is bigger, including the spinner. It's WAR? EZ!"

"From, Houston, Texas, here comes the red menace, WAR? EZ!"


  • A clip of WAR? EZ! was used in an 18-bot rumble on Witch Doctor's YouTube channel.
  • WAR? EZ! is the only reboot competitor to feature a question mark in its official name.
  • According to the team, WAR? EZ! was pitted next to Rusty and Bale Spear.