Voltronic's Season 5.0 appearance.

Voltronic was a heavyweight robot that competed in every season of BattleBots. Builder Stephen Felk, after watching the Robot Wars 1996 event in the audience, was inspired to make a robot that combined the best features of two prominent competitors - La Machine's wedge and BioHazard's lifter. Felk built the robot in his kitchen with a salvaged electric scooter and sheets of aluminum. The end result was a flat and invertible square wedge with a lifting arm. On the end of the arm were a set of retractable claws (similar to one-way tire treadles) that came out when the lifting arm was raised, making it very difficult for the other robot to slide off the arm. The armor was a highly durable, and stood up to many destructive robots like Razer and Mortis (however, it may have been damaged heavily by M.O.E. in Season 4.0). The robot was originally called Voltarc, but this name had to be changed because the name Voltarc was a trademark by a lighting company.

Voltronic retained the same basic look, but went through several design revisions through the years. The original featured retractable wheel guards that removed invertibility when active, but protected the wheels from crushers and axes. These were removed in the final season. Starting in the Las Vegas Pay-Per-View tournament, Voltarc featured a hinged scoop at the back, which protected its ground clearance, but could strand it off the ground if Voltarc were flipped, which ultimately ended its chances in Season 1.0. In season 5.0, Voltronic had a higher ground clearance than it did before.

The robot was defeated by Vlad the Impaler in a staggering three consecutive seasons, but did well overall, finishing as runner up in the Las Vegas Pay-Per-View and Seasons 1.0 and 5.0.

Stephen Felk built Mosquito, one third of the superheavyweight multibot The Swarm and continued to compete with it in the heavyweight competition until 2012 at least.

Stephen Felk now competes with a heavyweight armed with a spinning blade called Pump.

Felk was reputed for his enthusiastic WWE-esque style of interviewing.

Robot History

Long Beach 1999

Voltarc's Long Beach 1999 appearance.

Voltarc gets caught by Razer's crushing arm.

Voltarc's first match at Long Beach was against Razer. In the beginning of the match, both robots were chasing each other around the BattleBox. After this, Razer got behind Voltarc and started squeezing it with its crushing arm. However, the angle wasn't correct and Razer couldn't pierce through Voltarc, as a lot of Voltarc's body surface was in contact along Razer's crushing arm. Because of this, Razer let Voltarc go and tried to gain a better angle to crush with its arm. Voltarc slammed into Razer from the side and used its lifting arm to lift Razer up and carried it around the BattleBox before pushing it against the arena wall. Razer landed upside-down and Voltarc was doing a victory spin. However, Razer managed to self-right with its 'wings' and got back into the match. The crowd was cheering after this and Razer started attacking Voltarc from the front. Razer managed to squeeze a hole in Voltarc's 6 mm armor. After this, the time ran out and Razer won by crowd vote. This meant that Voltarc was now in the loser's bracket, where it faced Rhino. Rhino won by KO and Voltarc was eliminated from the tournament.

Voltarc wasn't finished, however, as it participated the gigabot rumble at the end of the tournament.

Las Vegas 1999

Voltarc's Las Vegas 1999 appearance.

Voltarc is stuck under the spikestrip.

Voltarc's first match at Las Vegas was against Slugger. Immediately, Voltarc drove straight onto the ramrods, which pushed the entire robot up, and back down again. Voltarc freed itself and got under Slugger, attempting to ram it into the spikes. Slugger got straight up Voltarc's wedge however and this resulted in Voltarc getting stuck on the spikestrip. Slugger began to spin but the drive chain gave out soon after, leaving Slugger immobile. Nothing happened for over a minute after this point, as neither robot could move due to the predicaments they were in. A restart was called but Slugger claimed defeat and Voltarc won by KO. Voltarc's next opponent was a rematch with Razer.

Voltarc lifts Razer against the spikestrip.

In the match, Voltarc lifted Razer against the spikestrip and Razer managed to get its crushing arm onto the front of Voltarc. However, Razer wasn't able to pierce into the armor of Voltarc and the match ended with Voltarc winning on a 7-2 judge's decision. This win put Voltarc in the heavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced Mortis.

Voltarc lifts Mortis over the killsaws.

Voltarc got underneath Mortis very early on, lifting it and pushing it into the spikestrip. After Voltarc let it back down, Mortis got some blows in with its axe before being lifted and flipped by Voltarc. Mortis used its own lifting arm to self right and got some more axe blows in, but once again was driven under by Voltarc, before being pushed around and lifted up. Mortis tried to use its lifter against Voltarc, but failed, allowing Voltarc to get underneath Mortis and drag it to the killsaws, despite Mortis trying to free itself using its axe. Mortis eventually escaped and failed to lift Voltarc yet again. Towards the end of the fight, it finally managed to flip Voltarc over and get underneath it, managing to get a few final axe blows in before time ran out. Despite this late effort from Mortis and losing in terms of statistics, the judges ruled a 6-3 decision in favor of Voltarc and Voltarc advanced to the semifinals, where it faced Punjar.

Voltarc drags Punjar to the killsaws.

Both robots went straight at each other and Punjar pushed Voltarc against the spikestrip. Punjar then drove itself onto the wedge of Voltarc. Punjar was freed and Voltarc got caught on the arena spikes. Voltarc got underneath Punjar and dragged it towards the killsaws. Voltarc didn't let go of Punjar before the time ran out. Voltarc won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision and advanced to the heavyweight finals, where it faced Vlad the Impaler for the first time.

Voltarc is flipped at the beginning of the match.

Voltarc drove straight at Vlad, but was flipped over straight away by its forks. Voltarc was flipped again after Vlad had lined up another attack. Voltarc was then picked up and slammed against the arena wall with one of Vlad's forks caught inside Voltarc's wheel. Voltarc was driven into the killsaws repeatedly by Vlad the Impaler. Vlad had been driving around in circles with Voltarc still caught on its fork for a while and drove it into the killsaws in the last 20 seconds as time ran out. The resulting 9-0 decision in Vlad's favor meant that Vlad the Impaler had won its first championship and Voltarc had lost its first fight to Vlad the Impaler.

Season 1.0

Voltarc before Season 1.0.

Voltarc lifts Bender.

Voltarc returned for Season 1.0 ranked #2. It had every one of its Season 1.0 fights aired on television, and was first drawn up against Bender, after receiving a first round bye. Voltarc immediately cruised towards Bender, which was still in its square, trying to get its disc up to speed. The initial contact between the two Heavyweights caused Bender to drive up Voltarc's wedge but was not enough to tip Bender over. Voltarc then went in for another attack and pushed part of Bender into the spikestrip. It followed this up by pushing Bender around the BattleBox for a bit and knocking off Bender's rear-mounted caster wheel, hindering movement and making Bender less capable of hitting a target. After this, Voltarc drove Bender into a wall, before using its lifting arm to mount Bender onto a spikestrip. Bender escaped, only to drive straight into Voltarc's wedge again, taking itself, and Voltarc, over the killsaws. Bender got its disc up to full speed, but was unable to attack Voltarc due to the loss of its caster. Voltarc continued pushing Bender about and the time ran out shortly after. Voltarc won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced BioHazard.

Voltarc drags BioHazard into the killsaws.

The match began with both bots circling each other, before BioHazard moved in and almost lifted Voltarc, twice. However, the tide turned when Voltarc was able to get underneath BioHazard and lift it up with its articulated arm. BioHazard could not free itself and was completely at Voltarc's mercy for the rest of the match, visiting every killsaw in the BattleBox and shredding many sparks from BioHazard's armor. The time ran out and Voltarc won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision. This win put Voltarc to the semifinals, where it faced KillerHurtz.

Voltarc lifts KillerHurtz against the killsaws.

KillerHurtz immediately charged across the BattleBox but impaled itself on Voltarc's lifting arm. It could not do anything to retaliate, as its axe was destroyed in a previous bout against Mauler and there wasn't enough time to fix it. KillerHurtz was then let free and rammed Voltarc before accidentally driving itself into the killsaws, leaving 2 thin cuts on its front right lexan panel. Both robots charged across the BattleBox, and KillerHurtz bumped into Voltarc before backing off. For a while, neither robot made contact, positioning for an attack, but then KillerHurtz drove itself into the spikestrip and lost its top-mounted union jack, before driving over the killsaws, causing further damage. KillerHurtz continued driving over killsaws, out of control before Voltarc got underneath and activated its lifting arm. KillerHurtz was lifted onto the killsaws, cutting into the electronics. KillerHurtz was unable to do anything and came out of the fight heavily damaged. Voltarc won on a 8-1 judge's decision and moved onto the finals for a rematch against Vlad the Impaler.

Voltarc gets flipped by Vlad the Impaler.

The fight began with Voltarc charging across the BattleBox, only to drive itself onto Vlad the Impaler's lifting forks. Luckily, Voltarc escaped before any pushing was done. After an inactive period, Vlad the Impaler got underneath Voltarc and rammed it fast enough to flip it upside down. Voltarc attempted to self-right, but the sri-mech was in the wrong direction; it tried several times but to no avail. Vlad the Impaler won by a KO in a time of 1:42, leaving Voltarc as runners-up for a second season in a row.

Voltarc wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight rumble at the end of the tournament. Voltarc was one few robots still moving in the end, but lost out to BioHazard.

Season 2.0

Voltronic at BattleBots Season 2.0.

Voltarc, following a copyright dispute with a lighting company, was forced to change its name into Voltronic for Season 2.0. Other than the name change, the robot wasn't changed much from Season 1.0, aside from the lifting arm now having 3 impaling spikes rather than one. Like every other heavyweight that competed in Season 2.0, it received a first-round bye due to the lack of heavyweight competitors. Its first fight was against Dreadbot.

Voltronic lifts Dreadbot under the pulverizer.

Voltronic immediately charged at Dreadbot, but Dreadbot fired its pneumatic ram in an attempt to dissuade Voltronic. Voltronic dodged Dreadbot's attacks and plowed under it, lifting Dreadbot off the ground. Dreadbot still retained good traction on the ground despite this, and both robots continued to ram into each other. Dreadbot then managed to get a couple good shots in the back and side of Voltronic, but caused only superficial damage. Both robots then drove over the killsaws, and Dreadbot received a few holes in its body, but more pushing put Voltronic over the killsaws, after failing to lift Dreadbot onto them. Eventually, Voltronic got a good hold on Dreadbot and placed it under the pulverizer, which made several large dents in Dreadbot's armor. The time ran out and Voltronic won on a unanimous 35-10 decision, placing it into the round of 16 against Bigger Brother.

Voltronic flips Bigger Brother.

Voltronic zips out of the red square and got its lifting arm under Bigger Brother. Voltronic dragged Bigger Brother to the killsaws and the referees forced Voltronic to let Bigger Brother go after 30 seconds. Both robots got caught on the killsaws and Voltronic lifts Bigger Brother again. Voltronic took Bigger Brother to the pulverizer and Bigger Brother escapes. Voltronic takes a hit from the pulverizer and gets underneath the front of Bigger Brother. Voltronic started lifting Bigger Brother and flips it against the arena wall. Voltronic pushes it onto the spikestrip and Bigger Brother tries to self-right, but it failed and Voltronic lowered its lifting arm onto Bigger Brother's rear. The time ran out and Voltronic won on a 43-2 judge's decision. This win put Voltronic to the heavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced FrostBite.

Voltronic drags FrostBite to the killsaws.

Voltronic immediately charged at FrostBite but missed, and FrostBite began pushing Voltronic from the back, only for Voltronic to escape and match FrostBite's push head-to-head. FrostBite drove Voltronic back towards the killsaws but overshot the mark, causing both of them to take a shot when FrostBite attempted to backpedal. After more pushing matches that seemed to favor FrostBite, Voltronic got underneath from behind and carried Frostbite to two sets of killsaws, though it accidentally backed over the latter. Voltronic then slammed FrostBite against the spikestrip, losing its hold as it backed away. Both robots then seemed to struggle to move, looking nearly immobilized, until Voltronic came alive and rammed FrostBite, shrugging off another hit from the killsaws and backing Frostbite into the spikestrip. Voltronic proceeded to back up and repeat the motion multiple times on FrostBite, still too immobile to move away in time, until time ran out. Voltronic won on a 27-18 judge's decision and advanced to the semifinals. However, for the third competition in a row, Voltronic was pitted up against the two-time heavyweight champion Vlad the Impaler for a third time.

Vlad flips Voltronic onto the killsaws.

Both robots wasted no time at all by charging at each other, with Vlad nearly getting a lift on Voltronic, but escaped, almost exactly like in the Season 1.0 finals. Voltronic then got underneath Vlad the Impaler and attempted to use its lifting device but had to back off before it could be used to Voltronic's advantage. Vlad the Impaler then ran over the killsaws, but turned around and lifted Voltronic with both its forks, which caused Vlad to win the 2 previous times but this time around, Stephen Felk managed to move Voltronic out of the way. Vlad the Impaler then hit Voltronic on the side, before both robots ran over the killsaws to meet each other in the center of the BattleBox. Vlad then got another near-flip on Voltronic, but got out of the way of Vlad the Impaler again. Vlad got under once more, but Stephen Felk drove Voltronic out of harm's way yet again. A carefully timed killsaw pop jumped Vlad the Impaler into the air, where Voltronic was waiting directly below, but just like Voltronic had done 3 times, Vlad dodged Voltronic's moves. For a while, neither robot was able to land a significant match-changing move, until the 99th second, where Vlad the Impaler got under Voltronic, and just like the 2 heavyweight finals preceding this one, flipped Voltronic completely over. This move landed Voltronic onto the killsaws, which caused a shower of titanium sparks. Voltronic attempted to self-right, but was too slow and Vlad rammed it into the spikes. Voltronic tried self-righting again and again, but the arena wall prevented a successful move. Vlad then finished the match by impaling Voltronic onto the spikes and won by a KO at 2:24. This knocked Voltronic out of the competition yet again and this was the last time these two met.

Voltronic wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It was one of few robots still moving in the end but lost overall to Tazbot.

Season 3.0

Voltronic's Season 3.0 and 4.0 appearance.

Voltronic pushes Greenspan to the pulverizer.

Due to being a former semifinalist, Voltronic was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, opening with a fight against Greenspan. During the match, Voltronic immediately lifted Greenspan and dragged it around the BattleBox. Greenspan tried to get around the wedge of Voltronic, but Voltronic managed to lift the side of Greenspan and dragged it to the pulverizer. Greenspan took 30 seconds of hits from the pulverizer. Greenspan eventually stopped moving and was counted out. Voltronic won by KO and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Bacchus.

Voltronic lifts Bacchus.

Voltronic was lifted and pinned into the spikestrip by Bacchus.

Voltronic immediately gets under Bacchus, but Voltronic ends up driving over the killsaws. Voltronic gets underneath Bacchus again and pushes it over the killsaws. Bacchus pushes Voltronic over the killsaws and later drove itself over the killsaws. Bacchus gets a small lift on Voltronic, forcing Voltronic to drive under the pulverizer. Voltronic takes one hit from the pulverizer and gets under Bacchus again, but Bacchus drives right over the wedge. Bacchus pushes Voltronic against the arena wall and starts to lift it as Bacchus was pinning Voltronic. Voltronic tries to escape, but Bacchus pins it again. Voltronic escapes and gets under Bacchus. Voltronic's arm goes up and Bacchus's wheels are off the ground, but when Voltronic tries to move, Voltronic simply shakes in a decidedly abnormal manner. This was because Voltronic was lifting Bacchus on the floor spinner. Voltronic backs off the floor spinner, taking Bacchus with it. Voltronic tries to back Bacchus under the pulverizer, but Voltronic was having traction troubles. All Voltronic can do is move an inch forward or backward. So Voltronic lifts Bacchus off the ground before the time ran out. Voltronic won on a close 25-20 judge's decision and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced OverKill.

OverKill pushes Voltronic.

After being pushed around the BattleBox by OverKill at one point, the time eventually ran out and OverKill won on a 30-15 judge's decision This meant that Voltronic was eliminated from the tournament again.

Voltronic wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. Its first target was MechaVore, then almost gets flipped by HexaDecimator. It then gets pounded by FrenZy. Next it goes back for MechaVore (who was no longer operational), then tackles Nightmare until KillerHurtz started going after Voltronic. It then got flipped onto its left-side by HexaDecimator and remained in that position for a while until Sharkbyte bumped it over, which put Voltronic back on its wheels. They both then do the same thing to Little Sister. It was still moving in the end, but lost out to HexaDecimator.

Season 4.0

Due to being a former quarterfinalist, Voltronic was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it faced M.O.E. M.O.E. won on a 36-9 judges decision and Voltronic was eliminated from the tournament again.

Voltronic was scheduled to compete in the heavyweight consolation rumble at end of the tournament but due to technical issues, Voltronic was forced to pull out.

Season 5.0

Voltronic fighting Diskontent.

Voltronic's first match was against newcomer Diskontent. After pushing Diskontent around the BattleBox at one point, Voltronic pushed it under the pulverizer. This most likely immobilized Diskontent and it was being counted out. Voltronic won by KO and advanced to the next round, where it faced Stealth Terminator.

Like the last match, Voltronic pushed Stealth Terminator under the pulverizer and shortly after, Stealth Terminator stopped moving and it was being counted out. Voltronic won by KO and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced Omega-13.

Omega-13 drives over Voltronic.

Voltronic fighting OverKill

The match was close as Omega-13 kept driving over Voltronic's wedge and pushed it over the killsaws, but got pushed by Voltronic and was sent to the pulverizer until the time ran out. Voltronic won the match on a close 24-21 judges decision and advanced for a rematch with OverKill.

Voltronic is lifted against the wall.

After beating OverKill on a close 24-21 judge's decision, Votronic met BioHazard in the heavyweight final. This fight was over quickly as Voltronic was quickly got under a couple of times and then lifted sideways towards to wall. Voltronic escaped and was then lifted against the wall for a second time by BioHazard, which reversed away and pulled Voltronic away from the wall. Voltronic was then pushed and lifted again by BioHazard, this time ending up beached on its back with no way of self righting. Voltronic had lost and BioHazard had taken revenge and it had won its fourth BattleBots championship in a single move.

Like most of the competitors, Voltronic couldn't compete in the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament, because all the rumbles were cancelled because of an accident caused by Nightmare.


  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 8
Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999 None Razer, Rhino
Las Vegas 1999 Slugger




Vlad the Impaler
Season 1.0 Bye




Vlad the Impaler
Season 2.0 Bye


Bigger Brother


Vlad the Impaler
Season 3.0 Greenspan


Season 4.0 None M.O.E.
Season 5.0 Diskontent

Stealth Terminator




Series Record

Long Beach: Loser's Bracket

Las Vegas: Runners-up

Season 1.0: Runners-up

Season 2.0: Semi-finals

Season 3.0: Quarterfinals

Season 4.0: Round of 32

Season 5.0: Runners-up

Mark Beiro Introductions

"From San Francisco California weighing in at 208½ pounds with a number 16 ranking and from creator Stephen Felk. Introducing VOLTARC!"

"Its a wedge design with Armageddon in mind. Say your prayers and beg for mercy from the 210 pound killer shark, VOLTARC!"

"He slams, he rams, he silences the lambs, VOLTARC!"

"Its just another day in the park, the park of death. Its no picnic when your fighting the all American, VOLTARC!"

"He'll deface you, he'll disgrace you. Odds are he will waste you. Here is VOLTRONIC!"

"Proof that killer robots can't be rehabilitated and set free in a civilized society. This is VOLTRONIC!"

"The challenger. He's fought long and hard to get here and now is the time. Here is VOLTRONIC!"


  • Toro and Voltronic appeared in a episode of Nash Bridges named Blood Bots.
  • Voltronic was one of the few robots that got more than one rematch, it fought Vlad the Impaler three times, more so than other robots that had fought each other more than once. Nightmare also did this.
  • Voltronic still exists today as it made an appearance at the Rocklin Mini Maker Fair, though not in the condition it was in during competition.
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