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Vladiator was a superheavyweight robot built by Gage Cauchois, the builder of Vlad the Impaler, which competed in the final three seasons of the Comedy Central BattleBots run. Vladiator's weaponry was a long spike in front of the robot that could lift other robots in its weight class, and for Season 5.0 Vladiator used a lifting spatula instead of the spike. It won most of its matches, using its speed of 35 mph to slam opponents. This ability worked to its advantage, as it won the Season 3.0 championship in its division.

Vladiator competed after BattleBots under the ownership of Team Moon, but stopped competing after 2008.

Robot History[]

Season 3.0[]

Vladiator vs. JuggerBot

Vladiator went through the first round due to bye, and it eventually fought JuggerBot in the second round. The two robots collided together very quickly, and JuggerBot got the upper hand due to its better traction. However, Gage Cauchois eventually got used to his robot's low traction and managed to use Vladiator's lifting spike against JuggerBot, and they each got a slam into the spikestrip. JuggerBot got a hit on the side of Vladiator that sent its spike through Vladiator's Lexan, but Vladiator returned the favor by turning JuggerBot upside-down. The two robots continued to trade blows with Vladiator getting two more lifts in before the match ended. Vladiator won the match on a 28-17 judge's decision and it advanced to the TV rounds, where it faced Hammertime.

Vladiator vs. Hammertime

Vladiator pushes Hammertime against the spikestrip.

Vladiator attempts to free Hammertime from the spikestrip.

Both robots went straight to the middle of the BattleBox and Vladiator drives itself on the killsaws twice. Hammertime drives in front of the killsaws and Vladiator got its lifting spike under Hammertime. Hammertime got a hit in with its hammer and Vladiator attempts to take it to the screws, but Hammertime just slips off and Vladiator drives itself into the screws. Vladiator repositions itself for another shot at Hammertime and lifts it against the spikestrip after Hammertime was able to hit Vladiator again with its hammer. Both robots were driving around the BattleBox and after Vladiator got caught on the killsaws again, Vladiator got its lifting spike under the front of Hammertime again and slams it hard against the arena wall. Vladiator backs away from Hammertime and both robots were moving around the BattleBox again. Viadiator charges into the rear of Hammertime and attempts to lift it, but Hammertime just slips off. Hammertime backs up on Vladiator's lifting spike and was lifted for a second. Hammertime gets popped by the piston and Vladiator gets caught on the killsaws once again. Vladiator gets popped by the piston and attempts to lift Hammertime once again, but Hammertime just slips off again. Both robots were moving around the arena again and Hammertime tries hit Vladiator with its hammer again, but misses. Hammertime was pushing Vladiator with its hammer and Vladiator escapes as Hammertime drives itself under the pulverizer. Hammertime got its hammer hit by the pulverizer and backs up on Vladiator's lifting spike. Hammertime got itself stuck on the spikestrip and Vladiator attempts to free Hammertime with its lifting spike but neither robot can free itself or their opponent. Both robots are freed after the match is halted (and this is cut from the TV airing with no indication that this had happened). Hammertime attempts to hit Vladiator with its hammer, but misses twice and Vladiator was getting popped by the hellraisers. Vladiator was pushing Hammertime again and Hammertime attempts to hit Vladiator again, but misses. Hammertime moves to the left side of Vladiator and got one hit on top of Vladiator. Both robots went straight at each other and the time ran out. Vladiator won on a 30-15 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Revision Z.

Vladiator vs. Revision Z

Vladiator lifts Revision Z.

At one point, Vladiator got its lifting arm underneath Revision Z and slammed it against the arena wall. After this, the time ran out and Vladiator won on a 30-15 judge's decision. This win put Vladiator to the quarterfinals, where it faced Techno Destructo.

Vladiator vs. Techno Destructo (Quarterfinals)

Techno Destructo gets flipped and derobed by Vladiator.

Despite Vladiator's great speed, Techno Destructo managed to stay close to Vladiator and was flipped once before slamming Techno Destructo against the wall and onto its back. With no way to self-right, Vladiator rammed the helpless Techno Destructo twice more, causing damage to Techno Destructo's two black plates that had covered the insides of Techno Destructo. Techno Destructo was now being counted out and Vladiator won the match by KO at 2:26. This victory put Vladiator through to the semifinals, where it faced Diesector.

Vladiator vs. Diesector (Semifinals)

Diesector on top of Vladiator.

Both robots started the match fairly evenly, pushing each other around. Vladiator was hit by Diesector's hammers a few times, but then flipped Diesector over with its lifting spike. From this moment onwards, Vladiator was the dominate one and became the more effective bot and started slamming Diesector into the walls, with one impact causing Donald Hutson's robot to fly into the air. Diesector attempted to push Vladiator into a pulverizer, but was hit by the hazard instead of Vladiator. Vladiator rammed Diesector into the spikestrip and into the same pulverizer. Vladiator was hit by Diesctor's hammers and got under by Diesector's wedge after Diesector escaped and began trying to push Vladiator into a pulverizer. Vladiator escaped and rammed Diesector once more. In the last thirty seconds of the fight, Vladiator was shoved into a pulverizer by Diesector, where it was hit several times while also taking punishment from Diesector's hammers. The fight ended with Vladiator evading from Diesector into the center of the BattleBox. Vladiator won on a close 24-21 judge's decision and advanced to the superheavyweight finals, where it faced Minion.

Vladiator vs. Minion (Finals)

Vladiator gets underneath Minion.

In the beginning of the match, both robots were avoiding each other for the first 20 seconds. Shortly after this, Vladiator charges straight at Minion and avoids Minion's spinning flywheel. After going straight at Minion again, Vladiator crashes into the spikestrip and gets stuck. Vladiator struggles and Minion comes in to hit Vladiator with its spinnig flywheel, but no damage was caused and Vladiator was still stuck on the spikestrip. Minion moves back and does a victory spin as Vladiator was being counted out. However, Vladiator was able to escape from the spikestrip with only one second left on the count and it left a huge rubber mark on the floor of the BattleBox. Vladiator starts to take several runs at Minion and Minion couldn't get its spinning flywheel on Vladiator. Minion's flywheel slows down and Vladiator got its lifting spike under Minion. Vladiator pushes Minion across the BattleBox and runs it onto the entrance ramp, dislodging a drive chain. Vladiator intends to hold Minion for the full 30 seconds and with a few seconds left, Vladiator is forced to release Minion. In the end, Vladiator won on a 26-19 judge's decision and it became the new superheavyweight champion.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Vladiator wasn't finished, however, as it participated the superheavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It supposedly rammed Half Gassed, then gave a glancing-blow to Anubis. It also bashed The Judge at one point. It then went for Anubis again, then got flipped over by Toro (though this wasn't much of a big deal since it was invertible in all) and Vladiator retaliated by slamming Toro into the wall. It then rammed Electric Lunch. Then carried Diesector to the wall. It almost rammed Electric Lunch again, then gets attacked by Diesector. Vladiator then started slowing down and stopped functioning entirely, its now dead body was ignored for the remainder of the fight and in the end Toro was declared the winner.

Season 4.0[]

Vladiator vs. TriMangle

TriMangle breaks Vladiator's lifting spike.

Due to being the reigning superheavyweight champion, Vladiator was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it eventually fought TriMangle. At the start of the match, both robots headed for the center of the BattleBox and TriMangle knocked Vladiator to the side with the rotating triangle. This hit ripped off Vladiator's lifting spike and both bots were driving around the BattleBox. TriMangle suffered a lot of damage from the killsaws and towards the end of the match, TriMangle was rendered motionless. Vladiator drives over the rear of TriMangle and the time ran out soon after. Vladiator won on a 37-8 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Electric Lunch.

Vladiator vs. Electric Lunch

Vladiator won on a 27-18 judge's decision and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced Toro

Vladiator vs. Toro (Quarterfinals)

Toro flips the reigning champion, Vladiator, into the air.

Both robots went straight at each other and Toro completely misses Vladiator. Vladiator gets its spike caught in the floor and lifts itself off its front wheels. The two robots turn around and rammed into each other again. After a third hit, Vladiator's spike, which hadn't fully been reattached from its previous fight, rips off on impact. Vladiator spins itself once, points its front end at Toro, and rams into Toro's side, pushing Toro into the arena wall. Toro turns to get its flipping arm under Vladiator, and briefly does, but Vladiator drives away before Toro has a chance to activate it. Vladiator moves around the arena and drives into Toro's flipping arm, but Toro doesn't activate it and Vladiator drives to the other side of the BattleBox. Both robots meet over the killsaws and Toro tries to flip Vladiator, but Vladiator escapes and drives to the other side of the BattleBox. Vladiator drives straight at Toro and Toro flips Vladiator onto its back. Vladiator stops moving and Toro flips Vladiator again. Vladiator tries to run away, but Toro gets under its side and gives it another flip. Vladiator drives into Toro's front and gets flipped again. While Vladiator lands, it does a wheelie as it drives toward the entrance ramp. Toro gets right under the front of Vladiator, pushes a little, and flips it again. Vladiator drives forward and bounces off of Toro. Toro tries to flip Vladiator again, but misses. Vladiator went straight at Toro and started pushing it. Vladiator drives off to the side before Toro can flip Vladiator again. Toro tries to get under the back corner of Vladiator, but isn't able to flip it. Toro gets under the front of Vladiator again and flips it onto its back again right under the pulverizer. Vladiator rams into Toro again and starts to run away again. Toro gets under Vladiator's front, but raises the flipping arm too late. Vladiator heads toward the wall and Toro follows. Toro flips Vladiator toward the pulverizer and pins it there. Vladiator drives toward Toro and Toro flips it against the arena wall. Toro backs off and Vladiator was spinning its wheels helplessly. The time ran out and Toro won on a 32-13 judge's decision. This meant that Vladiator was eliminated from the tournament.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Vladiator wasn't finished, however, as it participated the superheavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It's unknown how well it performed, but it lost overall to The Judge.

Season 5.0[]

Vladiator vs. Pro-AM

The damage Vladiator sustained to the rear from Pro-AM's disc.

Vladiator flips Pro-AM.

For Season 5.0, Vladiator ditched the spike for a new flipping spatula, along with some new wheels. Due to being a former superheavyweight champion, Vladiator was able to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it faced Pro-AM. When the buzzer sounded, Pro-AM immediately went over Vladiator's flipping paddle twice. Then Pro-AM used its spinning blade to strike Vladiator once while being flipped into the air by Vladiator, the second time around managed to flip Vladiator on its back. Vladiator got underneath Pro-AM once again and drove it to the screws. Pro-AM's blade then penetrated Vladiator's back end, driving it to the spikes and then the pulverizer. After awhile, Vladiator used its speed to push Pro-AM into the spikes before both robots were sent over the killsaws. Vladiator got underneath Pro-AM one last time before the time ran out. In the end, Vladiator won on a controversial 25-20 judge's decision (The crowd, especially Pro-AM builder Mike Konshak, unanimously didn't like the outcome of the decision).

Vladiator vs. The Probe

Vladiator pushes The Probe against the base of the screws.

After the unpopular victory, Vladiator advanced to the round of 16, where it faced The Probe. After Vladiator pushed The Probe against the base of the screws, The Probe stopped moving and Vladiator won by KO. This win put Vladiator to the quarterfinals, where it faced Codebreaker.

Vladiator vs. Codebreaker (Quarterfinals)

Codebreaker hits the rear of Vladiator and Vladiator runs underneath Codebreaker. Codebreaker drives over Vladiator while Vladiator barley avoids an attack from the pulverizer. Vladiator scoops up Codebreaker and pins it at the same pulverizer, after letting go Vladiator scoops Codebreaker again briefly but Codebreaker escapes. Vladiator then rams Codebreaker into the spikes. Both robots drive themselves into the screws with Vladiator taking a hit from the pulverizer. Vladiator then began dashing across the arena to make it difficult for Codebreaker to attack. Vladiator then scoops Codebreaker and bashes it into the entrance-ramp. Vladiator then got tipped over by some killsaws and fully flipped by Codebreaker.

Vladiator gets launched in the air by the killsaws before getting flipped by Codebreaker's drum.

Both robots survive, but Vladiator won on a close 25-20 judge's decision and advanced to the superheavyweight semifinals, where it faced Maximus.

Vladiator vs. Maximus (Semifinals)

Maximus throwing Vladiator into the air.

In the match, both robots were pushing each other around the BattleBox and Maximus pushed Vladiator against the spikestrip. Shortly after this, Vladiator got its flipping wedge under the front left wheel of Maximus and flipped it onto its back. The flipped Maximus went straight at Vladiator and Vladiator flipped Maximus again. Maximus charged straight at the rear of Vladiator and almost flips it onto its side. After more pushing between both robots, Maximus pinned Vladiator against the spikestrip before the time ran out. Vladiator won on a close 23-22 judge's decision and advanced to the superheavyweight finals, where it faced Diesector again.

Vladiator vs. Diesector (Finals)

This match was very dramatic, with both superheavyweights sending each other flying into the walls and over themselves. Though Vladiator suffered multiple blows from Diesector's side hammers, it would bolster its rams with two flips turning Donald Hutson's machine over. The match was extremely close with neither robot showing a clear edge. However, while slamming into the wall multiple times, Vladiator caused one of the Lexan panels to bend, crack and come loose, stopping the fight after one minute and 36 seconds due to safety concerns. Mentions of the wall breach were not made in the TV broadcast. After a period of deliberation in which they highlighted the risks posed by the damaged Lexan panel, the Judges evaluated the fight up until the stoppage. They ruled a 26-19 decision against Vladiator, making it the runner-up of the Season 5.0 Superheavyweight division.

Vladiator couldn't compete in the superheavyweight royal rumble because the rest of the rumbles were canceled due to an accident with Nightmare during the heavyweight consolation rumble.


  • Wins: 12
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0 JuggerBot


Revision Z

Techno Destructo



Season 4.0 TriMangle

Electric Lunch

Season 5.0 Pro-AM

The Probe




Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"It's foul-tempered, ill-mannered, acerbic, churlish, cantankerous, and lots of other words I found with a Thesaurus. Won't you please welcome VLADIATOR!"

"The general who became a slave. The slave who became a robot. The robot who defied an empire. Introducing VLADIATOR!"

"As is often the case with great ideas, wonderful in theory. Violent and bloody in practice. Here is VLADIATOR!"

"This is no summer blockbuster, no Oscar winning action flick. It's the steel spiked toning robot who's looking for an ass to kick. It's VLADIATOR!"

"Sprung from the same brain that created the great VLAD THE IMPALER! Here is his younger nastier brother VLADIATOR!"

"Some bots say do what to others as you would have them do one to you. This one says, screw that! Here is VLADIATOR!"

"If he looks familiar, that's cause he's in just about every freakin show! Introducing VLADIATOR!"

"A former champion looking to regain his throne. Introducing VLADIATOR!"

 Outside BattleBots[]

Vladiator after BattleBots ended.

After BattleBots ended, Gage Cauchois left the robot combat scene altogether and spent years either cleaning up or rebuilding 2 of his robots. On November 17, 2006, Gage put Vladiator up for auction on Ebay, where 9 days later, it was ultimately won by and sold to Team Moon's Billy Moon (of Star Hawk fame) for $2,500. In 2007, Vladiator returned to the robot combat scene with significant modifications to its drive, armor, and lifting wedge. It first competed in Twin Cities Mechwars 10, where it took advantage of a declining superheavyweight field to go undefeated by beating the likes of Stump Grinder and Psychotic Reaction. It then competed in RoboGames 2007, where it went 2-2, with notable matchups including those against fellow classic series veterans RoboLoco and The Judge. Vladiator last competed in the ComBots Texas Cup in 2008, where it won 2 fights including a first encounter with fellow Comedy Central BattleBots veteran Steel Reign before falling to the legendary Ziggy in what would end up being Vladiator's last ever fight. It was retired afterwards along with Star Hawk.