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Vertical Spinners, colloquially known as Verts, are a type of weapon which consist of spinning mass mounted vertically. Although this typically consisted of cutting sawblades in the earliest BattleBots events, the term quickly evolved to describe the most frequently-seen spinning weaponry in the show's modern era.

Types of Vertical Spinners[]

"Vertical spinner" is an umbrella term which can be used to describe a number of weapon types, many of which serve to cause as much damage as possible on impact.

Vertical Disk Spinners[]

Nightmare vs Slamjob

Nightmare using its vertical disk spinner to destroy SlamJob.

Vertical disk spinners are the most common type of vertical spinner seen in modern BattleBots, and have featured as the primary weapon on some of the show's earliest fan-favorite robots as well. Notable champions such as Bite Force, End Game and re:MARS all:STARS event winners Witch Doctor and HyperShock all sport this kind of weaponry.

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Drum Spinners[]

Minotaur vs Hydra s04e15f08 BattleBots Season 4 Episode 15

Minotaur using its drum spinner against Hydra.

Drum spinners are recognisable by their wider, cylindrical spinning mass and typically have a larger surface area to attack than disk spinners.

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Eggbeater Spinners[]

Glitch Eggbeater drum

Glitch's eggbeater spinner.

Eggbeater spinners are similar in appearance to some drum spinners, but are unique in that they have a hollowed-out section within their spinning mass. This lightens the weapon, but maintains its reach. Both 2021 season Rookie of the Year winners, Glitch and Riptide, sported eggbeater weaponry.

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Witch Doctor drisc drisk

Witch Doctor's drisk weapon.

Drisk is a portmanteau of the words 'drum' and 'disk' which consists of a cylindrical piece of material sandwiched between two or more disks with a wider circumference at either end.

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Hammer Saws[]

SawBlazevsReality bb2018

SawBlaze slices into Reality.

Hammer saw is a term that typically describes a downward-spinning disk attached to an articulating arm to attack from overhead for greater damage output. The term can also describe weapons with similar functionality that instead use a cutting saw rather than a custom-made disk.

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Circular Sawblades[]

Circular sawblades are the simplest form of vertical spinner which often use off-the-shelf saws as their spinning mass. Unlike other types, these typically spin downwards to slice into opponents. They can also be equipped to an articulating arm to create hammer saws.

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