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Vegas Combat Robotics, sometimes shortened to VCR, are an active BattleBots team who have competed in every season since World Championship V with their heavyweight entry, JackPot.


The team during World Championship VII.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the team behind JackPot were considered the home representatives with the BattleBots filming location changing to Vegas in 2021.

The team have also competed at BattleBots Proving Ground with JackPot, fighting seasoned horizontal spinners Gigabyte and Bloodsport as well as the rookie Disarray during the live show, BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon.

Outside BattleBots[]

The team competed in RoboGames 2024 with a renamed version of JackPot called BlackJack.

Team Members[]

Jeff waters 2022 jackpot

Jeff Waters[]

Captain of Vegas Combat Robotics, Jeff Waters drove JackPot in each of its battles and conducted pre and post-fight interviews. By day, he works as a plumber.

He has built a 3lb robot called Off Track, which inspired JackPot's original design, and also captains Team Plan B Robotics. Another 3lb beetleweight robot of his called Supreme Ruler won the August 2023 3lb National Havoc Robot League championship and accompanied JackPot for the team's Proving Ground battle against Bloodsport. Supreme Ruler entered the 3lb division of RoboGames 2024 where it won the gold medal.

Other robots built by Jeff Waters include Wumbo and Red Rocket.

Jason Woods WCV Tracer

Jason Woods[]

Originally competing with Slingshot, Jason Woods returned to BattleBots in 2020 with his vertical spinner as captain of Team KYMERA and Tracer. Following rejection the following season, he joined Team VCR and brought his cam lifter minibot, Needle, with him. Needle now runs under the name Ace and has accompanied JackPot in many of its battles since Woods' arrival.

Robert Stehn[]

Present for all of JackPot's BattleBots competitions to date, Robert Stehn is the designated weapons operator and an electrical technician by day.

Shea Johns[]

Team manager and fabric engineer Shea Johns has also been part of Team VCR since their debut season. She is largely responsible for much of JackPot's casino theming and merchandise. Alongside Jeff Waters, she briefly joined the Skorpios team during the 2022 re:MARS all:STARS event. She was confirmed to be joining Triton ahead of the 2022 season.[1] However, she would also remain a named member of JackPot.

Outside of BattleBots, she competes in the National National Robot League with a bristle drive shell spinner called Cookie, and an upscaled version named Big Cookie. She has also served as driver of Dustin Esswein's Depth Charge.

Kat Waters[]

Wife to Jeff Waters, Kat joined the Vegas Combat Robotics team officially ahead of World Championship VII. In the live show BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon, she used to operate the Slot Machine demonstration robot and perform post-fight interviews after each of its billed fights against the ShowBot version of Nightmare. Kat Waters was also present for the team's Proving Ground fights in 2023.

She runs a Las Vegas-based hair salon business.


Robots Weight Class Season
JackPot Heavyweight World Championship V
World Championship VI
World Championship VII
BattleBots Proving Ground

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 11

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