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Valkyrie is a heavyweight robot built by Team VALKYRIE, formerly known as Team Questionable Designs, which competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 3.

A horizontal spinner by nature, Valkyrie was originally armed with an undercutting flywheel which could be exchanged from one with two teeth dubbed "Dr. Tooth," one with six teeth dubbed "Sonic the Wedgehog" or a spinning bar dubbed "The Spirit of Boston." Two versions of Valkyrie were entered in the season with the only key difference being the type of blade used. Despite not making the Top 16, Valkyrie did well during its rookie season.

Returning for Discovery Season 4, Valkyrie sported repainted discs, a new bar dubbed "Sweet Caroline" to replace "The Spirit of Boston" after it broke, LED lights above the spinner, and a slightly remade front armor panel. Valkyrie was also reworked to make her weapon much more reliable as it managed to not slow down once, until it failed in its crucial Top 16 fight. Despite this, Valkyrie was still very successful, dishing out serious shots to veterans, even going another 4-2.

For Discovery Season 5, Valkyrie was made to look more cybernetic with the add-ons for her detail, another bow-tie spinner called "Sour Caroline" with a green paint inside, and having a new three toothed disc based off a ninja star called "Glory". As confirmed on the show, Valkyrie had up to three different models and eight different weapons, with the models being based on each bots look from previous seasons, but the remaining two weapons haven't been confirmed. Valkyrie's weapon motor also runs at 40hp, which is around the power of a small motorcycle. This version of Valkyrie proved to be her most successful yet, going 2-1 in the Fight Night rounds and won her Round of 32 fight against SubZero, advancing to the Round of 16 for the first time in Leanne Cushing's BattleBots career. Despite losing a rematch to Whiplash, Valkyrie received the "Most Destructive Robot" award for damage caused to the likes of Rotator and SubZero during the 2020 season. Valkyrie also participated in the Witch Doctor Bounty Hunters bracket where it destroyed Extinguisher in the first round but lost a rematch to SubZero in the second.

Valkyrie returned for Discovery Season 6, though with the exception of a new disc called "Dr. Acula", the extent of its upgrades are unknown. Valkyrie began the 2021 season with a surprise loss to P1 but redeemed itself by knocking out newcomers Triple Crown and Pardon My French. Despite a relatively weak schedule, Valkyrie did enough to earn a Top 32 spot as the No.26 seed. However, it fell to Aren Hill and Blip in the Top 32, falling a round short of the year prior.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

Valkyrie vs. Ultimo Destructo

Both bots having problems with their weapons, trying to meet.

Valkyrie is "attacked" by Ultimo Destructo.

Valkyrie's first opponent in the new season was against Ultimo Destructo. This fight started off poorly for Valkyrie as she struggled to get her weapon up to a decent speed and when they contacted Ultimo Destructo, the weapon stopped entirely. Making matters worse, Valkyrie was now basically high-centered on her own weapon, leaving it spinning in circles around the perimeter of the weapon. Luckily, Ultimo's blade was also having trouble spinning up and never got up to a decent speed to cause any damage. Valkyrie was unable to show any translational movement and took a very light tap from Ultimo Destructo before she was counted out, giving Ultimo Destructo the win via KO.

Valkyrie vs. Bale Spear vs. Predator

Valkyrie immobilized Predator.

Valkyrie takes off Bale Spear's first wheel.

Valkyrie's second match was an undercard rumble with newcomers Bale Spear and Predator. The rumble began very well for Valkyrie as she managed to quickly knock out Predator on their first hit, then turn their attention to Bale Spear. It wasn't long before Valkyrie had Bale Spear down to two wheels, though Bale Spear continued to fight. Valkyrie continued to attack and eventually tore off the remaining tires on Bale Spear, leaving Bale Spear down to wheel rims and twitching in the corner. Predator and Bale Spear were counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO.

Valkyrie vs. Hypothermia

Sparks fly as Hypothermia and Valkyrie collide.

Valkyrie also participated in the Desperado Tournament to compete for a spot in the Top 16. In this tournament, Valkyrie first fought Hypothermia. The match wasn't initially going to Valkyrie's plan as they weren't dealing any damage to Hypothermia. However, this changed as Valkyrie delivered a big hit that tore into Hypothermia's left tire. Valkyrie continued to attack, leaving the right wheel barely attached to the axle but Hypothermia was still functional despite the damage. Valkyrie delivered one final hit that took off its weapon chain as a result of the weapon wearing down the weapon bearing to the point where the sprocket fell off, taking the chain with it, leaving its weapon to spin down and reduce the fight to a pushing match. The rest of the match was spent with neither robot really gaining the upper hand. Time ran out and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0  decision for Valkyrie, advancing it to the next round.

Valkyrie vs. Lock-Jaw

Valkyrie's spinning bar breaks by Lock-Jaw's plow.

Lock-Jaw attacks the unstable Valkyrie.

Up next for Valkyrie was Lock-Jaw. For this fight, they opted to swap their original horizontal spinner for their bar spinner. The match got underway and after a few hits, Valkyrie lost half of her weapon, leaving it unbalanced and out of control. Valkyrie continued to take hits, losing more of its weapon and being flipped over at one point. Eventually, Valkyrie could no longer move and was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO and eliminating Valkyrie from this tournament.

Valkyrie vs. Red Devil

Valkyrie rips off one of Red Devil's track pods.

Damage caused to Red Devil by Valkyrie.

Next for Valkyrie was Red Devil, which was fresh off a dominant victory over SubZero. The fight began with Valkyrie landing hits to Red Devil, but not causing too much visible damage. However, this soon changed as Red Devil's plow, which took the brunt of the attacks, was torn up in places. From then, one of Red Devil's track pods was ripped away and drove away. As each drive pod was independently powered, the pod was able to continue moving despite no longer being attached to the main bot. Valkyrie continued to attack, keen to earn a knockout against Red Devil. As its detached tread pod became beached on its side near the pulverizer, it became apparent that Valkyrie was suffering with drive issues, as it could only seem to turn to the left. The fight ultimately went the distance and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision in favor of Valkyrie.

Last Chance Rumble

All six robots in the BattleBox.

Valkyrie drives away as Bombshell tears off Red Devil's tread.

Red Devil is immobilized as the rest fight on.

Bombshell struggles to move in the red square as Valkyrie sits in the corner.

The Last Chance Rumble comes to a close.

Valkyrie took part in the Last Chance Rumble with Red Devil, DUCK!, Gigabyte, Bombshell and Lucky in hopes of getting the 16th seed in the Top 16 bracket. Early on, each of the spinners got up to speed as Red Devil got an early grab on DUCK! and with assistance from Bombshell, took it to the screws. DUCK! was then taken to Valkyrie's undercutter, who ran into the spinning shell of Gigabyte and deflected away. Gigabyte itself then ran into the wedge of Bombshell, unbalancing it as John Mladenik's bot hit the screws. Not yet back up to speed, Gigabyte's ground clearance was breached by Bombshell as Valkyrie drove itself into the arena wall. Lucky and DUCK! tussled in the far end of the arena as Red Devil got back into the action and grabbed the back end of Bombshell, but could not get its saw into play. DUCK! and Gigabyte collided in the middle of the BattleBox before Hal Rucker's bot rammed into the back of Valkyrie, before taking a blow to its plow. Lucky was experiencing drive issues on one side while Bombshell looked to prevent Gigabyte from spinning back up. As Red Devil drove up Bombshell's wedge, its vertical spinner hit their right side tread and tore it off, which was the first major damage of the rumble. Gigabyte dealt a follow-up shot which sent Red Devil spinning away from the action. As it tried to spin up, Bombshell ran into Gigabyte with its front and popped it into the air several times. Gigabyte escaped, driving into DUCK! before turning its attention towards Valkyrie. Bombshell again ran at Gigabyte, but suffered drive issues as a result and was no longer mobile with 1:30 on the clock. Gigabyte drove into DUCK! and then Valkyrie again before it suddenly stopped moving, but was still an active hazard as its shell continued to spin. Valkyrie also appeared weary as DUCK! got to its rear and shoved it into the corner. Lucky had managed to maneuvre into the action by this point as it feebly lifted DUCK! with its arm. Valkyrie had also driven to the center of the BattleBox, but DUCK! lifted it up and dropped it into Gigabyte's spinning shell. Lucky was no longer mobile at this stage, but as DUCK! lifted Valkyrie into the arena wall once more, Bombshell found life and escaped the red square that it had been immobile in for over a minute. As there had been no official countouts during the rumble, the fight went to the judges with all six robots technically still in contention as per the rules concerning no individual knockouts.

Valkyrie had struggled to land many hits throughout the course of the fight fight, and the judges awarded the Last Chance Rumble in favor of Bombshell.

Valkyrie vs. Overhaul

Valkyrie strikes Overhaul's crushing arm. Note how twisted the arm is.

Valkyrie also went up against Overhaul in a grudge match that was not included in their record for the main tournament. When the match began, it was pretty even as while Overhaul was quicker to get across the arena. Valkyrie was able to make contact with the front wedge attachment of its opponent, causing sparks to fly in the process. Valkyrie found itself being lifted up near the screws but in doing so, Valkyrie's weapon made contact with Overhaul's and nearly tore it clean off, leaving it dangling and rendered useless. Valkyrie was now inverted and suffering from the gyroscopic effects of its weapon, but when both robots met again, Valkyrie finished off the upper half of Overhaul's weapon, tearing it off completely. However, Valkyrie was then on the receiving end of an attack by its opponent that took it up against the arena barrier, where its weapon made sparks off the arena barrier. Valkyrie got away, but was briefly driving vertically on its wheels before coming back down upright. Valkyrie collided with Overhaul one last time before both robots were left driving in circles, only making light taps when they were finally able to meet one another again. Both robots were counted out by their referees so the match went the judges, who ruled in favor of Valkyrie.

Discovery Season 4[]

Valkyrie vs. HyperShock

HyperShock inverts Valkyrie during the fight.

Valkyrie's first match in 2019 was HyperShock and went with the bowtie-shaped bar as a result. When the match began, Valkyrie had little time to prepare as they were hit hard and thrown up onto the arena screws by HyperShock on impact. Valkyrie eventually got down and ended up upside down but continued to fight. Valkyrie managed to clip HyperShock's tires but this didn't affect HyperShock's mobility and they were again pushed around. Valkyrie then clipped another tire and was eventually upright again. This didn't really improve things for Valkyrie as they were pushed under the pulverizer but managed to avoid taking even cosmetic damage. Valkyrie got inverted again but when they returned under the pulverizer they were no longer moving. Valkyrie was counted out, giving HyperShock the win by KO.

Valkyrie vs. Ragnarök

Damage caused by Valkyrie as its opponent lays immobile.

Next up for Leanne Cushing and Valkyrie was Ragnarök. In response, the team opted for their disc named Dr. Teeth. When the match began, Valkyrie approached Ragnarök and got its weapon quickly up to speed. When the two robots collided, Valkyrie's weapon rode up Ragnarök's front scoop and damaged the gear for Ragnarök's axe, torquing it enough to break the gearbox and forcing their link between the lid and bulkhead, shutting it down. Valkyrie was also flipped in this impact, but opted to go in for another hit as Ragnarök remained motionless. Valkyrie was not able to cause much more damage as Ragnarök was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by a very quick knockout.

Valkyrie vs. Monsoon

Valkyrie grinds down Monsoon.

Valkyrie was then put in a match against former quarter-finalist, Tom Brewster and Monsoon. In response, Valkyrie opted for its bow-tie bar spinner of Sweet Caroline for a faster spin up. As the match began, Valkyrie came at Monsoon, throwing plenty of sparks off Monsoon's tiny wedge. Valkyrie continued to attack in this manner, causing very little damage but also avoiding Monsoon's weapon. Soon, Valkyrie ripped off Monsoon's front wedge and disabled Monsoon's weapon, leaving Monsoon's weapon mount hanging on by very little. For the rest of the match, Valkyrie kept attacking Monsoon, grinding its weapon mount, under armor, and its tires. Despite the damage, Monsoon kept charging at Valkyrie with no fear in its opponents weapon. Time ran out with both robots still mobile, but the judges awarded Valkyrie a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Valkyrie vs. Petunia

Petunia keeps Valkyrie in the corner of the BattleBox.

Valkyrie also had a match against Petunia and Mischa de Graaf from The Netherlands. In response, Valkyrie was armed with her traditional undercutting disc named Dr. Teeth and some extra top armor to protect their top in the event of being crushed. Valkyrie started off okay, mostly causing sparks, but Petunia was also withstanding the impacts. However, Valkyrie soon found itself upended due to its weapon's gyroscopic forces. Valkyrie ended up flipping over, where it was now potentially vulnerable to Petunia's weapon. Luckily, Valkyrie's weapon didn't lose power at all and was able to damage Petunia's wedge and the crusher a bit as well. After this, Petunia was no longer moving and was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO.

Valkyrie vs. Quantum

Valkyrie grinds its bar on Quantum.

Valkyrie's last match before the Top 16 was against Quantum and opted for its bowtie-shaped weapon bar dubbed Sweet Caroline. Valkyrie started off okay, but wasn't causing much damage and was eventually flipped over due to its weapon's gyroscopic forces. Luckily, this orientation favored Valkyrie a bit and they quickly took off Quantum's weapon tooth. Even so, Valkyrie soon was at the mercy of Quantum's toothless weapon as they were picked up and paraded around the arena. Valkyrie then lost the use of its weapon as Quantum was able to apply enough pressure to cause a complete LEM collapse and was put behind the screws where it couldn't escape. Valkyrie was counted out, giving Quantum the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16.

Valkyrie vs. Ribbot

Valkyrie's new look ahead of its battle with Ribbot.

Sparks fly early on.

Valkyrie shreds a tire of Ribbot.

Despite its main tournament loss, Valkyrie returned for a grudge match against newcomer and fellow Massachusetts bot, Ribbot. For this fight, Valkyrie opted for their six toothed disc called Sonic the Wedgehog as well as the loaned minibot of Time Line from Chronos, and even came in with little fly wings and eyes, since the fight was posted to Facebook Supporters on Halloween. The match started off with both minibots fighting each other while the main bots got up to speed. While Ribbot hung back, Valkyrie slowly approached, its disc up to full speed. When they collided, Valkyrie was unable to do much as it made contact with Ribbot's wedge. However, Ribbot suddenly stopped moving and Valkyrie seized the opportunity to attack their tires. Ribbot was immobile and as Valkyrie removed a tire completely, it was counted out and Valkyrie won by knockout.

Discovery Season 5[]

Valkyrie vs. Tantrum

Valkyrie is pinned against the wall momentarily.

Valkyrie's first match of 2020 was against Aren Hill and Tantrum. For this fight, the team went with their bowtie-shaped weapon bar dubbed "Sweet Caroline" as a result as well as UHMW front pieces. The match started off okay for Valkyrie as they took little chunks off of Tantrum, but were also being pushed around and ended up striking the screws. Luckily, they got their weapon going again and managed to rip into one of Tantrum's raised fists. However, after striking the arena barrier, Valkyrie's weapon stopped working due to a receiver wire to the weapon controller not being covered. When it contacted with the frame, the motor shut off and left Valkyrie at a huge disadvantage. Valkyrie was then pushed around for much of the fight, taking hits from the pulverizer before Tantrum stopped moving due to having its batteries drained and was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO.

Valkyrie vs. Rotator

Valkyrie's next match was against quarter-finalist, Rotator.

Valkyrie creates a shower of sparks as it clashes with the wedge of Rotator.

In response, Valkyrie was armed with its triangular undercutting blade named "Glory". As the match got underway, Valkyrie's left wheel guard was loosened as it struggled to make any sort of impact, while Rotator used its wedge to deflect the impacts. Valkyrie was then temporarily popped onto it's wheels, but its new disc was able to prevent it from flipping upside-down. Valkyrie then sent Rotator into the rails and managed to ramp on top of Rotator's plow, shearing rubber off Rotator's left tire. Rotator's weapon blade was momentarily not spinning, allowing Valkyrie to get some shots in before being popped into the air by Rotator's plow again. After more collisions, Rotator took Valkyrie into the screws, halting their weapon and swinging around to deliver a blow. Valkyrie was popped onto its wheels yet again but continued to strike striking Rotator. In the closing stages of the match, Valkyrie tore both Rotator's wedge and left wheel guard away from its chassis. Time ran down with both robots' weapons disabled, and after the judges inspected both robots closely, they awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Valkyrie.

Valkyrie vs. Whiplash

Whiplash lifts Valkyrie into the screws.

After going three minutes with an equally durable Rotator, Valkyrie battled the Vasquez family and Whiplash for its third and final Fight Night battle. Valkyrie was armed with it's disc dubbed "Mr Cavity", a modified version of "Dr. Teeth" with sharpened tips to cut armor. As the match began, they started off poorly as they were quickly box rushed but were able to dish out damage to the left side of Whiplash's scoop. However, after a few hits, Valkyrie lost the use of its weapon and were left mostly defenseless for the remainder of the fight. Valkyrie was taken all around the arena, mostly to the screws, where it lost its decorative wheel guards before time ran out. The judges awarded Whiplash a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Valkyrie vs. SubZero

SubZero nearly sends Valkyrie out of the arena.

Valkyrie secured their place as the No.9 seed in the Top 32 bracket and went up against the No.24 seed SubZero where it was armed with its spinner dubbed "Dr. Teeth". Valkyrie started off okay as they ended up attacking SubZero's anti-spinner plow but didn't cause any real damage. However, Valkyrie took a big shot that sent it bouncing off the lexan and back into the arena. Valkyrie recovered and continued to attack the rear plow until it was removed completely. Valkyrie then took aim at other areas of SubZero, disabling half of SubZero's drive and ripping off their front wedges too. All SubZero could do after this was twitch in the corner as it was counted out, giving Valkyrie a spot in the Top 16 and the win by KO.

Valkyrie vs. Whiplash

Whiplash lifts Valkyrie in the air.

Valkyrie is thrown into the screws by Whiplash.

Up next for Valkyrie was a rematch with Whiplash from earlier in the season. As before, Whiplash ditched the spinner for it's anti-horizontal spinner configuration. The fight started with Whiplash charging at Valkyrie, attempting to make the first attack before it could get up to speed. Valkyrie did however spin up, and delivered several glancing hits to Whiplash, the latter of which sent Valkyrie flying into the corner of the box. Now upside-down, Valkyrie was less manoeuvrable but persisted in attacking. The next impact saw a piece fly from Whiplash's lifter, however hits seemed to be unbalancing Valkyrie all the more, as it bounced across the arena. Whiplash then lifted Valkyrie directly into the air and due to the gyroscopic forces in play, was able to balance on the tip of Whiplash's lifter momentarily. Valkyrie found itself the right side up but struggled to escape the corner of the box. Whiplash got to its rear, shoving Valkyrie the length of the arena and getting it caught on the screws. Whiplash again managed to balance Valkyrie, still spinning, on its lifting arm and proceeded to push their opponent against the screws once again. Whiplash continued to dominate, even hooking its lifting arm in one of the weight-saving holes in Valkyrie's disc at one stage. The fight went to the judges, and Whiplash won unanimously, knocking Valkyrie out of the competition.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Valkyrie vs. Extinguisher

Valkyrie and Extinguisher meet in the BattleBox.

Following on from the main season, Valkyrie competed in the Witch Doctor bracket of BattleBots: Bounty Hunters for a shot at taking down Andrea Gellatly's bot and a share of $25,000. Standing in their way to begin with was Extinguisher, who went into this fight with their vertical spinner and wedge configuration. Valkyrie equipped Sour Caroline for this fight and started on top, immediately tearing away one of Extinguisher's wedges and then the other, all within the first five seconds of the match. Valkyrie was pushed back by its opponent, but remained spinning and was able to slice at Extinguisher's underside before escaping. Valkyrie's next hit sliced away half of a front wheel, before the next tore the entire other front wheel away. At risk of being dismembered at the hands of Valkyrie, Extinguisher tried to escape, but suffered further damage to its tires. Its opponent was now running on two wheels, and could not get its own vertical spinner up to speed, so Valkyrie went in for the kill. The next impact peeled away a rear tire, severely hampering Extinguisher's mobility, before the last remaining tire went too. Unable to show translational movement, Extinguisher was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO and a place in the next round.

Valkyrie vs. SubZero

A wounded SubZero watches on as Valkyrie struggles for movement.

After a convincing victory, Leanne Cushing's bot now had to face SubZero in the second round of the bracket, a rematch from the main season. Immediately, Valkyrie spun up as SubZero charged at it, losing a flipper panel in the process. However, the gyroscopic forces at play saw Valkyrie balanced on its end and vulnerable to a SubZero attack. They capitalized, flipping Valkyrie in front of judge Derek Young and into the screws. Now having to spin up, Valkyrie found itself cornered as SubZero smothered it against the arena barrier underneath the pulverizer. In trying to flip Valkyrie, SubZero performed a frontflip, much to the delight of Chris and Kenny commentating. Valkyrie was again tossed, this time up and over, before being attacked once more by the BattleBox hazard. Valkyrie had now been righted and could spin up to speed once more, but was still struggling to escape from the corner of the box. Having returned to its square, Valkyrie was extremely sluggish and the ref threatened a count as it was only now moving under the gyroscopic forces of its own weapon. SubZero's drone Spitfire hovered over Valkyrie and shot fire as it was counted out, and Leanne Cushing's bot was eliminated from the bracket, losing by KO.

Discovery Season 6[]

Valkyrie vs. P1

Sparks fly as Valkyrie attacks P1 from above.

Returning for the 2021 season, Valkyrie opened their campaign against Brandon Zalinsky and P1. For this fight, Valkyrie was equipped with Dr. Acula, a brand new disc with S7 steel teeth bolted in place. The fight began with P1 charging immediately at Valkyrie, looking to tank early hits from their undercutter and break the weapon. Though P1 lost a rear wheel early on as Valkyrie rode over the top of it, P1 used its low profile and front wedge to unbalance Valkyrie. Suddenly, its weapon motor overheated and a small fire erupted from the front of the bot. P1 remained aggressive, sliding underneath its opponent and using its front-hinged lifter to throw Valkyrie forwards. Valkyrie’s drive had also been affected by these exchanges, though P1 was also struggling on just three wheels. Later in the fight, Valkyrie attempted to right itself with their own team’s pulverizer but was unsuccessful in doing so. Referee John Remar threatened a count on Valkyrie, but both bots survived to the end as the fight went the distance. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision in favor of P1.

Valkyrie vs. Triple Crown

Leanne Cushing's team enter the BattleBox.

Valkyrie leaves Triple Crown for dead.

Valkyrie's second fight was against newcomer Triple Crown. It went into the fight with its three-toothed blade, Glory. Triple Crown was quick out of its square, showing off its unique drive and evading Valkyrie in the opening seconds. However, Valkyrie quickly spun up its undercutter and shredded the underside of Triple Crown’s red pod before delivering a devastating second hit. The entire wedge module flew across the arena and the remainder of the bot had spun into the center of the BattleBox. Its horizontal spinner was still active, though Triple Crown was not mobile, and a count began on Todd Mendenhall’s machine. Valkyrie took the win by knockout, advancing to 1-1 for the season.

Valkyrie vs. Pardon My French

Valkyrie and Pardon My French go weapon to weapon.

Valkyrie's final match of Fight Night came against another rookie team in Pardon My French. Equipped with Sour Caroline for this fight, Valkyrie danced around its opponent before dishing out a big hit which sent both robots flying across the BattleBox. This impact killed the drum spinner of Pardon My French, which had struggled to spin up to speed up to that point. Valkyrie then turned its attention to the wheels, and tore out a drive belt as the Canadian representative lay dormant in the corner. Pardon My French was counted out, and Valkyrie advanced to a positive 2-1 record.

Valkyrie vs. Blip

Valkyrie's only hit of the fight.

Reaching the Top 32 with a No.26 seed, Valkyrie now faced the as-yet undefeated No.7 seed Blip. For this fight, Valkyrie was equipped with its traditional blue undercutting disc, Mr. Cavity. However, the weapon died just ten seconds in, and Valkyrie was reduced to a pushbot for the remainder of this fight. Having tanked the initial attack from its opponent, Blip initially misfired before getting under tossing Valkyrie over and then onto the Upper Deck. Valkyrie drove off and righted itself against Blip, but Aren Hill's bot gave chase. Blip threw Valkyrie multiple times while it was caught in the short corner and several more times against the pulverizer in that corner. As the fight wore on, Blip continued to slide its flipping arm underneath Valkyrie's defunct disc and toss it around the BattleBox. Valkyrie's drive was still working though, so Blip showed no signs of letting off. Later in the fight, Blip threw Valkyrie towards the arena wall and was close to achieving an out of the arena flip, but Valkyrie escaped, though its drive was now slowing down. Blip's eighteenth and final flip beached Leanne Cushing's bot against the wall where it was unable to get down. Valkyrie was counted out and bowed out of the tournament.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
2-1 in Fight Nights, 1-1 in Desperado, lost Play-in
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Ultimo Destructo Lost (KO)
Fight Night Rumble vs. Bale Spear, Predator Won (KO)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Hypothermia Won (JD)
Desperado Round 2 vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Red Devil Won (JD)
Last Chance Rumble vs. Bombshell, DUCK!, Gigabyte,
Lucky, Red Devil
Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Overhaul Won (JD)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
3-1, lost Play-in
Fight Night vs. HyperShock Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Ragnarök Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Monsoon Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Petunia Won (KO)
NOTE: The battle against Petunia was intended for Science Channel, but was only aired in international broadcasts.
Play-in vs. Quantum Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Ribbot Won (KO)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Tantrum Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Rotator Won (JD)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Whiplash Lost (JD)
Top 32
9th seed
Round of 32 vs. SubZero (24) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Whiplash (8) Lost (JD)
Bounty Hunters 2020
Bounty Hunters 2020 - Witch Doctor Episode
Round 1 vs. Extinguisher Won (KO)
Round 2 vs. SubZero Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. P1 Lost (JD)
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Triple Crown Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Pardon My French Won (KO)
Top 32
26th seed
Round of 32 vs. Blip (7) Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 10
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3

Bale Spear and Predator (Undercard Rumble)

Hypothermia (Desperado Tournament)

Red Devil (Undercard Match)

Overhaul (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Ultimo Destructo (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Lock-Jaw (Desperado Tournament)

Bombshell (Last Chance Rumble)

Discovery Season 4

Ragnarök (Undercard Match)

Monsoon (Undercard Match)

Petunia (Undercard Match)

Ribbot (Grudge Match)

HyperShock (Undercard Match)

Quantum (Play in Match)

Discovery Season 5 Tantrum (Undercard Match)

Rotator (Undercard Match)


Whiplash (Main Event/Undercard Match)


BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Extinguisher SubZero
Discovery Season 6 Triple Crown (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Pardon My French (Undercard Match)

P1 (Undercard Match)


Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"She's riding into battle on a blazing saddle. Spin left, spin right. She's about to take flight. (To the tune of Ride of the Valkyries) Dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun! It's VALKYRIE!"

"In her last battle, she scored a hundred percent on Botten Tomatoes. Critics gave it 4 scars and said the soundtrack was killer. Prepare to take flight, it's VALKYRIE!"

"She's no Queen of Hearts, but her high-powered spinner says "off with your treads!" Here comes the percussion of destruction, the conductor of carnage. It's VALKYRIE!"

"On wicked steeds, she flies from above. She's got the fight from the flight and the spinning bite. It's VALKYRIE!"

"Dun dun dun dun dun, VALKYRIE!"

"She's a marvel that's here to avenge. This Norse goddess will kick you in your arseguard and make you Thor. It's VALKYRIE!"

"Now performing at "Carnage-ie Hall," this bot will move you to tears with it's killer-sweet symphony. You're about to get Johann Sebastian CLOCKED. Sing it with me. (To the tune of "Ride of the Valkyries") Dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun! It's VALKYRIE!"

"This Boston bot is lots of fun, if you like getting spun. It's going to serve you up a bowl of slam chowder. Can't you hear the audience getting louder? It's because they see VALKYRIE!"

"This bot's already black blue, and it will bash you until you are too. Came down from her chariot in the sky, she's got girl power, she's your ride or die. It's VALKYRIE!"

"If this bot were a board game, it would be Chutes & Splatters. It's not Sorry, it's Trouble. Yahtzee? It's VALKYRIE!"

"It's Bach, and here to strike a chord. Prepare to Diechaikovsky because you'll be Wagnear death. It's VALKYRIE!"

"This brutal Bostonian machine is frostier than a Viking queen, and when you're home wondering what went wrong, you'll always hear its little song. (To the tune of Ride of the Valkyries) Dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun! (Audience joins in) VALKYRIE!"

"From Somerville, Massachusetts, this bot is here to Ragnarök your world, it’s VALKYRIE!"

"From Somerville, Massachusetts, her spinner's got a lethal amount of Norsepower, it's VALKYRIE!"

"This bot has the same name as a Tom Cruise flick, but beating her is Mission: Impossible if you catch my drift. She's beat A Few Good Men, burying opponents like a mummy, and when there's a prize on the line, she's like, 'Show me the money!' Give it up for our Top Gun, VALKYRIE!"


  • Unlike most bots, Valkyrie used a blue prime coat underneath its black paint from Season 4 onwards. This was later established that as fights went on, Valkyrie would "bleed blue" as opposed to just the usually expected chassis colors used by other bots.
  • Valkyrie had two rematches in 2020 across the main season and BattleBots: Bounty Hunters - one against Whiplash and another against SubZero.
    • Valkyrie would only win one of these four fights, however, in total.
  • Valkyrie is the third bot who won the Most Destructive Robot award to defeat a robot who previously won the award.
  • The 2020 season build of Valkyrie was sold to BattleBots fan Lars Bakker after the competition, who also picked up Reality in early 2022[1].
  • Valkyrie is one of the only robots to be given a pronoun by their team and Faruq Tauheed, often referred to as "she" and "her".
  • One of Valkyries undercutters is called "Sonic the Wedgehog."


  1. Private correspondence between SFCJack and Lars Bakker in 2022.