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Note: Due to extensive damage sustained during a test battle, Cutting Edge was unable to compete in this tournament:

Ranked Robots:

1. Turbo Prop

2. S.A.K

3. Smasher

4. Crusher Deluxe

5. Yellow Peril

6. Nutcase

7. Aries Advanced

8. Tyrannical Leader

9. MEGA Scooper

10. Speed Demon

11. Horror Hotrod Reborn

12. Pendulum


A.W.2.H vs Dizzy Rascal vs Flippasaurus vs Juvenile Delinquent vs Nowhere To Run

5th Place: Flippasaurus

4th Place: Dizzy Rascal

3rd Place: Nowhere To Run

2nd Place: Juvenile Delinquent

Winner: A.W.2.H

Darkness Devil vs Insanity

Winner: Darkness Devil

The 11 unranked veterans were allocated based on the alphabetical order of their names

Round 1 Rumbles:

(1) Turbo Prop vs (7) Aries Advanced vs A.W.2.H vs Darkness Devil vs Levitator

Eliminated: (1) Turbo Prop

(2) S.A.K vs (8) Tyrannical Leader vs Juvenile Delinquent vs Hunk of Junk vs Running RampANT

Eliminated: Running RampANT

(3) Smasher vs (9) MEGA Scooper vs Nowhere To Run vs Goliath Frog vs Slicasaurus

Eliminated: Nowhere To Run

(4) Crusher Deluxe vs (10) Speed Demon vs Dizzy Rascal vs FlatlineD Destroyer vs Toerag

Eliminated: Dizzy Rascal

(5) Yellow Peril vs (11) Horror Hotrod Reborn vs Flippasaurus vs Brutal Destruction vs Two-Pronged Attack

Eliminated: Brutal Destruction

(6) Nutcase vs (12) Pendulum vs Insanity vs Bionic Lobster vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Eliminated: (6) Nutcase

Round 2:

(2) S.A.K vs Bionic Lobster

Eliminated: Bionic Lobster

(3) Smasher vs FlatlineD Destroyer

Eliminated: (3) Smasher

(4) Crusher Deluxe vs Flippasaurus

Eliminated: (4) Crusher Deluxe

(5) Yellow Peril vs Goliath Frog

Eliminated: (5) Yellow Peril

(7) Aries Advanced vs Hunk of Junk

Eliminated: Hunk of Junk

(8) Tyrannical Leader vs Two-Pronged Attack

Eliminated: Two-Pronged Attack

(9) MEGA Scooper vs Toerag

Eliminated: Toerag

(10) Speed Demon vs Slicasaurus

Eliminated: (10) Speed Demon

(11) Horror Hotrod Reborn vs Levitator

Eliminated: (11) Horror Hotrod Reborn

(12) Pendulum vs Juvenile Delinquent

Eliminated: (12) Pendulum

Darkness Devil vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Eliminated: Darkness Devil

Insanity vs A.W.2.H

Eliminated: A.W.2.H

Round 3:

(2) S.A.K vs Levitator

Eliminated: Levitator

(7) Aries Advanced vs Goliath Frog

Eliminated: Goliath Frog

(8) Tyrannical Leader vs Insanity

Eliminated: Insanity

(9) MEGA Scooper vs Juvenile Delinquent

Eliminated: (9) MEGA Scooper

FlatlineD Destroyer vs Slicasaurus

Eliminated: Slicasaurus

Vampire Bat Fangs vs Flippasaurus

Eliminated: Flippasaurus

Round 4:

(2) S.A.K vs FlatlineD Destroyer

Eliminated: (2) S.A.K

(7) Aries Advanced vs Juvenile Delinquent

Eliminated: Juvenile Delinquent

(8) Tyrannical Leader vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Eliminated: Vampire Bat Fangs

Losers' Rumble:

(2) S.A.K vs Juvenile Delinquent vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Winner: Vampire Bat Fangs


(7) Aries Advanced vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Eliminated: (7) Aries Advanced

(8) Tyrannical Leader vs FlatlineD Destroyer

Eliminated: FlatlineD Destroyer


(8) Tyrannical Leader vs Vampire Bat Fangs

Winner: (8) Tyrannical Leader

Third Place Play-off:

(7) Aries Advanced vs FlatlineD Destroyer

Winner: FlatlineD Destroyer

Battle for 5th Place:

(2) S.A.K vs Juvenile Delinquent

Winner: (2) S.A.K

Battle for 7th Place:

(9) MEGA Scooper vs Flippasaurus vs Goliath Frog vs Insanity vs Levitator vs Slicasaurus

6th Place: Levitator

5th Place: Insanity

4th Place: MEGA Scooper

3rd Place: Goliath Frog

2nd Place: Slicasaurus

Winner: Flippasaurus