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Here are my top ten favorite BattleBots matches. These will include fights from both the Comedy Central era and the reboot. The way I judge my fights is how action packed it is, how even it is, and whoever I think should have won.

Number 10: Diesector vs Vladiator (Season 5.0)

Man I loved this fight, it would be a hole lot higher on this list if the match went the full three minutes instead of being stopped short because of damage to the arena. It was also nice to see Diesector get its revenge too.

Number 9: Lock-Jaw vs Yeti

This fight was probably my favorite fight of Season 2. The only reason it isn't number 1 is because of that stupid primary weapon rule that they had back then that caused Lock-Jaw to lose a fight that it would have won back in the old days.

Number 8: Free Shipping vs Hypershock

You know a Free Shipping match was coming up sooner or later. So we have the two best drivers in the sport, Gary Gin and Will Bales. This match can be described with one word: Fire.

Number 7: Kraken vs Ribbot

This match wasn't what I was expecting, I thought Ribbot would go with the undercutter and completely shred Kraken, but they went with the vert and got devoured. The main reason I love this fight is because of Chris and Kenny's commentary.

Number 6: Blacksmith vs The Four Horsemen

It's always fun to see a multi-bot get punted around, and it's also nice to see Blacksmith get a win.

Number 5: Warhead vs Blacksmith

Lots of fire and lots of hits, this was one fight is the reason I love Blacksmith. Blacksmith isn't designed to K.O. stuff, it's designed to get in as many hits as possible, and that's certainly what it did, it probably would have won if it didn't smoke out at the end.

Number 4: Bronco vs DUCK!

Now we have a very powerful flipper vs a very flipable robot, the result is some of the highest flips I've seen.

Number 3: HyperShock vs Battle Royale With Cheese

I love any fight where Will Bales aims Hypershock at something just to see what happens, and brother did that mini bot get destroyed.

Number 2: Warrior Clan vs Nightmare

Even though Nightmare lost, it went down swinging, man I love to see mini bots get destroyed.

Honorable mention: Bombshell vs Yeti

Bombshell finally worked like it should in season 3, using Yeti's over aggressiveness against it, it would be my favorite if the judges gave Bombshell the win.

Number 1: Rotator vs Skorpios

I loved RotatoR in season 3, it went from being the bot that got blitzed by Witch Doctor to the robot that de-tailed (get it?) the scorpion.