My bracket for the top 16

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So here's who I think will make the top sixteen.


How is a robot that beat Tombstone supposed to NOT make the top sixteen, by knockout even, the only robots the beat Tombstone by knockout up to that point were Bombshell and Root Canal. It would probably be through the regular season, unless it goes 2-2 and uses the Last Chance Rumble or Play-In Rumble.


I know it's 0-3 but don't count it out just yet, Bombshell usually gains momentum as the season goes on. Remember when it got literally roasted by Complete Control and then became the runner-up? It would probably get there through the Desperado Tournament or Last Chance Rumble.

Bite Force

As much as I hate to say it, Bite Force is probably garenteed to be in the top 16, I hope it gets destroyed in a rematch with Tombstone.


For obvious reasons unless it becomes the new HyperShock and breaks down for no reason and loses fights it otherwise would have won.


SawBlaze is likely to make the top 16 again because it's only loss is to Tombstone, it isn't like losing to something like Wrecks, where everyone has beaten.


It has disposed of both its opponents so far in under a minute but I'm a bit unsure about that srimech, it looks frail and like it was made in China.

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