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So guys here are my top ten least favorite BattleBots. These bots are from both the original series and the reboot.

Number 10: Overkill

The thing about Overkill is that most of its matches were boring, what was annoying was the judges always gave it the win so we'd have to endure one boring match after another.

Number 9: Hazard

I hate Hazard because it's a simple design but it's so stupidly effective that it's annoying, I remember jumping out my seat in happiness when T-Minus beat it in season 5 because I always wanted to see that overly destructive helicopter lose.

Number 8: Bite Force

I didn't really care about Bite Force in season 1 but then it started becoming a Hazard scenario where a simple design causes it to win fights to the point that the bot is annoying. Say what you want but I'm glad Chomp beat it in season 2.

Number 7: Yeti

The reason I don't like Yeti is because it's just all aggression all the time and I don't like to see one-sided beat downs where one bot just doesn't stand a chance because Yeti won't get off of them until they can't fight anymore.

Number 6: Minotaur

This bot ruined my bracket twice, beating two of my favorite bots in the process. And another Hazard scenario where a simple design proves to be effective to the point that the bot itself is annoying. And the team plays a part in that too, they act like they've won the entire championship after they win a battle.

Number 5: End Game

This is more about the team than the bot itself. The actual robot is not half bad, it's just that the team talks a big game and guess what, their bot has a 2-5 record. AND the robots they won against had bad records at the time.

Number 4: Overhaul

The thing about the bot is that it has a terrible design, and they just keep coming back for more. It's just that I say "hey if your robot is so bad why not just make a new one?"

Number 3: Brutus

Lock-Jaw should've won that's all I'm gonna say.

Number 2: DUCK!

Now before you all criticize me, I've just always had a grudge against titanium brick-type robots. They just get ripped apart the entire match then only win because the spinner breaks itself.

Dishonourable Mention: Toe-Crusher

Like Overkill, Toe-Crusher's matches are all boring, and then the judges keep giving it the win so we have sit through one boring match after another.

Number 1: HUGE

I hate HUGE because the only reason it keeps winning is because the producers give it fights against robots it's DESIGNED to counter.