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Side Note: Not In Order from Least to Most or anything. Side Note2: This will probably be revised. The way I did this is, (1) If it's a bot that competed before, I compare their past performance, and compare their wins and losses.  (2) If it's a new bot, I look at their hype, and probably how they should've done if they lost matches They Shouldn't Have.

1. End Game

Until End Game beats Tombstone, it's always going to be disappointing for me. End Game is 50/50 for predicting, but even then I always predict it to lose, because ever since the lost against Ribbot, I haven't been able to trust it to win. It's only impressive win in S4 was against Cobalt.

2. Minotaur

From going to the Finals, to going 0-2 at the beginning of the season, and having to go through the Desperado Tournament, where it didn't even win it. It had only 1 Good Battle/Win against Cobalt. It easily beat Hydra, and then lost to Death Roll. It just didn't look as good as in the past seasons, that's why I think it was disappointing this season.

3. Bombshell

Bombshell oh Bombshell, how far you have fallen. I wouldn't say disappointing, since I didn't have hope for him anyway, but I just wanted to state my opinion a bit. Bombshell has gone 1-8 ever since reaching the Finals in Season 2. Reference here, but he's like Jerry West, except if he only made the Finals 1 time. "He beat Tombstone tho." AH WHATEVER! I don't really have a negative opinion of either Bombshell or Lock-Jaw, but they did ruin SoW vs Tombstone, and now we will never going to get it. Thanks BattleBots, you gave us Tombstone vs Minotaur....then gave us SoW vs Kraken, the hell is that?

4. DUCK!

DUCK! Is....a bit overrated now. No Impressive wins in S4, Literally any decently competent bot can beat Bombshell, and was getting the shit beaten out of it by Cobalt before it got Lucky, and they got stuck. Remember when everybody was complaining about how DUCK! Deserved a spot from the rumble? (Which they did) They had a chance in S4, which they shouldn't have even gotten this time, and lost.

5. Monsoon

What happened to Monsoon? I think they had members change, but for that to cause this much of a downfall? Monsoon has gone from one of the best bots in S3, and was personally one of my favorites then, to being constantly destroyed in S4. It's only win was against Ragnarok.....yeah.

6. Bronco

They went 0-4, considering who they are, that should be all I need to say but, whatever. From going 4-0 and making it to the Quarterfinals, to going 0-4? They didn't just fall from Heaven, they didn't even go to the Shadow Realm, that's some Dark Dimension shit right there. Their opponents they fought? Let's see

Lost to Bite Force. Can be excused, lost to the best bot in the game.

Lost to Free Shipping. Can be said they got unlucky, but how does your flipper just break like that?

Lost to HUGE. I guess, not much Bronco could've really done.

Lost to Hydra. This was a throw up, This was probably the only match other than FS they could've won, and they got tossed like a pancake.

7. Ragnarok

The hell was that? Just not good at all for them.

8. Shatter

Call me crazy, but I swear I saw people saying Shatter! Would be good, I think I saw them on King of Bots before, but they really didn't too do well in Battlebots. It lost against Minotaur which, normally would be a "Well hey it's Minotaur" thing, but how they were doing, it wasn't really....a good loss? They also lost against Witch Doctor, which was good. It's wins were Wan Hoot of Trash and King Pin............Not really the best of bots.

9. Gigabyte

They disappointed me for the sole fact they couldn't fight SoW after being destroyed by Witch Doctor.

10. WAR Hawk

I don't know what happened to them. I actually liked them in S3, but something changed in S4. It had a few losses against respectable bots, but then it goes and losses to Wan Hoo? Then it got ripped apart by a Damn Flipper. It's only wins are against Petunia...and Ragnarok.