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Hey there folks I decided to do one of these like on the RW Wiki because I was wondering if there where any unknown/unexplained robots from BB so far I only have a few examples.

From the 5.0 Pits, haven't got a cluem maybe just for show?

The first of them is this presumably MW lawnmower robot I found which was in the pits for Season 5.0. I presume it had either a spinning or lifting weapon due to the large motor on it. The closest thing I can think of to it is the Team Predatorial Instinct version of Mutant Mow due to the shell on it but that would be a far fetched theory

Unknown from the BB-5.O Pits, some sort of pneumatic weapon I'd imagine, has S.O.B's saw by it though.

Another one from the 5.0 Pits, I have actually no clue what this could be or what it was meant to do  

Big red, boxy, has some damage on it, presumably from a battle.

 Another from the 5.0 Pits, a red boxy thing, not invetible and with some damage to it... I presume it to be a Lightweight competitor, judging by the drive motors, although it might just be a very underdriven Middleweight. Considering the damage on the back of it, I'm certain it had at least one fight, maybe it was Playmate, even if that would go against the description of it, the underpowered drive would explain the fact it may have once had a weapon and the damage on the back could easily have came from Lobotomy. 

I'd bet money on this being Jack the Flipper

 Another red boxy thing from the 5.0 Pits... although this one is clearly different to the other, definetely a Lightweight, this thing is absolutely tiny, it looks annoyingly familiar as well... I think it's Jack the Flipper, the sides are almost identical, it has just been painted a new colour. Perhaps it actually has a flipping weapon now.

Almost definitely Rabid Javelinas, never knew they entered BB with this thing.


Another one I think I know of, the minibot is from a clusterbot called Rabid Javelinas and so is the drum but the main bot has a different body to what it would eventually have. Rabid Javelinas would later have a 2wd Drum called Root Hawg or Die and only the one Minibot. It's from the same team behind Whacky Compass and Son of Whackyy Compass. May have been competing under a different name due to copyright reasons post-BB but I doubt it. 

Yeah, what the hell is this?

 This one... I haven't got a clue, not surprised it was turned away either, the thing looks janky as hell, not to mention boring, it wouldn't have done anything with those pram wheels either, not to mention that weak armour. It's got a passing resemblence and build-quality to Kraken but ehhhh, I dunno. 5.0 Pits once more.