Currently planning on entering a Heavyweight into a future competition. Still deciding between three.

Slasher: Picture Black Hole from Germany, only with bi-directional discs to be added, and a slashed up name in place of the face on the front plate. (Was originally going to be named Shredder, but due to Shrederator still being around, I've taken inspiration from Freddy Krugger's nickname, the Springwood Slasher. And yes, the team will have red and green striped shirts and I have a Freddy glove on hand for it.)

Trimangler: Very different from the SHW one, but it sports a similar weapon and appearance to Dutch's Twister, just painted different shades of gray and blue.

Slice N' Dice: A multibot, which would be sporting two sections of my two favorite MWs: Hazard and Drummer Boy.

As a heads up, I'll be going through all the pages again to make sure they're in PAST tense, not PRESENT tense. Since some of the older pages have some bits that act like the fights went down yesterday, I'm going to need some help with correcting them.

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