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"We're the first people to really throw robots up in the air." - Alexander Rose on Toro.

Toro was a superheavyweight robot which competed in the final four seasons of Comedy Central's BattleBots.

Built by the California-based Inertia Labs team, Toro was a black and silver box-shaped robot running on four wheels and powered by six sets of batteries. Its main weapon was a powerful pneumatic flipping arm that extended from the its back end all the way to the front, being very steep in height with a short and narrow flipper plate. Toro's flipping arm was strong enough to flip other superheavyweight competitors into the air with ease, thanks to the twin rams exerting in excess of 7,000lbs of force according to the show. This primary weapon proved a reliable way to score points with the judges and earn KOs.

Toro proved to be a strong and aggressive competitor throughout its BattleBots career. Despite an early loss in Season 2.0, Toro proved its dominance by winning the superheavyweight rumble at the end of the season, flipping three robots over single-handedly in a matter of seconds. Toro got its second rumble victory in Season 3.0 and would go on to win the superheavyweight championship outright in Season 4.0, but was unable to carry its success into Season 5.0, with it losing its only battle in the first round.

Toro's strong performances turned it into a crowd favourite due to its power and dominance, with the crowd regularly chanting its name during its battles. Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley had previously entered with Rhino, which was armed a pneumatic spike. Rose and Bradley liked the power of the ram used for Rhino's spike and decided to reuse the same ram for a flipper robot to see how powerful it could be, this being the idea that sparked Toro's creation.

Inertia Labs also entered several other robots including T-Minus, The Matador and The Butcher. They would later compete in the ABC and Discovery reboot seasons with the similarly designed Bronco.

Robot History[]

Season 2.0[]

Toro vs. Tortoise

Toro flips Tortoise.

Toro's first match in Season 2.0 was against Tortoise. As Tortoise started spinning, Toro starts to go straight at Tortoise. Tortoise drives over the killsaws, but Tortoise started spinning again. Toro comes in and hits Tortoise, and fires its pneumatic flipper, but misses, tossing itself in the air. Toro tries to flip Tortoise again but misses. Toro backs off, waiting for Tortoise to move, but Tortoise only seems to be spinning. Shortly after, Toro comes in and slams Tortoise against the spikestrip, stopping Tortoise from spinning. Toro then finally flips Tortoise on its side. Toro comes back and flips Tortoise back on its wheels. Toro slams into Tortoise again and Toro flips Tortoise on its side, where Tortoise spins within its own shell. Toro ends the match by pushing Tortoise backward towards the pulverizer. Toro won on a unanimous 45-0 judges' decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Tripulta Raptor.

Toro vs. Tripulta Raptor

As both robots approached each other, Toro moves to the side of Tripulta Raptor in an attempt to flip it.

Toro misses a flip on Tripulta Raptor

Toro misses and got underneath the side of Tripulta Raptor again. Tripulta Raptor was then flipped by Toro and was pushed towards the pulverizer.

Toro flips Tripulta Raptor.

Tripulta Raptor was being counted out and Toro won by KO in 55 seconds. This win put Toro in the superheavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced Atomic Wedgie.

Toro vs. Atomic Wedgie (Quarterfinals)

Immediately, Toro shot across the arena at a fast speed and attempted to flip Atomic Wedgie but only achieved a lift. Toro followed this up by a carefully timed flip which sent Atomic Wedgie flying over onto its back. Atomic Wedgie was invertible however, so the fight went on. Toro continued trying to flip Atomic Wedgie once more, but kept missing. Both robots then squared each other off until Toro sent Atomic Wedgie flying again. Atomic Wedgie then drove over the killsaws with the tracks remaining undamaged. Toro then achieved a 4th flip against its opponent shortly thereafter.

Toro gets another flip on Atomic Wedgie

Toro then attempted yet another flip, but this time Atomic Wedgie was ready and waiting to intercept Toro, and got underneath Toro. Part of Toro's flipper extension was torn off by Atomic Wedgie's tri-foils before pushing Toro into the spikestrip and arena corner. Toro was held in the corner for a while, before Atomic Wedgie backed off and let Toro out. This allowed Toro to flip Atomic Wedgie twice more, scoring more points for Team Inertia Labs. Fortunately for Toro, Atomic Wedgie's tracks were damaged, as it had trouble moving about the arena for a while. Toro then flipped Atomic Wedgie for a 7th time, after which, Atomic Wedgie uncontrollably drove itself into the spikestrip and was barely able to continue driving. An 8th flip, however, rectified Atomic Wedgie's problem to an extent as it began driving in a linear direction again.

Toro flips Atomic Wedgie.

Toro positioned itself for a 9th flip, but Toro's battery was jarred loose and one of the wires attached to it disconnected, leaving Toro powerless as Atomic Wedgie shoved it into the spikestrip with ease. Atomic Wedgie almost incapacitated itself on the killsaws but continued pushing Toro into the spikes, before letting off. A major problem was definitely apparent as Toro was not moving in any form and Reason Bradley began looking at the robot's controller for a problem but was unable to fix it before being counted out. Atomic Wedgie won by KO at 2:37 and Toro was eliminated from the tournament.

Toro motionless against the spikestrip after colliding with Atomic Wedge for the last time.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Toro later came back for the superheavyweight royal rumble and performed very well. In less than a minute and a half, Toro managed to flip World Peace, Revision Z, Minion and Liquid Lunch. Toro later managed to flip Diesector but Diesector was invertible so it was still mobile and for the rest of the rumble, it chased War Machine around the arena before time ran out. In the end, Toro was the winner of the superheavyweight rumble.

Season 3.0[]

Toro vs. World Peace

Toro flips World Peace.

Toro's first fight in Season 3.0 was against World Peace. In the match, Toro tried to flip World Peace two times but wasn't able to because of the skirts added to World Peace. However, one flip bent the left skirt of World Peace and Toro then got caught on the killsaws. Toro then finally flips World Peace three times and the final flip put World Peace on its back. As World Peace tries to self-right, Toro pushed World Peace to the red square and was then counted out. Toro won by KO and was now in the quarterfinals, where it faced Phere.

Toro vs. Phere (Quarterfinals)

Phere is thrown over by Toro almost immediately.

Immediately, Toro went straight at Phere and flipped it on its back with its first attack of the fight. Phere had no way of running inverted or righting itself and was counted out. Toro won by a quick KO in just 37 seconds and progressed to the superheavyweight semifinals, where it faced Minion.

Toro vs. Minion (Semifinals)

The impact between Toro and Minion.

Toro began by driving straight at Minion, but as Minion quickly comes forward with its spinning disc going full speed, Toro quickly backs away. Toro is trying to go around Minion to get at it under its side, but Minion is pivoting in the center, aiming its spinning disc at Toro. Minion charges at Toro, but misses. Minion gets Toro near the spikestrip and both robots collide. Minion's spinning disc is the first to connect, knocking Toro into the air and sending Co2 shooting out of Toro's body. Toro activates its lifting arm after its propelled into the air. When Toro lands on the ground, Co2 starts to leak out of Toro. The leak stops and the two robots were driving around the BattleBox. Minion drives over a set of killsaws and Toro started pushing Minion from the front. Toro backs into Minion and started pushing its side against the wall a few times. While Minion struggles with the wall, Toro gets its front under Minion's wedge. Despite Toro's flipping arm not working, Toro pushed Minion around the arena hazards. Minion's spinning disc slams into the screws and later gets caught on the killsaws. Toro puts its rear against Minion and nearly pushes it under the pulverizer before Minion drives away. Minion gets its spinning disc behind Toro and Minion's spinning disc started to smoke. Toro drives over the killsaws and Toro is barely moving. Toro tries to drive toward Minion, but Minion got its spinning disc pointed at Toro. Toro tries to go around and Minion gets caught on the killsaws again. Toro slams into Minion's side, but doesn't appear to have the power to push Minion any more. The time ran out and Minion won on a 27-18 judges' decision. This meant that Toro was eliminated from the tournament again.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Toro wasn't finished, however, as it participated the superheavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. After Toro got flipped by Techno Destructo and rights itself shortly after, Toro went back at Techno Destructo and flips it against the spikestrip. Toro later flips Half Gassed, Phere (again) and Odin II. Toro then flips The Judge a few times and later got a small flip on Electric Lunch. Toro was pushed by Atomic Wedgie at one point and Toro came back to flip Atomic Wedgie, but couldn't. With only 30 seconds left, Toro was being clamped by Diesector's jaws and hit by Diesector's hammers. The time ran out and Toro won the rumble overall.

Season 4.0[]

Toro vs. Maximus

Toro gets flipped by Maximus.

Due to previously competing in Season 3.0, Toro was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it faced Maximus. In the beginning of the match, Toro tried to flip Maximus from the behind, but couldn't do it in time. Maximus is zipping around the BattleBox and Toro tries another flip on Maxiumus, but Maximus has already driven away. Both robots later got caught on the killsaws. Toro gets under Maximus again and Toro finally flips Maximus. Toro pushes Maximus against the arena wall and gives Maximus another flip, this time putting Maximus on its back. Maximus drives directly underneath the pulverizer on the opposite side of the BattleBox. The pulverizer drops and leaves a big dent in the armor of Maximus. Toro comes over and flips Maximus again. After Maximus drives away, Maximus turns around and charges at Toro. Toro drives up the wedge of Maximus and is flipped over. Toro quickly self-rights and flips Maximus immediately. Toro backs up and pushes Maximus over the killsaws. Maximus tries to gain position, but Toro gets under Maximus' side again and flips it onto its back again. Maximus drives up the entrance ramp and then back onto the floor. Toro flips Maximus back over and holds it against the wall for a couple seconds. Toro follows and gets its flipping arm caught under the seam of the ramp. Maximus pushes Toro back and Toro flips Maximus again. Maximus takes a shot from the killsaws, producing showers of sparks in the process, and Toro flips Maximus onto the entrance ramp again. Maximus tries to get free and Toro gets its flipping arm caught under the ramp again. Maximus frees Toro once more and with only ten seconds left, Toro pushed Maximus against the spikestrip. Toro won on a 32-13 judges' decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced The Judge.

Toro vs. The Judge

Toro flips The Judge.

The Judge gets the first hit on Toro's side and later on the top of Toro's flipping arm. Toro raises its flipping arm and flips The Judge onto its back. Normally, The Judge would immediately right itself in this situation. However, something has gone wrong. The hammer is bent and its not moving. Toro moves back to its square as The Judge was being counted out. Toro won by KO and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced the superheavyweight champion Vladiator.

Toro vs. Vladiator (Quarterfinals)

Toro flips the reigning champion, Vladiator, into the air.

Both robots went straight at each other and Toro completely misses Vladiator. Vladiator gets its spike caught in the floor and lifts itself off its front wheels. The two robots turn around and rammed into each other again. When Toro hits Vladiator, its spike detaches from the body and goes sliding away. Vladiator spins itself once, points its front end at Toro, and rams into Toro's side, pushing Toro into the arena wall. Toro turns to get its flipping arm under Vladiator, and briefly does, but Vladiator drives away before Toro has a chance to activate it. Vladiator moves around the arena and drives into Toro's flipping arm, but Toro doesn't activate it and Vladiator drives to the other side of the BattleBox. Both robots meet over the killsaws and Toro tries to flip Vladiator, but Vladiator escapes and drives to the other side of the BattleBox. Vladiator drives straight at Toro and Toro flips Vladiator onto its back. Vladiator stops moving and Toro flips Vladiator again. Vladiator tries to run away, but Toro gets under its side and gives it another flip. Vladiator drives into Toro's front and gets flipped again. While Vladiator lands, it does a wheelie as it drives toward the entrance ramp. Toro gets right under the front of Vladiator, pushes a little, and flips it again. Vladiator drives forward and bounces off of Toro. Toro tries to flip Vladiator again, but misses. Vladiator went straight at Toro and started pushing it. Vladiator drives off to the side before Toro can flip Vladiator again. Toro tries to get under the back corner of Vladiator, but isn't able to flip it. Toro gets under the front of Vladiator again and flips it onto its back again right under the pulverizer. Vladiator rams into Toro again and starts to run away again. Toro gets under Vladiator's front, but raises the flipping arm too late. Vladiator heads toward the wall and Toro follows. Toro flips Vladiator toward the pulverizer and pins it there. Vladiator drives toward Toro and Toro flips it against the arena wall. Toro backs off and Vladiator was spinning its wheels helplessly. The time ran out and Toro won on a 32-13 judges' decision. This win put Toro to the semifinals again, where it faced Little Blue Engine.

Toro vs. Little Blue Engine (Semifinals)

Toro flips Little Blue Engine.

Toro never let Little Blue Engine to do anything in this fight, tossing Little Blue Engine around the BattleBox. Eventually, Toro's attacks caused two of Little Blue Engine's wheels to fall off and causing the forks to become a mangled mess. Though Little Blue Engine did survive to the end of the fight, Toro won the judges decision 37-8. This win put Toro to the superheavyweight finals for the first time, where it faced newcomer New Cruelty.

Toro vs. New Cruelty (Finals)

Toro flipping New Cruelty in the air.

After Toro flipped New Cruelty multiple times, New Cruelty stopped moving as its safety link fell out and takes hits from the ramrods. With five seconds left, Toro heads back over to New Cruelty and gives it one last flip onto its back. The time ran out and Toro won on a 36-9 judges' decision. This meant that Toro became the new superheavyweight champion.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Toro wasn't finished, however, as it participated the superheavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It was one of few robots still moving in the end, but it lost overall to The Judge.

Season 5.0[]

Toro vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate

Phrizbee-Ultimate tears a piece off the left side of Toro.

Due to previously competing in Season 4.0, Toro was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it faced Phrizbee-Ultimate. In the beginning of the match, Toro shoots across the BattleBox in the hope that it can keep Phrizbee-Ultimate from spinning up. Phrizbee-Ultimate starts to spin up and dodges by driving to the side. Toro bounces off of Phrizbee-Ultimate and slams into the screw. Phrizbee-Ultimate then bounces into the entrance ramp. Toro heads for the entrance ramp and blocks Phrizbee-Ultimate in that small space. Phrizbee-Ultimate continues to try to spin up, though. As Phrizbee-Ultimate sits on Toro, it spins, bouncing along the top of Toro. Phrizbee-Ultimate stops trying to spin and Toro attempts to get its arm under Phrizbee-Ultimate. The two drive back out into the open. Phrizbee-Ultimate starts to spin, but Toro pushes it into the spikestrip and misses with the lifting arm. Phrizbee-Ultimate starts spinning and it drives itself toward the spikestrip, completely tearing off one of the spikes. Toro grazes against the side of Phrizbee-Ultimate, then misses as it tries to use its rear end to push Phrizbee-Ultimate back against the arena wall. For the next thirty seconds, Toro was avoiding Phrizbee-Ultimate. Toro then got caught on the ramrods and the pulverizer shortly after.

Toro flips Phrizbee-Ultimate with only two seconds left.

Phrizbee-Ultimate heads over and takes some chunks out of Toro's rear armor. Toro gets free from the pulverizer and runs away. Toro tries to charge Phrizbee-Ultimate into the other corner, but misses. Phrizbee-Ultimate hangs out in the center of the BattleBox while Toro hides behind the killsaws. Phrizbee-Ultimate keeps moving toward Toro, but Toro is completely on the defensive. Phrizbee-Ultimate manages to scratch up Toro's side some more. Then it tears off one of the extra pieces of armor that had been added to Toro. Phrizbee-Ultimate drives into the spikestrip, bending two of them flat. It then bounces off of Toro, who fires the lifting arm, but doesn't connect. Phrizbee-Ultimate starts moving across the BattleBox floor and hits the spikestrip where Toro got stuck. Toro rams into Phrizbee-Ultimate again, ricocheting it against two spikestrip and the ramrods, which finally fall back into the floor after Phrizbee-Ultimate hits them. Phrizbee-Ultimate starts spinning again and Toro takes a hit from the pulverizer. Toro runs into Phrizbee-Ultimate again, knocking it against the spikestrip. After a few fail flip attempts from Toro, Toro finally flips Phrizbee-Ultimate onto its side with only two seconds left. The time ran out and Phrizbee-Ultimate won on a close 25-20 judges' decision. This meant that Toro was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Toro couldn't compete in the superheavyweight consolation rumble because the rest of the rumbles were cancelled due to an incident with Nightmare during the heavyweight consolation rumble.


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Tortoise

Tripulta Raptor

Atomic Wedgie
Season 3.0 World Peace


Season 4.0 Maximus

The Judge


Little Blue Engine

New Cruelty

Season 5.0 None Phrizbee-Ultimate

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"You liked him as a lawnmower. You'll love him as a BattleBot. Here is TORO!"

"If you can't stand defeat, get out of the BattleBox. He'll never bore you but he'll always gore you. Say hello to TORO!"

"He make strong robots fly and then he makes them die. Its just that simple. Hello TORO!"

"Like a bull in a China shop, he'll smash and bang until the bell makes him stop. Introducing TORO!"

"Aye carumba! He tosses 300lb bots like there tortillas. He's TORO!"

"He tosses robots around like a shot putter on steroids. Give it up for one of your favorite flippers, TORO!"

"His nasty flipping arm is strong like a bull. Repeat after me. Here's TORO, TORO, TORO!"

"He makes the box rock with his wicked strong flipping arm. He's one big step away from the Giant Nut. Give it up for the raging bull known as TORO!"

"He gets mad when he sees the color red. He gets mad when he sees green. In fact, his hate is color blind! Introducing TORO!"


  • Toro's name comes from the Spanish word for bull. This is further played upon by the pair of novelty bull horns that adorned the top of the robot's flipping arm.
  • Toro and Voltronic appeared in an episode of Nash Bridges named Blood Bots.
  • The only time Toro was ever flipped during its run on BattleBots was in its match with Maximus.
  • Toro was one of 65 robots to compete in the Las Vegas Robojoust.
  • All of Toro's losses came to a robot armed with a spinning weapon.


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Toro's profile from Team Inertia Labs website