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The kit in its packaging.

"It’s robot-fighting time! Directly from the TV series BattleBots, comes VEX Robotics Tombstone by HEXBUG. Build your own version of this champion robot, with easy snap-together pieces!"
— Official description on the HEXBUG website.

The assembled Tombstone kit.

Tombstone was one of five BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's VEX Robotics set of construction kits, released in line with Discovery Season 3.

An exploded view of the kit.

The alternative Tombstone build.

The release reflects Tombstone in its 2018 season form and features its blue spinning bar. The VEX Robotics kit also comes with alternative red bar and additional parts for the rear, reflecting its Giant Nut winning Season 1 look. The iconic spinning weapon is chain driven, as on Hardcore Robotics' real-life robot and is fully invertible. However, much like Minotaur, the toy lacks a baseplate in favor of showing off the gear mechanisms.

In total, the kit comprised of over 425 individual pieces and is priced at $49.99.[1]