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"My robot is a big weapon. It's unapologetically just a weapon."
— Ray Billings during World Championship I in 2015

Tombstone is a heavyweight, formerly superheavyweight, robot built by Hardcore Robotics which competed in the 2004 NPC Charity Open, 2009 Pro Championship and numerous televised BattleBots competitions from World Championship I until the 2022 re:MARS all:STARS event.

Every iteration of Tombstone has been a two-wheel drive, box-shaped robot armed with a large horizontal bar spinner which weighs between 65-75lbs. The design is an evolution of Ray's previous robots Shin Splitter and Last Rites.

Originally a superheavyweight robot, Tombstone won the 2004 NPC Charity Open after twice beating The Judge. Following this, one of the only parts from the original 2004 design to be reused in its heavyweight design was the black spinning blade. Tombstone returned for the 2009 Pro Championship, finishing fourth overall.

The second Tombstone was a new version of the team's flagship heavyweight, Last Rites, as Ray Billings did not want to contractually tie up Last Rites to compete in BattleBots, so he built a new Last Rites specifically for the show. Its name was taken from the team's retired superheavyweight version. Last Rites to this day remains one of the most vicious robots on the robotic combat circuit and holds a spot in the Combat Robot Hall of Fame. The design of Last Rites was inspired by Comedy Central BattleBots competitor M.O.E., but with Ray Billings wondering how it could work with two wheels instead of four. With one of the most destructive weapons in the field, former champion Tombstone remains one of the most successful robots in the BattleBots reboot, winning many of its fights by knockout. The robot became synonymous with the idea of using its large, exposed tires as bait for opponents to attack, and turning the robot in such a way as to deal an attack with its spinning bar instead. Tombstone's name comes from computer networking term 'tombstoning', meaning to kill something and have it stay dead.

Tombstone's builder Ray Billings built a new version of Tombstone for BattleBots World Championship I on ABC where it finished as runner-up and earned the giant bolt for "Most Destructive Robot". Tombstone had at least three blades for the 2015 competition: the large silver one it used against its first two opponents, a black blade it used against its third opponent, and the red blade it used against its last two opponents. It also had a top armor plate "cushion" added to absorb hammer attacks named 'Beta Blocker' after its intended target, but it did not get a chance to use it. In World Championship I, Tombstone knocked out every opponent in his path to make it to the finals, where it lost to Bite Force by judges' decision after losing its weapon due to overheated batteries.

Tombstone WCII hero shot

Tombstone during World Championship II hero shots.

Returning for World Championship II, Tombstone had rubber shock insulators added to the tire mounts to help prevent it from being loosened following weapon collisions. A new red blade made from S7 steel and with edges cut at a 45 degree angle had been brought to the tournament, the design of which is stated by the team's website to chip faster than than they would have liked, but cut into opponents better. It also now sported armor across its nose section, protecting the front framework and the weapon chain. The blue blade used in 2016 was actually the same red blade used in its previous season, just repainted. Tombstone did incredibly well in World Championship II, defeating every opponent in his path to make it to the Championship final for a second straight year. There, it quickly dispatched of Bombshell to become BattleBots champion and win the Giant Nut. With the destruction it caused that year, this earned Ray Billings the unofficial title of the "King of Kinetic Energy".


Tombstone during World Championship III hero shots.

Tombstone encountered an issue ahead of World Championship III, as its weapon was spinning in excess of the newly-enforced maximum tip speed of 250mph. The team therefore had to rework the machine to meet the new requirement while also making the weapons heavier to deliver the desired hits. As a result, Tombstone was limited to spin at 200mph but proved to be just as destructive. A new inclusion to Ray Billings' arsenal of options was a lime green bar, though this went unused throughout the season. Tombstone made use of the same frame which won it the championship, which proved difficult to maintain as patches had to be replaced and welded. Tombstone was one of the few bots in the 2018 season to finish the Fight Card rounds with a 4-0 record. However, in a rematch from the World Championship II title fight, it fell in the Round of 16 to Bombshell after becoming stuck on its own weapon chain, costing Ray Billings and Tombstone the chance to defend its title.

Tombstone WCIV hero shot

Tombstone during World Championship IV hero shots.

Tombstone returned for World Championship IV with a new black color scheme and top armor plate, bearing a sticker of the team's Grim Reaper logo worn on their shirts, and a sticker of the robot's name to replace the "Tombstone" lettering in the armor. The team brought five interchangeable blades and a total of three 4130 chromoly tube frames to the season, with mild steel around its motor mounts and back end and titanium across the top. Due to issues with the chromoly weapon plates where the weapon shaft is mounted bending, Ray Billings opted to remake them from AR400 steel. The robot's drive and weapon switches were also moved from the top to the back, for safer operation. Tombstone was also slightly smaller for this season, measuring an inch shorter in each dimension. Victor Soto and ROTATOR was able to beat Tombstone by KO early in the competition, but Ray Billings' team was able to redeem itself and make yet another deep tournament run. However, in a rematch from the World Championship I title fight, Bite Force was once again able to decimate Tombstone's weapon, eliminating it at the semi-final stage.

Tombstone WC V

Tombstone during World Championship V hero shots.

For World Championship V, Tombstone remained visibly similar, using the same frames from previous seasons, but with their damage repaired. The fire in Tombstone's fight against ROTATOR burnt the last of Tombstone's spare speed controllers, forcing it to upgrade to a new variety. Tombstone's traditional gray bar with steel teeth was rebuilt after being sheared off during its match with ROTATOR, and had a new black bar after that weapon broke against Bite Force. New steel weapon bars were crafted and trialed, the inner hubs were now black, and the team had the choice of ten different bars. In the 2020 season qualifying rounds, Tombstone shockingly went 1-2 after losing to both End Game and Skorpios, but still made it into the Top 32 Championship Tournament. As a lower-seeded bot, it met Black Dragon in the Round of 16 but after its weapon receiver became unplugged, it was reduced to a pushbot and lost the judges' decision. Tombstone redeemed itself by becoming the first Bounty Holder to defend its title by defeating bracket winner Gruff in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters.

"What we've done is we've crossed out our side panels, we've machined and drilled and tapped all the inner rails for this frame; The frame is inside a fixture that I built to duplicate because we take three frames at a time to a competition, we want to make sure that if we have too much damage we just swap the frames out."
— Rick Russ of Hardcore Robotics in Skorpios Builder Blog Episode 4[1]
Tombstone WC VI hero shot

Tombstone during World Championship VI hero shots.

For World Championship VI, Ray Billings stated he had been upgrading Tombstone further to be much more durable, specifically concerning weapon reliability. The frame was a total of three inches shorter than previous builds and the whole robot sat an inch lower to the arena floor, allowing Tombstone to avoid more hits while keeping the same weapon diameter. Originally the front frame had a lot of cross-bracing, but it was removed and thicker armor was inset into the frame itself, so the torsional support for the nose of the frame would also be the armor pieces, not just the steel frame.[2] Tombstone's new frame was very different from the previous frame in the fact that it has fewer structural pipes, only four of which stretch from the front of the bot all the way back. With fewer weld points and fewer failure points, Tombstone could, in theory, be more durable in battle. Hardcore Robotics also worked on modifying the weapon motor for a faster spin-up time. In addition to this, the power system now had a lot more stored power in a smaller space, the testing of which was stated to have shown massive improvements. However, structural upgrades added an extra 5lbs to its weight, meaning compromised aluminum framing replaced the solid steel panel which protected the batteries in seasons past. This in part contributed to a difficult season for the former champion and several battery fires. Tombstone lost its first match of the 2021 season to fellow veteran competitor Captain Shrederator by knockout, but returned to form with wins over Mammoth and Free Shipping. Finishing with a 2-1 record, Tombstone again suffered a premature tournament exit at the hands of JackPot in the Round of 32 stage.

Following the conclusion of the 2021 season, long-time Hardcore Robotics team member Rick Russ left to rebuild Swamp Thing as a vertical spinner for future seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots. Tombstone featured as a display piece at Sacramento Bot Battles in February 2022 sporting its blue blade, and Ray Billings took to social media to initially confirm its return for the following season.[3] He confirmed another significant change to the team in an April 2022 blog from Team Skorpios, as Ray would hand over the controls to son Justin Billings, who previously drove Tombstone during the 2019 re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge and also piloted The Mortician.[4] Former team member Rick Russ revealed Tombstone's intention to upgrade to Whyachi gearboxes.[5]

In June 2022, Tombstone debuted its brand-new build at the second re:MARS all:STARS event. As well as its Magmotors for drive and Whyachi gearboxes giving Tombstone a narrower look, it sported updated typography on the top panel, and retained the vent cut-outs from its previous iteration. The frame was also slightly shorter - although the distance from the nose of the robot to its bends in its frame remained the same, approximately three inches were shaved from the back part which housed much of its electronics. Despite these upgrades, Tombstone fell in the first round to eventual champions HyperShock. Tombstone returned for BattleBots: Champions I, automatically qualifying for the Golden Bolt episode as a former Giant Nut winner in the reboot era. Ray Billings drove Tombstone for the competition, but fell in the first round to reigning Giant Nut winners Tantrum.

Ray Billings suffered an injury to his left index finger in November 2021 which required several bouts of therapy as well as surgery.[6] He took to Reddit to explain the situation shortly after, prior to the premiere of World Championship VI.

"Too early to tell yet how much this will affect me long term, but my spirits are good and I am hopeful to recover reasonably well. I can tell you that physical therapy on a hand injury like this is rough, but I am making progress. Don't worry, both Tombstone and I will be around for a while longer."
— Ray Billings discusses his hand injury in December 2021

In May 2022, six months since the incident, Ray Billings posted a Facebook update to confirm this to be the reason for Justin Billings taking over the controls of Tombstone for the next competition.[7]

"I certainly intend on continuing to build and compete, so don’t take this as permanent. I may switch off years with Justin on Tombstone at BattleBots, or may simply build a new bot down the road. For now though, I will need to concentrate on getting healthy and giving Justin the opportunity to go shred some bots!"
— Ray Billings posts an update regarding his future in BattleBots

However, Ray Billings delivered an update on September 12, 2022, confirming Tombstone's withdrawal from the season due to filming ultimately clashing with the next stage of his surgery. This conflict also affected Perfect Phoenix, who Billings had mentored since its BattleBots debut in 2020.

"The problem for me is scheduling for filming this year’s BattleBots season. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of options for when they could film, and when I could get the surgery done. And for right now I have to focus on healing and not risk further injuries trying to “push it” now. It’s certainly disappointing to the team, and I’m sure disappointing to the fans as well, but Tombstone - BattleBots and Perfect Phoenix Battlebot will not be part of upcoming season."
— Ray Billings on Facebook[8]

In a November 2023 video, Ray Billings discussed his plans to shed weight on the tubing of Tombstone's current frame, thinning out its tubing to 1/8" 4130 chromoly material. He also expressed a desire to further inset Tombstone's armor ahead of World Championship VIII to increase the armor's support to the frame and prevent the bolts taking the load of big impacts.[2] He also teased the idea of shortening the nose section of the frame in order to cut weight, and make the weapons slightly shorter to accommodate this potential change.

Outside BattleBots[]

As a superheavyweight, Tombstone fought at the Southwest Division Championships hosted by Steel Conflict, going 1-2 and failing to secure a podium finish. That same year, Tombstone entered the Combots Open and finished runner-up in the superheavyweight division. It also won silver at ROBOlympics, which later became RoboGames, falling in the final to The Judge after losing to Jascha Little's hammerbot earlier in the tournament. Likewise, Tombstone placed second at the October 2004 RFL Nations, losing the final to Shovelhead.

In 2005, Tombstone again fought in the RoboGames 340lb division, winning twice to kill dozer and Buster but losing out to Super Megabyte and Star Hawk. Later versions of Tombstone entered the 220lb heavyweight division under the name Last Rites and the Tombstone name was shelved until Hardcore Robotics' return to BattleBots in 2009, and then 2015.

Tombstone was displayed at Rocklin Maker Faire in 2016, alongside Stinger, Mega Tento, Ghost Raptor, Skorpios, Splatter, Invader, Bad Kitty and Voltronic.[9]

In April 2023, Tombstone was on display at that year's RoboGames competition. While Tombstone did not compete at the event, Ray Billings did with The Mortician and Stinkeye.

Tombstone was among the BattleBots competitors displayed at Open Sauce in San Francisco in July 2023, as well as June 2024.

Robot History[]

2004 NPC Charity Open[]

Tombstone vs. Zeus

Zeus Vs Tombstone

The initial impact between Tombstone and Zeus.

After receiving a bye in the first round, Tombstone fought Zeus. At the start, Tombstone headed in as Zeus advanced plow first and the two connected blade-to-plow. Its blade was disabled on impact, leaving Tombstone vulnerable to the attacks from Zeus' discs. Nevertheless, Tombstone kept coming in to try and stop the discs, even ramming Zeus into the wall at one point. Fortunately for Tombstone, Zeus' discs stopped working for unknown reasons, leading to a pushing match that allowed the quicker Tombstone to out-push and outmaneuver Zeus. Though both robots survived the duration of the match, Tombstone won by judges' decision and advanced to the next round.

Tombstone vs. Star Hawk

Tombstone Vs Star Hawk 3

Tombstone bends and damages the weapon mount on Star Hawk.

Next up for Tombstone was Star Hawk 3.0. At the start, both robots went weapon-to-weapon. This favored Ray Billings' bot as the first hit caused damage to Star Hawk's left armor plate, and the second hit tore away armor from the other side of the bot. Tombstone then took a blow to the rear from Star Hawk's blade, before immediately swinging around and striking back with the blade of its own. This impact caused Tombstone's blade to make contact with the floor, tearing a chunk out of it and sending Tombstone flying into the wall. After Star Hawk backed up up to face Tombstone's blade, Tombstone delivered a shot to the side of Star Hawk. Tombstone clashed with Star Hawk's blade yet again, damaging and bending the weapon mount on Star Hawk and then delivering a shot to the underside. Tombstone tore into Star Hawk's right side before landing two more shots in succession. Tombstone struck a blow to the same area coming face-to-face before striking the right side of Star Hawk. Tombstone eventually spun its blade back up, though it was not rotating at full speed. Despite this, Tombstone struck the left side of Star Hawk, whose right front was crippled. Tombstone attacked the rear of Star Hawk as it was reversing, before striking again, spinning its opponent around. Tombstone moved in as Star Hawk stopped in a corner facing a pulverizer. Star Hawk tapped out, giving Tombstone a second win.

Tombstone vs. Mer Madd

Tombstone Vs Mer Madd

Tombstone dishes out the killing blow to Mer Madd.

Now in the quarter-finals, Tombstone faced Mer Madd. At the start of the fight, Tombstone avoided Mer Madd's box rush and hit the wedge, spinning it around and peeling up part of the wedge. As Mer Madd rammed into the blade, Tombstone dealt a shot to the side before it got rammed again and narrowly avoided getting flipped. Tombstone then continued to deliver shots to the left side before backing off to get its blade back to speed, then striking the left front. This tore a piece from Mer Madd and and sent it across the box. Tombstone then delivered two more shots to Mer Madd's wedge, the second of which crippled the left side. Tombstone gave two more shots to the wedge, one tearing off another piece and the other causing the blade to get stuck momentarily. Tombstone then continued to attack the right side of its opponent before getting its blade halted by damage on Mer Madd. Tombstone moved away momentarily to spin its blade back up before striking the wedge of Mer Madd, disabling its drivetrain completely. Tombstone gave Mer Madd a tap before the team tapped out, giving Tombstone the win by TKO and advancing it to the fourth round.

Tombstone vs. The Judge

Tombstone with top armor vs The Judge 2004 NPC Open

Tombstone with its additional top armor.

Tombstone Vs The Judge

Tombstone grinds into the right side of The Judge.

Next up for Tombstone was The Judge. For this match, a thick Lexan plate was added to the top of Tombstone to protect its vital internals from The Judge's powerful hammer. When the match began, Tombstone's blade got struck by The Judge's hammer, before Tombstone dished out shots to the wedge of The Judge, one hit causing The Judge to miss the hammer shot and spin itself around. Tombstone then charged in and withstood a hammer shot from The Judge before striking the left side of it, sending sparks flying. After a bit of maneuvering around, Tombstone got to the back of The Judge and delivers a shot to the right side as The Judge backs into the wall. Tombstone then charged in and received a blow from The Judge's primary weapon, this time to the weapon frame, before getting under and delivering some shots to the left side. As tombstone moved across to the other side, it took another hammer shot from The Judge, this time to the Lexan plate, before delivering some more shots to The Judge's front. Tombstone then delivers some more shots to the front, while taking another hammer blow to the weapon frame. With The Judge on the wall after Tombstone swung around and dished out another shot to the right front, Tombstone charged in and ground away, shaving tons of sparks from The Judge's right side without retaliation from The Judge. Tombstone then delivered some more shots to the front of The Judge before it tried to retaliate with a hammer swing and miss. Tombstone then struck the left side of The Judge as it swung and missed once again, giving Tombstone the opportunity to strike The Judge in the rear end. As The Judge backed into the wall once again, Tombstone immediately took a hammer shot to the weapon frame before striking the left side as The Judge swings and missed again, allowing Tombstone to strike its rear end once more. With The Judge backing into the wall yet again, Tombstone delivered a shot to the front while taking a hammer shot to the Lexan plate. With The Judge still on the wall, Tombstone came around and struck the right front and attempted to deliver a shot to the front when The Judge fired the hammer into the blade, causing it to spin around. After some more manoeuvring, along with Tombstone delivering a few more shots to the rear end as The Judge was mostly just moving back and forth, Tombstone delivered a shot to the front near the pulverizer. After some more maneuvring, Tombstone's blade was rammed into by The Judge reversing into it, stopping it as Tombstone's weapon was no longer at full power. After getting the blade back to half-power speed, Tombstone gave a few taps on The Judge on the front and the left side, before taking a blow to the weapon frame that gets it under The Judge and striking the right side. Tombstone took some more hammer shots and delivered some more weak shots to The Judge as the weapon continued to lose power. After grinding the right side of The Judge, the match made the distance. Tombstone won by judges' decision and moved on.

Tombstone vs. The Judge

Tombstone Vs The Judge 2

Tombstone pins The Judge into the wall as it tries to reposition the hammer.

Since it won the loser's bracket final, Tombstone was forced to face The Judge once again. Tombstone retained its Lexan armor, which proved effective in its previous win. As the rematch began, Tombstone moved to a corner to let its blade spin up as The Judge charged in, before turning around and striking the left front. Tombstone then moved to the other side, avoiding a hammer shot and giving a blow to the right front. After The Judge backed into the wall, Tombstone moved in and took a hammer shot to the weapon frame before immediately delivering a blow to the front while The Judge was in the air, causing it to spin around and face the wall. As The Judge attempted to push back with its rear end, Tombstone sparks flew as it made contact with its blade. When The Judge backed into the wall next to a pulverizer, Tombstone struck the front end and immediately took a hammer shot to the blade, which wound up flipping The Judge onto its back. As The Judge constantly tried to self-right using its hammer, Tombstone delivered a shot to the hammer and the rear end, which sent The Judge into the wall, while seemingly disabling Tombstone's blade. Tombstone then pinned The Judge against the wall as it tried to get its hammer back into firing position. This seemingly disabled the hammer, as The Judge was unable to fire it to right itself afterwards. The Judge was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO and the superheavyweight championship.

Pro Championship 2009[]

Tombstone vs. Shrike


Tombstone attacks Shrike.

After initially benefiting from a bye in the main Winner's bracket, Tombstone's first match of the 2009 Pro Championship occurred in the second round against Shrike. At the start of the fight, Shrike immediately got it's weapon up to speed and box rushed Tombstone who was slowly moving out of its square getting its weapon up to speed ready to take on the box rush. The box rush had almost no effect on Tombstone by just pushing it a little bit causing Tombstone to face the wall. Tombstone then came back and swung it's spinning bar into the side of Shrike spinning it around twice and ripping some side armor loose. The blow also caused Tombstone to spin back and hit the pulverizer twisting it and sending Tombstone spinning once again, but this time into the wall. This hit seemed to immobilize Shrike, gifting Tombstone the win by a one hit 12-second knockout.[10][11][12]

Tombstone vs. Vault

Vault after Tombstone

Damage to Vault from Tombstone.

Tombstone advanced to the next round, where it faced the four-bar flipper of Team UI's Vault. Little is known about this match, though official BattleBots records confirm that Tombstone again won by knockout after 43 seconds. In the process, its spinner caused significant damage to the front end of Vault, forcing the latter to forfeit its next match in the Loser's bracket.[11][12]

Tombstone vs. VD6.0


Tombstone after picking up damage against VD6.0.

Following this pair of destructive victories, Tombstone met Team Think Tank's vertical spinner, VD6.0. The fight started with Tombstone taking a hit to its blade from VD6.0's disk, before the two heavyweights exchanged some weapon-on-weapon attacks. After this, Tombstone took a hit to the rear which bent part of its top panel upwards. In the process, its weapon batteries were also damaged and the blade itself was now struggling to spin up properly. VD6.0 then hit Tombstone, flipping it, before pushing it on to the screws where some of its electronics came loose. Tombstone was eliminated after a total match time of 43 seconds, with official BattleBots records listing it as having gone to a judges' decision.[10][11][12]

Tombstone vs. Megabyte


Tombstone and Megabyte face off.

This damaging loss consigned Tombstone to the loser's bracket, where it faced Robotic Death Company's shell spinner Megabyte. Limited highlights of this match were aired in the intro for Episode 4 of World Championship III in 2018, showing both machines delivering powerful blows to each other with their spinners. At one point, Tombstone sent Megabyte ricocheting into the BattleBox corner directly opposite Hardcore Robotics' control area, ultimately winning the match by knockout after one minute and 32 seconds.[11][12]

Tombstone vs. Root Canal


Tombstone challenges Root Canal.

Tombstone moved on to face Donald Hutson and the 220lb version of Root Canal. When the fight began, Root Canal charged at Tombstone, but Ray Billings' machine was able to avoid the attack, and Root Canal hit the screws giving Tombstone an opening to attack the back of it sending some sparks flying. Tombstone then started attacking Root Canal's plow, causing minimal damage. However Tombstone became unbalanced after hitting Root Canal and got tipped on it's side. Tombstone's horizontal spinner then hit the floor slamming it's self into the wall, costing Tombstone a side of drive, Root Canal started going on the offensive, pushing Tombstone under the pulverizer. Tombstone then attempted to spin it's weapon. However Root Canal pushed it back under the pulverizer stopping it, and after repeatedly getting hit and attempting to spin up, Tombstone's left drive motor caught fire. With Tombstone no longer moving, Ray Billings tapped out, eliminating his machine from the 2009 Pro Championship. However, Tombstone's performance enabled it to finish fourth overall with a 3-2 match record.[10][11][12]

World Championship I[]

Tombstone vs Beta (Forfeit)

Tombstone was scheduled to fight Beta in its qualification match and had a special plate dubbed the "Beta Blocker" added to the top of it, but Beta was forced to withdraw after many of its components were lost in transit.

Tombstone vs Counter Revolution

Tombstone instead went up against Counter Revolution in the Round of 24.


Counter Revolution's driving mistake is punished.

Both machines spun their weapons up and Counter Revolution approached Tombstone. Tombstone then struck the front of Counter Revolution, severely damaging the body and nearly immobilizing it.


Tombstone destroys Counter Revolution.

Tombstone struck Counter Revolution several more times, causing large amounts of damage before landing one last hit that launched Counter Revolution through the air and into the wall.

Counter Revolution was counted out and Tombstone won the match by knockout after just 37 seconds and advanced to the Round of 16.

Tombstone vs Radioactive

In the Round of 16, Tombstone was granted the No.1 seed and therefore met the No.16 seed, British entry Radioactive. With it being a hammer bot, Tombstone used it's Beta Blocker to protect the weapon chain.

Tombstone Radioactive 2015

Tombstone approaches Radioactive.

At the start of the match, Radioactive mostly spun on the spot, while Tombstone taunted it by driving around without using its weapon. Tombstone engaged and tore an entire panel away from Radioactive, exposing the electronics in one of its drive pods. Tombstone took a chunk out of another pod before landing a blow which tore a lithium polymer battery away from Radioactive.
"You want more?!"
— Ray Billings teases his opponent

TombstonevsRadioactive BB2015

Radioactive suffers further damage.

Radioactive lay defenceless as Tombstone went in for the kill, spinning in place as the vicious horizontal spinner caused major damage to the British entry.

As Tombstone mercifully backed off, Radioactive was counted out with just over a minute gone and Ray Billings' bot advanced to the quarter-finals.

Tombstone vs Witch Doctor

In the final eight, Tombstone faced the No.9 seed Witch Doctor. For this fight, Tombstone used a new black blade.

Both robots were hesitant in the opening seconds before Tombstone caught the edge of Witch Doctor's front plow. Whereas Witch Doctor remained grounded and spun away, Tombstone balanced precariously on its left wheel before digging its blade into the BattleBox floor and dragging itself towards the corner.

TombstonevsWitchDoctor1 BB2015

Witch Doctor upends Tombstone.

Witch Doctor gave chase, striking Tombstone with its disk in an attempt to keep the dangerous horizontal spinner unbalanced. Twice more, Witch Doctor led with its plow and sent Tombstone deflecting across the arena in an attempt to use its opponent's kinetic energy against itself.

TombstonevsWitchDoctor2 BB2015

Tombstone's spinning blade snaps in half.

On the next attack, Witch Doctor tanked yet another direct blow to its front, much to the delight of its team. However, as the robots came together again, this overturned Witch Doctor. Though this impact snapped the blade of Ray Billings' bot, its drive was still functional.

Tombstone Witch Doctor WCI KO

Witch Doctor is immobilized.

Witch Doctor was unable to right itself and it was being counted out. Tombstone won by knockout and advanced to the semi-finals as a result.

Tombstone vs Bronco

Advancing to the final four, Tombstone met Inertia Labs and their newest creation, Bronco.

BroncovsTombstone1 BB2015

The first hit between both robots.

In the beginning of the match, Tombstone got its blade up to speed as Bronco moved to the corner of the BattleBox. Both robots slowly moved toward each other, and Bronco struck first, flipping Tombstone onto its back. Tombstone then got a hit on Bronco, which caused it to miss its next flip.

Bronco Tombstone flip

Both robots fly away on impact.

Bronco tried to get underneath the left side of the flipped Tombstone, but it missed and took another hit from Tombstone's spinning blade. This hit damaged the left side of Bronco enough to cripple that side, so it could only move in circles.
"The damage is really starting the pile up on Bronco..."
— Kenny Florian as Tombstone causes further damage

Bronco Tombstone wheelguard strike

Tombstone strikes Bronco's wheels.

Tombstone then tore the right-side wheel guard away from Bronco, who retaliated by popping Tombstone into the air. Bronco managed to flip Tombstone one more time, but the collision between the two robots ended up knocking Bronco onto its back. After seven attempts, Bronco managed to flip itself back onto its wheels, but it took a massive hit from Tombstone, which ripped the front right wheel off of Bronco. Tombstone delivered one more hit to Bronco, immobilizing it completely. While Bronco tried to get moving again by firing its flipper, it was unsuccessful and it was counted out.

BroncovsTombstone2 BB2015

Tombstone continues to attack.

As Bronco was being counted out, started spinning its blade and Bronco flipped itself back onto its feet. Tombstone gave Bronco one more hit and sent Bronco flying to the corner of the BattleBox.

Bronco vs Tombstone last hit KO

Tombstone's self-destructive final hit.

This hit also sent Tombstone bouncing across the arena and its batteries came loose from the exchange. Despite this late damage, Tombstone won the match by knockout and advanced to the title decider.

Tombstone vs Bite Force

In the championship final, Tombstone met the No.3 seed, Paul Ventimiglia and Bite Force.

TombstonevsBiteForce BB2015

Bite Force pushing Tombstone.

As the box lights dimmed before the match, both captains briefly discussed the direction in which Tombstone's weapon would spin, a factor which would affect their respective strategies for the fight. When the buzzer sounded, Bite Force charged across the arena, desperate to keep Tombstone's weapon from reaching full speed. Tombstone slipped away, delivering a few glancing blows to Bite Force's front wedge before rebounding into the corner. Tombstone landed a light hit to Bite Force's lifting arms but was unable to stop itself from being scooped up and pinned against the rails.

Tombstone vs Bite Force WCI final

Paul Ventimiglia looks on as Tombstone strikes Bite Force.

Bite Force waited patiently once it had the fearsome spinner bot in its grasp, making effective use of the 10 second pin limit to help buy time. Eventually, it had to release, setting Tombstone free before chasing it down again. Bite Force suffered a large shot to its wedge while attempting to catch Hardcore Robotics' machine again, then narrowly avoided disaster as Tombstone's blade scraped underneath the right side treads.

Tombstone Bite Force WCI lipo smoke

Tombstone begins smoking.

Bite Force remained mobile, slamming itself against its opponent's bar spinner several more times in an attempt to limit its damage potential. As Bite Force boxed Tombstone into the corner, a few plumes of smoke rose from within the No.1 seed, but it quickly escaped the dangerous situation and continued trying to spin up. The next collision, however, proved to be the most impactful, stopping Tombstone's weapon and causing much more noticeable smoke to pour out of it as its LiPo batteries began to go up in flames.
"Oh, batteries. That's batteries."
— Ray Billings identifying the problem within his robot as it belches white smoke

Bite Force Tombstone 2015 WCI final pin

Bite Force pins Tombstone against the rails.

Despite the fire raging inside, Tombstone's blade continued to function, struggling to get up to speed as Bite Force chased it around the arena. Around this point, Bite Force began to exhibit drive issues, occasionally struggling to get both tracks moving at the same time, but was still able to scoop up the floundering Tombstone and carry it to the screws. However, the spinner bot was able to escape before being chewed up, doing its best to create distance.


Paul Ventimiglia and Ray Billings come together to celebrate a close championship bout.

With only thirty seconds left on the clock, Bite Force's mobility continued to worsen, the damage throughout the match taking its toll as Tombstone charged back in to try to push it onto the screws. Bite Force was able to bring its lifting forks into play, grappling with its opponent before making one last push across the box, shoving Tombstone towards the center in a final display of mobility before the clock hit zero and the fight went to the judges.

After careful consideration of the fight, the judges ultimately scored the match unanimously in favor of Bite Force, confirming a runner-up finish for Hardcore Robotics and Tombstone.

Tombstone with Most Destructive Award 2015

Tombstone in 2015 with its Most Destructive Robot Award.

Despite this championship loss, Tombstone received the Most Destructive Robot Award for the 2015 season.

World Championship II[]

Tombstone vs. Black Ice

Looking to go one step further in World Championship II, Tombstone's first match was against a rookie bot in Black Ice.

Tombstone vs Black Ice WCII attack

Tombstone attacks Black Ice.

Tombstone wasted little time getting its bar up to speed as Black Ice exited its starting square. Tombstone quickly slammed into Black Ice's side before hitting it Ice head-on, causing a gash on the right side of its curved front scoop. After a third hit, both robots were in the corner of the BattleBox and Dan Barry's robot was reduced to driving in circles as its left-side drive had died.

Tombstone Black Ice WCII KO

Black Ice becomes caught on the arena.

Though Tombstone drove weapon-first into the spiked barrier, this did not appear to harm the horizontal spinner as it looked to immobilize its opponent. Tombstone grazed the rear scoop of Black Ice, whose top panel was now sitting loose as the damage began to mount up. Black Ice was unable to escape the corner and then beached itself on the arena. Black Ice was ultimately counted out and Tombstone moved on in the tournament, though was unable to reuse that bar for the remainder of the 2016 tournament.

Tombstone vs. Escape Velocity

Tombstone blue blade

Tombstone pre-fight.

This win put Tombstone to the Round of 32 with its No.1 seeding, where it faced the No.32 seed, Escape Velocity. It was armed with its blue blade for the first time in this tournament fight.

WCII Tombstone vs Escape Velocity hits

Tombstone attacks Escape Velocity.

This proved ineffective, however, as Tombstone was quickly able to carve into the front of Escape Velocity. A second hit caused additional damage and was quickly followed by a third, which ripped an entire panel away and threw it across the arena.
"Ohh, it just shredded the front of Escape Velocity! Honeycomb flying around the BattleBox!"
— Chris Rose


Escape Velocity is attacked by Tombstone.

This impact destroyed the master power switch and the weapon switch, also cutting a noticeable gash in the 0.25" titanium armor. Tombstone landed a fourth and final attack on the helpless Escape Velocity, carving a two-inch gash its side armor as it became clear Tombstone's opponent was no longer mobile.

Ray Billings' robot flung shrapnel across the arena in celebration and after just 45 seconds, took the win by knockout.

Tombstone vs. Brutus

In the Round of 16, Tombstone met Brutus. For this fight, Tombstone went with lightweight blue tires and a heavier, thicker blade.


Sparks fly as the weapons meet.

When the match began, Tombstone was attacking and eventually tore off both of the added armor plates on Brutus. After another hit, Tombstone managed to disable Brutus' drive on one side, leaving Brutus to drive in circles. Tombstone continued attacking and one hit sent it flying but left the robot intact. Tombstone landed a final hit that flipped Brutus over and Brutus was unable to move.

Brutus was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by knockout within a minute.

Tombstone vs. Beta

This win put Tombstone to the quarter-finals again, where it faced the No.9 seed Beta. For this match, Tombstone went with its blue blade.


Tombstone knocks Beta's hammer loose.


Tombstone is sent ricocheting off the wall.

As the match began, it was relatively even, though Tombstone had trouble dealing damage to Beta. Lots of sparks were being made and Tombstone suffered a hit to the top, which had been reinforced for this match. However, after being flipped by Beta, Tombstone managed to gain the upper hand by taking out the support for Beta's weapon, then damaged Beta's weapon itself. At this point, the clock had stopped prematurely, resulting in some confusion although the marshals were still able to keep time by other means. By the end of the match, Tombstone was up on top of Beta and neither bot was able to move.

In part due to the confusion caused by the clock, both drivers agreed to let the fight go to a judges' decision. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision for Tombstone, allowing it to advance to the semi-finals for a second successive season.

Tombstone vs. Yeti


The weapons grind to a halt as the robots watch Yeti's wheel.

In the final four, Tombstone squared off against the No.12 seed, Yeti. Initially, the match was fairly even, but Tombstone eventually tore off Yeti's front wheels, forcing the drum to bang the BattleBox floor and become virtually useless. However, the two collided in a collision which caused Tombstone's weapon chain to slacken and prevent the weapon from turning, but Tombstone managed to keep control. Yeti was pushed onto the screws by Tombstone before time ran out. The judges awarded Tombstone a 3-0 unanimous decision, eliminating Yeti from the tournament.

Tombstone vs. Bombshell


Tombstone assures victory.


Tombstone debilitates Bombshell.

Tombstone advanced to the championship fight for the second season running, and faced the surprise package for the 2016 season, Bombshell. From the off, Bombshell's goal was to break Ray's chains, made clear by its choice of weaponry. However, Bombshell was unable to mount an attack on Tombstone due to its blade being mounted too high to hit the weapon chain as intended. With its only plan failing, this left Bombshell incredibly vulnerable and Tombstone continued to attack, tearing off wheels and eventually disabling Bombshell completely. Bombshell was counted out and Tombstone won by knockout, taking home the Giant Nut.

World Championship III[]

Tombstone vs. Minotaur

TombstonevsMinotaur bb2018

The two robots collide with each other.

TombstonevsMinotaur 2 bb2018

Tombstone gets Minotaur high-centered onto the broken arena floor.

Tombstone's first match in the third season was against Minotaur, the first ever Fight Night Main Event. When the match began, Tombstone and Minotaur started off slowly before Tombstone started dealing blows, one of which flipped Minotaur over before it quickly self-righted. Minotaur tried its best to get around Tombstone but only managed to take more damage as the initial impact between the two bots had caused damage to Minotaur's drum such that the weapon could no longer reach its maximum speed. Each impact Tombstone dished out caused Tombstone's frame to bend and eventually the frame was bent enough so that Tombstone's weapon struck the arena floor and tore a gash out of the floor.
"Sorry about your floor!"
— Ray Billings after tearing up part of the BattleBox

Both robots then collided with such force that Tombstone was sent backwards into the arena screws, then returned to the arena center. After a few more blows and more damage to the arena floor, Tombstone managed to disable Minotaur's drum. Eventually, Minotaur got hung up on one of the damaged areas of the arena and couldn't move. Minotaur was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. Gigabyte

TombstonevsGigabyteimpact 2018

Tombstone rips the top attachment off of Gigabyte.

TombstonederobsGigabyte bb2018

Tombstone rips the shell off of Gigabyte.

Next up for Tombstone was the fierce shell spinner of Gigabyte. When the match began, both robots got their weapons up to speed, Tombstone tapped Gigabyte twice before getting a hit on Gigabyte that caused the attachment on top of Gigabyte to fly off, leaving the shell to remain attached only by gravity and the gyroscopic forces of the shell as it was spinning. Both robots collided three more times, and on the third of which, Tombstone caused Gigabyte's shell to fly off and bounce around the box a bit. However, Gigabyte was still functional and was forced to continue as tap outs weren't allowed. Eventually, Gigabyte stopped moving deliberately as Ray Billings said to stop moving. Tombstone held back any further damage, taking the win by KO to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

Tombstone vs. Whiplash

Tombstone Whiplash first collision

Tombstone gets sent into the air by Whiplash in the opening seconds.

Tombstone vs whiplash s4

Tombstone leaves Whiplash for dead.

Tombstone's next opponent was Whiplash. The fight was off to an okay start for Tombstone as they were sent flying from their attacks on Whiplash, but didn't take any damage as a result. Tombstone then tore off one of Whiplash's wheels and front scoops. Tombstone then found itself being shoved up against the arena barrier near the pulverizer where it couldn't move. Once released, Tombstone continued its assault, tearing off another tire. After one final hit, Whiplash was motionless up against the arena barrier as smoke began to pour out. Whiplash was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. DUCK!

Duck vs Tombstone

Tombstone approaches Hal Rucker's bot.

Tombstone rips a wheel off DUCK!

Tombstone tears a wheel from DUCK!.

Next on the list for Tombstone was DUCK!, a bot that had previously beaten Tombstone during RoboGames in 2017 under then name Whoops!. In response, Tombstone went with a shorter blade for more reliability and to reduce the stress to its frame. When the match began, Tombstone made contact with DUCK! and tore off one side of DUCK!'s lifting plow. Tombstone dished out another hit but this one only caused marks on the plow that remained on DUCK! Tombstone delivered another hit and tore off the other side of the plow, leaving on the middle with DUCK!'s face on it. By the fourth hit, Tombstone was tearing into DUCK!'s wheels but DUCK! pressed on. Tombstone continued to hit, though its impacts were reduced thanks to its blade being bent downward. Tombstone took off one of DUCK!'s wheels but DUCK! still had full mobility. Tombstone attacked again, this time tearing into another wheel. This left DUCK! having some drive issues but Tombstone stopped moving as it was suffering an internal short that was made worse by the bar spinning. Seconds went by and Tombstone spun down its bar before coming back to life just before DUCK! took a shot from the killsaws that disabled its last wheel. DUCK! was now unable to move and was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. Bombshell

Tombstone vs Bombshell 2018

Bombshell hits Tombstone

Up next for Tombstone was a rematch of the 2016 title decider against Bombshell. Things were pretty even to start as neither robot had the upper hand with the attacks, but Tombstone took a hit that caused the half-link in the chain that had been added due to the shortening of the body's length over the course of the event, leaving its weapon to spin down. This hit also disabled Bombshell's weapon, resulting in a pushing match. Tombstone was then flipped over near the pulverizer, but escaped. Tombstone then tried to head back to the corner for a better shot, but ran over its weapon chain that had come off and got high-centered. Tombstone was unable to free itself and was counted out, eliminating it from the tournament and ending its current championship reign.

In a November 2023 episode of the Outside the Box podcast, Ray Billings stated his belief that Tombstone would not have "gone the distance" due to lasting damage from Fight Night opponents.[13]
"Our pre-fights before getting into the tournament were just the toughest they could be. And we were limping by the time we got there."
— Ray Billings explains issues faced by the team as they approached the Top 16 stage

Tombstone vs. Tantrum

Tantrum vs tombstone exhibition

Tombstone tears a fist away from Tantrum.

Tantrum's right fist is shot right into the Battlebox lighting conduit tube

Tantrum's right fist embedded in the BattleBox.

Tombstone also participated in an exhibition match against Tantrum, who sported a Push Strike toy of its opponent on its flipping arm. Ray Billings' primary goal for this fight was not only to win, but to tear its fists away to keep as a trophy. As the fight began, Tombstone was quick to get up to speed while their opponent gingerly approached. Tombstone hit the side of Tantrum and tore off one of the front fists. Tantrum was still moving so Tombstone struck it again. It then moved in again and ripped away the other fist, embedding it into the BattleBox. Tantrum was no longer able to move and was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by a quick KO.

World Championship IV[]

Tombstone vs. Lock-Jaw

Lock-jaw vs tombstone s4

Tombstone is popped into the air.

Tombstone vs lock-jaw s4

Tombstone recovers to immobilize Lock-Jaw.

Tombstone's first match of the 2019 season came against Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. When the match began, Tombstone was hitting only Lock-Jaw's rear defensive plate, which it led with in the opening moments. After the second exchange, Tombstone turned its back to Lock-Jaw and as it approached, swung around in the bot's trademark fashion and tore both left-side wheels from Lock-Jaw, immobilizing it completely. Lock-Jaw was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. SawBlaze

Sawblaze Tombstone

Sparks fly as Tombstone and SawBlaze come together.

Next for Tombstone was Jamison Go and SawBlaze. Tombstone opted to reuse the silver bar with steel teeth from the Lock-Jaw fight. When the match began, Tombstone attacked SawBlaze but didn't cause any damage. Tombstone continued to attack and was eventually pushed around by SawBlaze, ending up getting freed by the pulverizer when the two bots came underneath. This allowed Tombstone to get back up to speed and it began tearing into SawBlaze's protective wedge. As the match went on, Tombstone tore more of SawBlaze's wedge off and now SawBlaze had a bent wheel, reducing its mobility by half. Tombstone then found itself balancing on one wheel before landing upright. With SawBlaze still somewhat mobile, Tombstone ripped off one of SawBlaze's wheels and Jamison Go's robot was no longer moving. SawBlaze was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. ROTATOR


Tombstone hits ROTATOR.

Tombstone's next match was against ROTATOR. In response, Ray Billings planned on going with his red blade, but ended up going with its traditional gray bar with steel teeth to have a longer reach and prevent ROTATOR's weapon from striking the weapon chain. When the match started, Tombstone was taking the worse of the impacts as every hit sent it flying but not causing much damage. However, Tombstone was becoming a bit unbalanced as the first impact had caused Tombstone to lose a tooth from its bar. This meant that the electronics were taking much more abuse than they were meant to as it was violently shaking back and forth. Smoke began to pour out of Tombstone and Tombstone spun down its weapon. ROTATOR had also lost the use of its weapon, but Tombstone was now fighting to stay alive. Fire began to appear from Tombstone's rear as a result of the weapon power supply's main wires shredding their own insulation, causing a short circuit. As Tombstone moved around, the fire began to spread, eventually reaching Tombstone's drive system. Tombstone took a few more taps from ROTATOR before its drive system finally gave out from the heat. Tombstone was counted out with just 2 seconds left, giving ROTATOR the win by KO. Unfortunately, Crewbots put Tombstone on its back end and left it to burn itself out, which allowed the fire to spread quickly to the rest of its internals.

Tombstone vs. Gruff

Gruff Tombstone

Tombstone and Gruff meet in the BattleBox.

Tombstone was next placed against newcomer Gruff, which had been competing off and on outside of BattleBots. In response, Tombstone went with a brand new frame and its thick toothless black bar. As the match got underway, Tombstone was sent flying through the air, landing on the spot for the killsaws and causing damage to the cover. Tombstone recovered and attacked Gruff again, bending the forks. Tombstone was then sent flying, landing upside down in the process. Tombstone tried to cause damage, but its weapon was now too high to make much of an impact to even cause sparks. Tombstone continued attacking and eventually got back upright before being shoved under the pulverizer by Gruff. Tombstone began to dig into Gruff's side, tearing into the housing for the flamethrower. Tombstone then attacked Gruff again and got shoved onto the screws before escaping. Time ran out with Tombstone getting in one final hit and the judges gave it a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Tombstone vs. Quantum

Tombstone knocks Quantum over

Tombstone knocks Quantum over in the opening seconds.

Looking for a second title, Tombstone was now in the Top 16 where it faced Quantum. In response, Tombstone was equipped with its S7 tool steel red blade that was initially chosen for its match against ROTATOR, but was later swapped for the traditional bar with steel teeth. Tombstone started off quickly with the upper hand by throwing Quantum on its back with the first hit. As Quantum self-righted, Tombstone got its weapon underneath the bottom of Quantum's chassis, completely destroying its drive system and dislodging the bottom left tire. Quantum was no longer moving and was counted out, giving Tombstone the win in only 35 seconds by KO to advance to the quarter-finals.

Tombstone vs. Whiplash

Whiplash Tombstone

Whiplash collides with Tombstone's blade.

Tombstone Whiplash

Whiplash gets part of its right front rim shaved off.

Tombstone then entered the quarter-finals with a rematch from last season against Whiplash and Matt Vasquez. Ray continued using the red S7 tool steel blade from the previous match. As the match got underway, Tombstone immediately hit Whiplash hard, sending both robots flying and costing Whiplash one of its front scoops. Tombstone continued to attack and was sent flying, but landed upright. As the match wore on, Tombstone ripped off Whiplash's other front scoop and one of its tires. Tombstone then damaged Whiplash's right rear wheel. Whiplash then had little mobility and took a final hit or two before being counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO and a spot in the semi-finals.

Tombstone vs. Bite Force

Bite Force Tombstone WCIV

Tombstone's bar breaks and takes a wheel with it.

Tombstone Bite Force

Tombstone flailing about, its wheel and part of its bar torn off.

This win gave Tombstone a rematch from World Championship I against Bite Force. In response, Tombstone went with a black S7 tool steel blade, the same used against Gruff previously, due to it being shorter and sturdier. Unfortunately, Tombstone started off very badly as they were sent flying through the air with the first impact. By the second impact, Tombstone's weapon bar lost a third of itself and cost Tombstone a wheel. Tombstone then violently shook itself around as they were pushed on to the screws before somehow getting free. Tombstone began smoking a bit and stopped moving before being counted out,
Rip tombstone

Tombstone is counted out.

giving Bite Force the win by KO and a spot in the finals. It was revealed afterwards that during the fight with Gruff, some minor cracks and chips were dealt to the blade, causing the fatigue and breakage for this fight. This loss meant that Tombstone was eliminated from the tournament.

re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2019)[]

Tombstone vs. Witch Doctor

Witch doctor tombstone remars

Tombstone sits immobile as Witch Doctor backs away.

Tombstone was selected as one of ten robots to compete in a special event hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada for a Giant Bolt trophy. Its first opponent at the event was a grudge match with Witch Doctor from 2015. For this fight, Tombstone went with a thicker version of its trademark spinning bar. When the match began, Tombstone collided with Witch Doctor, sending both robots flying. Tombstone and Witch Doctor recovered to take another hit, this time sending Tombstone into the arena barrier. This impact broke Witch Doctor's weapon as well but now Tombstone could only drive in circles near the arena barrier. Since its weapon was still going, Tombstone aimed for another hit and nearly went out of the arena but was unable to get out of the corner. Tombstone delivered a final hit, but it proved to be the fatal one as it pushed Witch Doctor into Tombstone's last working wheel, bending and disabling it, so it stopped moving as smoke began to pour out. Tombstone was counted out, giving Witch Doctor the win by KO. As it lost, Tombstone was ineligible to be selected by the audience to participate in the championship finals.

World Championship V[]

Tombstone vs. End Game

End Game vs Tombstone 2020 WCV KO

Tombstone is punted out of the arena.

To kick off the new season, Tombstone was given a Main Event fight against End Game. In response, Ray Billings opted to deviate from his usual strategy and used an H13 tool steel weapon bar. Tombstone began strong, getting an early hit on End Game's wedge and throwing it aside. However, Tombstone then turned right in front of End Game, allowing End Game to hit the right wheel and send Tombstone into the screws, where its left wheel got stuck. This left Tombstone vulnerable and End Game capitalized, throwing the former champion out of the arena.

Tombstone vs. Slap Box

Tombstone rips off Slap Box's tires

Tombstone rips off Slap Box's tires.

Tombstone's second match was against newcomer Slap Box. Before the match, Tombstone was equipped with an I-shaped bar similar to the one given to Perfect Phoenix. As the match got going, Tombstone quickly ripped off the left wedgelet of Slap Box, nearly going out of the arena in the process. Tombstone continued to attack and removed the second wedgelet as it was launched into the air. As Slap Box came around to the back, Tombstone got to the wheels and started ripping them off. When Slap Box was down to only a single wheel, Tombstone held back and waited for the count to begin. While Slap Box was barely moving, Tombstone unsuccessfully tried to attack its minibot, Slap Box was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO and its first win of the 2020 season.

Tombstone vs. Skorpios

Tombstone vs Skorpios

Tombstone hits Skorpios and loses a wheel.

Tombstone's next fight was against Skorpios. Tombstone went with the same I-shaped bar used in its fight against Slap Box. This fight started with Tombstone landing numerous shots on the front wedge of Skorpios while also taking punishment in return. Tombstone eventually tore a chunk off of the top left side of Skorpios and then sending Skorpios flying across the BattleBox twice. Skorpios' wedge and left wheel were absolutely mangled from those two giant hits and they were barely hanging on. However, one side of Tombstone's drive stopped working as well. Despite being down half its drive, Tombstone kept its weapon going and fought back, causing the failed drive wheel to pull out of the robot and become fully exposed. Tombstone spun up again and started spinning in circles as it delivered yet another shot to Skorpios, losing its right wheel assembly completely. Tombstone then found itself driving in circles as it took even more punishment from Skorpios. The referees deemed Tombstone immobile and began the countout. Neither team was unable to hear this count as the speakers intended for communication during the pandemic were not working at the time. The count finished and Skorpios won by KO, putting Tombstone to 1-2.

Tombstone vs. MadCatter

Mad Catter and Tombstone are sent flying

MadCatter and Tombstone are sent flying across the BattleBox.

Tombstone managed to make it into the Top 32 seeded the No.21 seed and faced the No.12 seed MadCatter. Tombstone was equipped with a newly machined short and black I-shaped weapon bar made out of AR500 steel. Tombstone started off well as they dodged MadCatter's box rush before clipping the edge MadCatter's wedge and sent it spinning. Both bots began circling each other once again, with MadCatter's vertical disk barely clipping the corner Tombstone's right tire and making contact with Tombstone's blade instead, giving the impression that MadCatter struck Tombstone's tire. Tombstone delivered a hit to MadCatter's wedge again in the exchange. Tombstone then landed a third shot to the front of MadCatter, disabling its opponents weapon. After Tombstone ripped a chunk off MadCatter's right side wheel amour, both bots charged and the impact sent Tombstone flying across the BattleBox. By this point, MadCatter was down to half its drive, but Tombstone continued to attack MadCatter, ripping off its bottom left and top right wheel's armor whilst continuously sending itself face-first into the Screws, causing the hazard to lose a chunk of itself as a result. Eventually, MadCatter began crawling forward before coming to a halt due to a pulled motor on one side and a broken chain on the other. Tombstone went for one last hit before MadCatter was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Tombstone vs. Black Dragon

Black Dragon pops Tombstone into the air

Tombstone is popped into the air by Black Dragon.

Black Dragon shoves Tombstone into the Screws

Black Dragon takes Tombstone to the screws.

Tombstone went on to face Black Dragon in the Round of 16. As the fight began, Tombstone advanced forwards whilst Black Dragon inched slowly out of its square. Tombstone approached Black Dragon, pulling off a fake-out spin before going on the attack and testing Black Dragon's wedge. Tombstone began grinding on Black Dragon's wedge as it was being pushed around, soon being forced to spin around and avoid being shoved to the wall, then taking a shot to its left tire from Black Dragon's egg beater. Tombstone began to back away whilst swinging its blade at Black Dragon's wedge. Both bots go towards each other and meet in a weapon-to-weapon collision which pops Tombstone several feet into the air. Tombstone then proceeded to land a counter-shot right to the left side of Black Dragon's wedge. Tombstone continued to press on, getting struck hard before turning around and being sent completely out of control by Black Dragon again, landing near the top-right corner of the BattleBox. Tombstone is charged again by Black Dragon, attempted to be carried around and boxed in. By this point, both robots lost their weapons due to Tombstone's wire for the weapon contractor coming loose, and Black Dragon suffering from an unknown cause, reducing the remaining two minutes to a pushing match. Black Dragon pushed Tombstone all around the BattleBox with its wedge until the end of the fight. Black Dragon won a unanimous judges' decision and Tombstone was eliminated from the tournament once again.
"...the failure here was really something that shouldn't have failed [...] the wire for the contactor pulled slightly, killing control for the weapon. There literally wasn't anything broken inside and once that wire was reconnected everything worked perfectly. Sometimes it's just not your match."
— Ray Billings on Tombstone's weapon failure.[14]

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Tombstone vs Gruff

Gruff tombstone bounty hunters

Gruff attempts to tank hits from Tombstone.

As a BattleBots legend, Tombstone faced a rematch with Gruff, who had earned the right to face Tombstone in the Bounty Hunter finals. For the first time since the 2016 season final, Tombstone was equipped with its lighter blue bar. The match started out with glancing collisions between the two bots, with Tombstone managing to chip some pieces off Gruff and landing some shots to the sides of it. Tombstone was then slammed into the rails by Gruff, bending the bots long attachment in the exchange. After more hits to Gruff's wedge and sides, Tombstone landed a blow which bent Gruff's attachment at a wonky curved angle pointing to its right and rendering its keep away function completely useless. Tombstone struck Gruff again, the impact sending both bots reeling across the arena. Both bots continued to tussle near the screws, as Tombstone's weapon motor started emitting a bit of smoke. Tombstone then inflicted another serious shot that burst Gruff's fuel tank, disabling the flamethrower. Tombstone continued to land strikes to exposed areas of Gruff, even taking off a section of the back right wheel, until Gruff was no longer able to show controlled movement. Gruff was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO and becoming the first team to protect their Bounty, along with earning a piece of the $25,000 in prize money.

World Championship VI[]

Tombstone vs. Captain Shrederator

Tombstone captain shrederator 1

Tombstone and Captain Shrederator share the BattleBox for the first time in the BattleBots reboot.

Tombstone captain shrederator ko

Captain Shrederator watches on as Tombstone burns and is counted out.

Returning for the 2021 season, Tombstone's first opponent was against Captain Shrederator. Both bots spun up to begin the fight as Captain Shrederator ducked away before landing a glancing shot on Tombstone's front. With the next few shots, tooth from Tombstone's blade had come away much like in it's fight against Rotator. It began emitting sparks from its battery compartment as it shaking back and forth very violently. With the next impact,. Tombstone popped up and started smoking, which quickly turned to fire after a barrage of quick impacts. Unbalanced, another coming together disabled the blade of Ray Billings' bot. However, despite the additional redundancy on Captain Shrederator's weapon, it too had now come to a halt. With a well-documented history of unreliability in fights they were often on top of, Ray Billings sensed the fight had evened out and continued to attack, despite still being on fire. It appeared to stop in the middle of the BattleBox momentarily, prompting Ray to question its mobility, but escaped a count. As Tombstone rode over Captain Shrederator one last time, it suddenly stopped. Much to the delight of Team LOGICOM, Tombstone was immobile and was counted out, earning Captain Shrederator a statement victory by knockout.

Tombstone vs. Mammoth

Tombstone Mammoth s6

Tombstone and Mammoth come to blows in the BattleBox.

Mammoth tombstone 2

Mammoth loses a drive motor on landing, but Tombstone is also immobile.

Mammoth tombstone judges s6

Referees John Remar and David Sanfilippo explaining the double KO and confirm a judges' decision would follow.

Eager to chalk up a Fight Night win, Tombstone's second opponent was Ricky Willems and Mammoth. For this fight, Tombstone replaced its batteries to prevent fires in future battles. The fight began with Tombstone spinning up as Mammoth charged weapon-first into Tombstone, sending Mammoth away on impact. Tombstone delivered another shot to the front of Mammoth which saw pieces fly away and the front stabilizing forks bend outwards, though its drive was unaffected. Tombstone gunned for Mammoth again, which saw more parts come away and the UMHW trunk bend to one side. From this impact, Tombstone's left-side drive was no longer functioning, however on landing, Mammoth's right-side motor dislodged from the robot with the wheel still attached to it. Neither robot was able to show translational movement after this exchange, so referees John Remar and David Sanfilippo organized a simultaneous incapacitation. Both robots were counted out, confirming a double KO, and a judges' decision followed. With Tombstone causing the most visible damage and landing more attacks in the short time both bots were mobile for, the judges awarded a unanimous decision in favor of Tombstone, put it 1-1.

Tombstone vs. Free Shipping

Free shipping tombstone

Tombstone rips a wheel from Free Shipping.

Last up for Tombstone in the Fight Night rounds was against Free Shipping. This is also the first time Ray Billings and Gary Gin fought each other outside of RoboGames and not with their respective entries Last Rites and Original Sin. As Gary Gin led with Free Shipping's flamethrower early on, reluctant to throw its lifter face-first into Tombstone's bar, Ray Billings was allowed to spin up as it quickly tore away a tire from Free Shipping. It attempted to escape the corner, but saw two more of its tires sliced in the process. Now running on only one tire, Gary Gin was still able to spin the bot around to face Tombstone as it tanked another hit, this time to its front. However, Tombstone's blade mysteriously stopped spinning, forcing a pushing match which has favored Gary Gin so often in the past. Tombstone chased Free Shipping around before becoming stuck on its wedges momentarily but it escaped. Free Shipping was able to keep its front pointed at Tombstone even despite losing three tires, but Ray Billings got around to its side and shoved Free Shipping into the screws late on. With both bots mobile after the three minutes, the judges awarded Tombstone the unanimous decision. As such, Tombstone managed to claw its way back to a 2-1 record after its early Fight Night loss.

Ray Billings confirmed in a Reddit post that the reason for Tombstone's weapon dying was due to a sheared keystock. The motor itself was able to spin at full power, but could not transfer that power to the bar.[15]

Tombstone vs. JackPot

JackPot Tombstone WCVI hit

The first big collision.

Through to the Round of 32 as an unfamiliar No.23 seed, Tombstone met No.10 seed JackPot, who had gone two seasons without losing a Fight Night battle. For this match, Tombstone was equipped with its hardened S7 steel blade. Out of the gate, Tombstone and JackPot charged at one another, with Ray Billings' bot making contact with the front plow of the Vegas machine. Both robots spun to opposite ends of the BattleBox to recalibrate. The second impact sent Tombstone flying into the screws and cost JackPot its top armor panel, as it also flew into the corner of the arena. JackPot's weapon was badly bent and no longer spinning, due to Vegas Combat Robotics turning it off in fear of it being damaged, and two of its lithium polymer batteries hung loose, but Tombstone's left-side drive was not running. Both weapons came to a stop as Tombstone attempted to creep out of the blue square, but referee John Remar noted it could only crab-walk, so began his count. Tombstone was eliminated from the competition and JackPot advanced.

re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2022)[]

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Tombstone vs. HyperShock

Hypershock tombstone remars 2022

Tombstone attacks HyperShock head-on.

Tombstone was one of eight robots selected to compete in the second re:MARS all:STARS Challenge in June 2022. In the first round of the bracket, it faced HyperShock. After a brutal opening encounter, HyperShock had lost its front-right and rear-left wheels, but Tombstone began smoking heavily. Smoke filled the BattleBox, which obstructed the view of both teams. A count began on Tombstone as it became clear it could no longer move and HyperShock won by knockout with just a couple of seconds to spare, and Tombstone fell at the first hurdle once again in a re:MARS event.

BattleBots: Champions I[]

Tombstone vs. Tantrum

Tantrum tombstone BB Champs 1

Tombstone ricochets around the arena.

Tantrum tombstone BB Champs

Tombstone is counted out.

Tombstone returned for the final episode of BattleBots: Champions I, where it faced the most recent Giant Nut winner, Tantrum in a rematch from 2018. Pre-fight, Ray Billings stated his intention to keep in the center of the BattleBox and away from the barriers where it would be vulnerable. Tombstone immediately spun up and delivered a shot to the front wedge of Tantrum, who spun away. On impact, Tombstone bounced upwards and its S7 tool steel blade made contact with the floor, propelling it into the wall. Tombstone returned to the middle of the arena but was pushed from behind, coerced into the short corner by Tantrum driver Dillon Carey. Tombstone swung from side to side and Tantrum's front plow tanked several glancing blows, but a chunk of Tombstone's blade flew away during the exchanges. The World Champiomnship VI was again unbalanced, arcing on one wheel and driving itself into the short corner. Sparks flew out of Tombstone, followed shortly after by smoke as Tantrum shoved it under the pulverizer. Tombstone appeared to have lost drive on its left side, so was counted out. Tantrum raised its fists in celebration as Tombstone was eliminated from the Golden Bolt bracket.


BattleBots 2004 NPC Charity Open
Superheavyweight Championship
Champion (5-0)
Winners Bracket vs. Zeus Won
Winners Bracket vs. Star Hawk 3.0 Won
Winners Semi-Final vs. Mer Madd Won
Winners Final vs. The Judge Won
Grand Final vs. The Judge Won
BattleBots Pro Championship 2009
Pro Championship 2009
Fourth Place (3-2)
Winner's bracket, Round 1 vs. No opponent Bye
Winner's bracket, Round 2 vs. Shrike Won (KO)
Winner's bracket, Round 3 vs. Vault Won (KO)
Winner's bracket, Round 4 vs. VD6.0 Lost (JD)
Loser's bracket, Round 6 vs. Megabyte Won (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 7 vs. Root Canal Lost (KO)
World Championship I
World Championship Tournament
#1 Seed, Runner-Up
Qualifier vs. Counter Revolution Won (KO)
NOTE: Tombstone was originally drawn against Beta in the first round, but Counter Revolution took its place when Beta withdrew.
Round of 16 vs. Radioactive (16) Won (KO)
Quarter-Final vs. Witch Doctor (9) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Bronco (4) Won (KO)
Final vs. Bite Force (3) Lost (JD)
World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
#1 Seed, World Champion
Qualifier vs. Black Ice Won (KO)
Round of 32 vs. Escape Velocity (32) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Brutus (16) Won (KO)
Quarter-Final vs. Beta (9) Won (JD)
Semi-Final vs. Yeti (12) Won (JD)
Final vs. Bombshell (19) Won (KO)
World Championship III
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Main Event vs. Minotaur Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 - Main Event vs. Gigabyte Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 - Main Event vs. Whiplash Won (KO)
Fight Night #4 vs. DUCK! Won (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#1 Seed, Round of 16
Round of 16 vs. Bombshell (16) Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Tantrum Won (KO)
World Championship IV
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Main Event vs. Lock-Jaw Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 - Main Event vs. SawBlaze Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 - Main Event vs. ROTATOR Lost (KO)
Fight Night #4 vs. Gruff Won (JD)
World Championship Tournament
#4 Seed, Semi-Finals
Round of 16 vs. Quantum (13) Won (KO)
Quarter-Final vs. Whiplash (5) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Bite Force (1) Lost (KO)
re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2019)
Qualifier vs. Witch Doctor Lost (KO)
World Championship V
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Main Event vs. End Game Lost (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Slap Box Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 - Main Event vs. Skorpios Lost (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#21 Seed, Round of 16
Round of 32 vs. MadCatter (12) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Black Dragon (5) Lost (JD)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Tombstone Bounty
Bounty, Champion
Bounty Match vs. Gruff Won (KO)
World Championship VI
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Captain Shrederator Lost (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Mammoth Won (Double KO, JD)
Fight Night #3 vs. Free Shipping Won (JD)
World Championship Tournament
#23 Seed, Round of 32
Round of 32 vs. JackPot (10) Lost (KO)
re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2022)
Quarter-Final vs. HyperShock Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Champions I
Golden Bolt Tournament
Qualified as World Champion II, Quarter-Finals
Quarter-Final vs. Tantrum Lost (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 32
  • Losses: 12

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 33
  • Losses: 12
Competition Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Open Zeus
Star Hawk 3.0
Mer Madd
The Judge
The Judge
Pro Championships 2009 Shrike
Root Canal
World Championship I Counter Revolution
Witch Doctor
Bite Force
World Championship II Black Ice
Escape Velocity
World Championship III Minotaur (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Gigabyte (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Whiplash (Main Event/Undercard Match)
DUCK! (Undercard Match)
Tantrum (Exhibition Match)
World Championship IV Lock-Jaw (Main Event/Undercard Match)
SawBlaze (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Gruff (Undercard Match)
ROTATOR (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Bite Force
re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2019) None Witch Doctor
World Championship V Slap Box (Undercard Match)
End Game (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Skorpios (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Black Dragon
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Gruff None
World Championship VI Mammoth (Undercard Match)
Free Shipping (Undercard Match)
Captain Shrederator (Undercard Match)
re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge (2022) None HyperShock
BattleBots: Champions I None Tantrum


NPC Charity Open
Superheavyweight Champion
World Championship I
Most Destructive Robot
World Championship II
Giant Nut
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Defend

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Here to read your last rites, the one, the only, TOMBSTONE!"

"It doesn't enter the arena. Oh, no. It leads a funeral procession! Prepare to meet the Grim Reaper. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Its spinning arm can liquidate your assets faster than the IRS. Make some noise, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"If it was a Christmas carol, it would be called 'Violent Night'. Here to put you to sleep, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"It spins faster than a Cat-5 hurricane. The undisputed master of disaster, TOMBSTONE!"

"This driver should change his name to Ray Killings. Here comes the boom! It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you’re about to get crushed. Responsible for more hits than the CIA, it’s TOMBSTONE!"

"Bring the bride and the doom! It's your getting day! It's TOMBSTONE!"

"When you go against this bot, your epitaph will read "I tried and I died." Rest in pieces. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"It's a grim reaper with a micro-chip on his shoulder. Back from the dead to take the throne, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"This bot is more deadly than botulism and Mota Controlla Ebola. On a roll and racking up a death toll, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"Please rise for the reigning king, the prince of pain, the duke of death. Hear ye, hear ye, His Royal Die-ness. The one, the only, TOMBSTONE!"

"Call the dog catcher 'cause this hound from hell needs a muzzle. If the devil had a pet, it's what he would cuddle. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"This legendary bot belongs on Mount Crush-more. It's bad enough to make you say Hoover DAYUM! It's a national treasure. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Fee Fi Fo Fum! Face this bot and you'll be done. Bringing the pain, it's the giant of the game. You know his name. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"It came with one mission: to pillage and maim. The record of blemish, every result the same. No matter the bot, no matter how brave, you're gonna end up in your grave. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"When the reaper comes knocking at your door, it comes with a blade with spins galore. When you ask for whom the death tolls, it's this bot crushing more souls. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"This bot's been here so many times, I'm running out of rhymes. But my beard looks good. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"It's guilty of the seven deadly spins and it's about to unleash bar-mageddon. It's so evil it will never atone. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"This bots violence causes silence. It can't be mistaken, all your tanks and your bombs, and your bombs and your guns can't destroy this bot. Here to chop thee like a zomba-a-a oh-oh-oh. TOMBSTONE!"

"From the book of BattleBots, Chapter 25, Verse 17. And this bot will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to enter the BattleBox. And you will know its name when it lays down its vengeance upon thee! TOMBSTONE!"

"He's ranked #4 and he'll do a number on you. He's the prince of darkness, the 2016 champ, here to regain the throne. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Make way for the four seed, the former champ is back. It's just straight up bad to the bone. It's the angel of death, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"Ray Billings scares everyone, even the brave. Then just like Carlton, he'll dance on your grave. It's not unusual, it's TOMBSTONE!"

"As you approach this tombstone, your heart starts to pound. You open your mouth but can't make a sound. Then you get closer, and closer, and get a clear eye view, and read the inscription "here lies you." It's TOMBSTONE!"

"A-tisket a-tasket, he'll put you in a casket. One by one he has broken his foes, one question about that coffin: you want it open, or closed? It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Prepare to Die Hard. And if you're asking who's the illest, know this bot is unbreakable like its name was Bruce Willis. Remember The Sixth Sense? Well that ending applies 'cause after you lose this fight, you'll realize... I was dead... the whole time... Spoiler alert! Give it up for TOMBSTONE!"

"He's the Godfather of bots and he's beaten plenty of Goodfellas. His legend status is untouchable. Other bots should be jealous. Now he's in the land of casino and his run's just getting started. And after he kills you, we'll call you the departed. Give it up for TOMBSTONE!"

"It'll be a beautiful funeral as your life comes to an end. You'll be carried by pallbearers, six of your friends. In this battle, it's time to test my thesis that if you come too close to him. you'll rest in pieces. It's TOMBSTONE!"

"This bot will steal your will and crush your morale. Lights you up like a shootout at the Corral. He'll fill you with holes and then say with a laugh, 'What was it you wanna know was your epitaph? Ha ha ha ha!' It's TOMBSTONE!"

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate a thing called Tombstone. Like His Purple Majesty, it's a Prince in the BattleBox dome. The bot is delirious to extend its purple reign. It's already going crazy. Now, it's just straight up insane. There's no controversy and almost nothing you can do. One hit from his blade and you're the artist formerly known as you. This is TOMBSTONE!"

"From Placerville, California, he likes his pizza with pepperoni, pineapple and the blood of his victims. I know, gross, right? Pineapple? *groans* It's TOMBSTONE!"


Any appearances by Tombstone in merchandise are listed below:

See Also[]


  • Tombstone was the only robot to have competed in the first six reboot BattleBots seasons, both re:MARS competitions in 2019 and 2022, as well as BattleBots: Bounty Hunters and BattleBots: Champions I.
  • Tombstone's first ever fight came against Blue Max during Robolympics (later RoboGames) in 2004.
  • Coincidentally, Tombstone beat Bronco in the ABC reboot just as M.O.E., the inspiration for Tombstone, beat Inertia Labs and The Matador during Season 4.0.
  • Tombstone is the only BattleBots robot to win a championship as both a superheavyweight and heavyweight.
    • It is the second BattleBots robot to win a championship in two different weight classes, after Brutality
  • For unknown reasons, Tombstone's official image for World Championship II has the rear triangular section despite it not being present for any of its matches.
  • Ray Billings had a green bar prepared ahead of the 2018 season, but it was never used as the green paint did not hold well.[16]
  • Starting with its fight against Gigabyte in the 2018 season Tombstone was fitted with a Slam Cam, although the footage was not shown on TV it was put up on BattleBots YouTube channel.
  • Tombstone was one of only two robots to appear in the four finals of the reboot, the other being Bite Force.
    • Coincidentally, Tombstone and Bite Force have both not only fought each other, but have also fell in the first round of the Top 16.
  • Tombstone was briefly featured on a Dude Perfect video to destroy Coby Cotton's robot in the finale for losing the final challenge.[17]
  • Tombstone and Witch Doctor were the only two robots who also defended their bounties during BattleBots: Bounty Hunters.
  • Tombstone was the first bot to win the Most Destructive Robot Award who defeated a robot that previously won the award.
  • Tombstone has beaten every other second-placed finisher in the modern era, but has lost to every other bot that has won the Championship.
  • Ray Billings' step-son Tyler Nguyen of Team Doom Robotics entered and drove Perfect Phoenix for the 2020 and 2021 seasons of BattleBots, essentially a modernized Brutality. Despite only being 11 years old at the time of Perfect Phoenix's debut, Tyler is an experienced driver in his own right, having previously fought in a handful of US events as well as the first season of UK web-series Bugglebots with Captain Doom.
  • Tombstone is the only #1 seed to win the Giant Nut without being a defending World Champion. It is also the only previous runner-up to have reached the final again and won the World Championship.