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"The plan is to built this [Twerps] as practice for what we're trying to bring to Season 8 - a multibot vert called The Twins."
— Aren Hill reveals the team's plans for World Championship VIII[1]

The Twins is a heavyweight designed by Seems Reasonable Robotics, which has applied for BattleBots World Championship VIII and competed in BattleBots Proving Ground.

A third BattleBots entry from Aren Hill's Giant Nut-winning team, The Twins is a two-part multibot consisting of identical, four-wheel drive robots armed with 24lb vertical spinners. The design is an upscaled version of the team's 3lb multibot Twerps, which competed in the National Havoc Robot League event in March 2023, among other smaller robots from Seems Reasonable Robotics' respective team members. However, Twerps won only a single battle before being eliminated.

Each Twin boasts the same drivetrain which led Tantrum to championship success in 2021 and has six magnets fitted to their underside for additional downforce and drive power comparable to Claw Viper, according to Aren Hill.[2] Aren Hill revealed the concept for The Twins in Episode 74 of the BattleBots podcast Outside of the Box, released in March 2023.[1] Its drivers are unconfirmed, with Tantrum co-captains Alex Grant admitted he had never driven one of the team's heavyweights before in battle, and Ginger Schmidt stated that driving does not appeal to her either.[1] However, he would later confirm the drivers to be himself and William Stanley in an episode of Green Square Talks BattleBots.[2] The Twins' renders were revealed in August 2023, though the team stated their Proving Ground fights will serve to test functionality above anything else, and the final design may still vary. Seems Reasonable Robotics brought The Twins to BattleBots Proving Ground in September 2023, where the multibot took on Fireball, captained by Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics member Brian Boxell. Despite a promising showing, The Twins lost by knockout.

"We'll dial in aesthetics after we finalize the robot geometry for S8, it'll get it's glow up (or people will fall in love with the current look and we'll run with it)."
— Alex Grant in the NHRL Discord server[3]

It is also uncertain what the debut of The Twins may mean for the team's current robots - Tantrum and Blip. Aren Hill revealed in January 2024 that The Twins would "probably" return to Proving Ground in the future, stating his desire to fight one of the leading horizontal spinners in the field, but was unable to commit to another weekend of fights until World Championship VIII filming dates were announced.[2]

Outside BattleBots[]

The Twins were registered to compete in the heavyweight division of RoboGames 2024, but later instead registered a single Twin into the middleweight division before withdrawing altogether.

Robot History[]

BattleBots Proving Ground[]

The Twins vs. Fireball (9/9/2023)


The Twins vs. Fireball, as advertised on the BattleBots website.

The Twins made their debut during the September 9, 2023 Proving Ground show, where took on Fireball.

Fireball vs The Twins

The Twins look to confuse Fireball.

Immediately, The Twins split off to occupy different areas of the BattleBox, each getting their vertical spinners up to speed. Fireball manoeuvred around to set its sights on one of the Twins, riding up its wedge momentarily but slipping away before both weapons made contact.

Fireball vs The Twins 1

A Twin tears off Fireball's fork before being struck by its vertical spinner.

Fireball then drove up the front of the same Twin, losing its left fork as a result. The 125lb bot remained close, but was struck by the vertical spinner of Fireball and was sent into a frontflip, peeling up part of its armor but landing on its wheels. The other Twin then took the reigns, striking the side of Fireball and causing its remaining fork to become jammed in an upright position.

Fireball vs The Twins 2

Fireball throws itself over.

Looking to confuse Brian Boxell, The Twins kept their distance and allowed Fireball to drive between them before closing in to attack together. Fireball escaped, but lifted up on one side as its anti-gyro flywheel appeared non-functional and landed upside-down. One of the Twins looked to capitalize and hit the side of Fireball, who used the BattleBox to right itself.

Fireball vs The Twins 3

One half of the multibot becomes incapacitated.

The Twins then returned to the center of the arena, but as one half met Fireball head on, it was the 250lb bot which won the ground game and sent the Twin into a backflip, following this up with an attack which sent it bouncing away into the screws. Though it recovered from the hazard, that one Twin appeared to now be struggling to drive on one side, and its piano key forks had been damaged. The other Twin gave chase but caught a seam in the BattleBox floor and landed upside-down.

Fireball The Twins Proving Ground

Fireball punts one of the Twins through the air.

The remaining Twin tried to help its stranded teammate, but was quickly hunted down by Fireball. With a minute to go, Fireball's vertical spinner caught the side of the 125lb bot, launching it into the screws and immobilizing the remaining Twin.
Steve Judkins: "It looks like one of The Twins could be out of action, Bil."
Bil Dwyer: "That's why there's two of 'em! Under a minute- OHHHH!"
— Steve Judkins and Bil Dwyer react to both Twins being immobilized

With both robots out of action, a count began and Fireball took the win by knockout.

The Twins vs. Fireball (9/10/2023)

The Twins was scheduled to take on Fireball for a second time during the weekend's live shows. However, Seems Reasonable Robotics opted to withdraw as they required a new nut to be machined for their weapon, and The Twins were replaced by the ShowBot version of Witch Doctor.


BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon
BattleBots Proving Ground
Exhibition Matches vs. Fireball Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches vs. Fireball Withdrew

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

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BattleBots Proving Ground None Fireball