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Not to be confused with the British heavyweight of the same name which competed in Season 3.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

The Piecemaker was a middleweight robot built by The Gow School from South Wales, New York[1] which competed in the 2009 BattleBots High School Championship.

The team's second entry for this event alongside the invertible drum spinner Tin Shredder, it was a two-wheel drive robot with a tall box-wedge shape and a powerful pneumatic flipping arm as its main weapon.

Unlike its counterpart, The Piecemaker had a more turbulent run in the High School Championship, picking up an early victory over Mizbayakh before losing to Team Falcon's BABS by knockout. The Piecemaker recovered by securing three consecutive knockout wins in the Loser's bracket over Mother Of All Bots (M.O.A.B.), The Last Melon and Lunch Box, only to be eliminated by a second knockout loss of its own against Mr. Plow IIX. Thus, it would finish the championship with a respectable 4-2 record.[2][3]

One of The Piecemaker's opponents was an invertible twin-wedged robot armed with a red spinning drum; however, its exact identity is yet to be verified.[4]

Robot History[]

2009 High School Championship[]

The Piecemaker vs. Mizbayakh

The Piecemaker's first fight in the bracket came against Mizbayakh. The Gow School's robot won this fight by judges' decision after both robots went the distance.

The Piecemaker vs. BABS

BABS The Piecemaker

The Piecemaker (right), upended during its second-round fight against BABS.

Next up for The Piecemaker was the Ewerts and BABS. The Piecemaker lost this fight by KO and fell into the loser's bracket.

The Piecemaker vs. Mother of All Bots (M.O.A.B.)

The Piecemaker's next opponent was Mother Of All Bots (M.O.A.B.). It won this match by knockout and advanced in the loser's bracket.

The Piecemaker vs. The Last Melon

The Piecemaker's Round 4 opponent was The Last Melon, who it again beat by knockout to continue on.

The Piecemaker vs. Lunch Box

Next for The Piecemaker was Lunch Box, who it picked up another knockout win against to move into Round 5.

The Piecemaker vs. Mr. Plow IIX

Here, it took on Mr. Plow IIX. However, it lost this fight and was eliminated at this stage of the bracket.


BattleBots High School Championship 2009
High School Championship 2009
Eliminated in Loser's bracket (4-2)
Main bracket, Round 1 vs. Mizbayakh Won (JD)
Main bracket, Round 2 vs. BABS Lost (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 2 vs. Mother Of All Bots (M.O.A.B.) Won (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 3 vs. The Last Melon Won (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 4 vs. Lunch Box Won (KO)
Loser's bracket, Round 5 vs. Mr. Plow IIX Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2009 High School Championship Mizbayakh
Mother Of All Bots (M.O.A.B.)
The Last Melon
Lunch Box
Mr. Plow IIX


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