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The King Crab was a heavyweight applicant from Team 757 MakerSpace, which was designed to compete in BattleBots World Championship II.

K ing Crab

Early sketches from the team's application video.

It was designed to be a two-wheel drive, invertible robot based on the appearance of a king crab, with a blue, spiked shell and large pincers supposedly capable of pulling opponents into the path of its primary weapon - a spiked drum similar to that of Comedy Central BattleBots middleweight El Diablo. The drum had two forks which assisted in getting in underneath opponents and causing damage.

The King Crab design

A top-down view of The King Crab's design.

Early sketches of the robot even had it using tracks for locomotion, though this was not carried into the submitted CAD. A December 2015 blog post also teases modular weaponry, but does not expand on this idea.[1]

The King Crab was not not accepted for the 2016 season of BattleBots and it is unknown whether the robot was ever built. In their application video, the team could be seen designing the full scale prototype of the robot.[2]


  • The name King Crab would later be used by Team Fast Electric Robots, who applied to the 2023 edition of RoboGames with a renamed version of their controlbot, Defender.