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The Kerminator, also known simply as Kerminator, was a middleweight robot built by Team Mean n' Green, an all-female team from Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart which competed at BattleBots IQ 2004.

It was a two-wheel drive, frog-themed robot armed a 10" circular saw armed horizontally at the front, capable of spinning at 4480rpm. Its steel frame was protected by Lexan and its name was a portmanteau of Kermit the Frog and The Terminator film franchise.


The Kerminator with its team.

The Kerminator performed decently in competition, winning two out of its four total fights but falling short of the BBIQ championship.

Following the 2004 competition, the team brought a 15lb bar spinner called Commander K9 to the 2005 event as well as the team's future BattleBots IQ entry, Marvinator.

Andrea Suarez (later Gellatly) would later pilot another shell spinner in Category 5 as well as the middleweight and subsequent heavyweight Witch Doctor. Team Mean n' Green's Carolina de Freitas also joined Team Witch Doctor for the 2016 season of Comedy Central BattleBots.

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2004[]

The Kerminator vs. Manta

The Kerminator's first match was against Manta. The Kerminator won this fight and moved on to the next round.

The Kerminator vs. D-Monic IV

D-Monic vs The Kerminator

The Kerminator rams into D-Monic IV.

D Monic vs The Kerminator BBIQ 2004

The Kerminator pushes back.

The Kerminator now faced D-Monic IV. When the match began, The Kerminator approached with its wedge while D-Monic IV started spinning up its blade. When the two met up near the middle of the arena, The Kerminator got struck on the left side by the disc. Fortunately for The Kerminator, the opponent's disk was not working properly, so it only bounced off of The Kerminator's side. The few other hits that followed did little to no damage to The Kerminator's rear end. The Kerminator moved away, letting D-Monic IV spin up to full speed again, before charging in with its rear and taking a minor shot to the left side, taking no damage. Shortly after, The Kerminator spun around to try and attack with its sawblade, losing the right plate in the process. After a bit of maneuvering, The Kerminator took another minor hit from D-Monic IV's disk to the wedge, taking no damage and pushing D-Monic IV away briefly. Afterwards, The Kerminator sat and spun, delivering a minor hit to the disc. After some maneuvering, D-Monic IV's disk suddenly spun down to a stop, prompting The Kerminator to charge in head on with its saw and push the vertical disk spinner around from the side, eventually shoving D-Monic IV into the wall, where they were separated. By then, the disk spinner stopped working completely, and with The Kerminator's saw blade down as well, it became a pushing and shoving match. The Kerminator started sitting and spinning, delivering a couple of minor hits to the front of D-Monic IV. After some more maneuvering, The Kerminator started bashing head on into the disabled disk, eventually pushing D-Monic IV briefly. The Kerminator continued to run around and bash into D-Monic IV, while D-Monic IV struggled to do anything else with what little mobility it had left. Eventually time ran out, and The Kerminator won the resulting judges' decision.

The Kerminator vs. Chrome Dome

Next up for The Kerminator was Chrome Dome. For this match, a block of wood was added in the place of the front saw blade and a thick piece of metal was added to the bottom of the serrated wedge to absorb the impacts that Chrome Dome might dish out. When the match began, both bots maneuvered around and Chrome Dome was not spinning. Taking advantage of this, The Kerminator charged head on following the first contact, ramming into Chrome Dome. The shell spinner then charged into The Kerminator's rear wedge, nearly getting caught on it. Soon enough, the dome shell spinner started spinning up. The Kerminator first took a minor shot to the right wheel and letting Chrome Dome back off and get up to speed. After some maneuvering, The Kerminator approached face to face and made contact, getting a piece of plywood chipped off. After some more maneuvering, The Kerminator charged into a spinning down Chrome Dome, getting its last piece of plywood taken off and stopping Chrome Dome from spinning. However, The Kerminator suddenly stopped moving, and Chrome Dome pushed The Kerminator off and into the middle of the arena. After a few bumps from Chrome Dome, The Kerminator was counted out, giving Chrome Dome the win by KO and moving The Kerminator into the loser's bracket.

The Kerminator vs. PlasticBot

In the loser's bracket, The Kerminator faced PlasticBot. During the fight, PlasticBot was able to break The Kerminator's receiver. Unable to move, The Kerminator was incapacitated and counted out, giving PlasticBot the win by KO and eliminating the Carrollton team from the competition.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2004 Manta
D-Monic IV
Chrome Dome

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