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The Aggressive Polygon was a lightweight competitor built by Will Wright of SimCity fame for Season 1.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a triangular robot that was armed with a square-shaped disc. The Aggressive Polygon also had two antweight "minibots" (similar to the "Eep" from previous robot RACC) that were supposed to help The Aggressive Polygon, but they were too small and weak to do anything. It lost its only match, but made a television appearance in the first consolation rumble. Will also entered with Chiabot and his daughter entered with Misty the WonderBot, both of which did better.

Robot History[]

Season 1.0

The Aggressive Polygon vs. Sallad

The Aggressive Polygon's first fight in Season 1.0 came against Sallad in the Round of 32. However, Sallad won on a 9-0 judges' decision and The Aggressive Polygon was immediately eliminated at the first hurdle.

Lightweight Consolation Rumble

AgressivePolygonProblemsrumble sf00

Will Wright tries to get The Aggressive Polygon going again before the rumble began.

The Aggressive Polygon returned for the Lightweight Consolation Rumble at the end of the tournament alongside nine other robots, including the newly-crowned champion Backlash. Before the rumble began, The Aggressive Polygon was having technical issues and driver Will Wright entered the BattleBox in an attempt to get the robot going again.

AgressivePolygonrumble sf00

The Aggressive Polygon being attacked by No Tolerance II.

While The Aggressive Polygon's little minibots were moving around the BattleBox, The Aggressive Polygon itself was a sitting duck as it was immobilized at the very start of the rumble. As a result, The Aggressive Polygon was left at the corner of the BattleBox and was hit a couple times by No Tolerance II. Although very rarely, The Aggressive Polygon was able to move again toward the halfway point in the rumble and its disk started spinning but it made no direct contact with anybody. In the end, Backlash and Thorn were deemed the winners.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Season 1.0 None Sallad