Tetracide as it appeared for BattleBots Rochester R3

Tetracide was a Heavyweight robot built by Team Midnight Invention which competed in BattleBots Rochester R3. It was a Black, triangular robot, armed with three pneumatic flippers, one on each side. Tetracide performed decently in the competition, reaching the semifinals, and both winning, and losing two fights each.

Robot History

BattleBots Rochester R3

Shrederator destroys Tetracide

Tetracide is destroyed by Shrederator.

Tetracide's first ever match was against Bane. It won that fight, and advanced to the next round where it faced Shrederator. This fight started with Shrederator spinning up to full speed before attacking Tetracide. This however did nothing, and Shrederator attacked again, this time ripping pieces off of Tetracide, and completely destroying it with one single hit.
Tetracide flips Big Betty

Tetracide flips Big Betty.

This loss put Tetracide in the losers bracket, where it was scheduled to fight Canadian entry CycloneBot. However, CycloneBot had technical issues, and was forced to forfeit. This meant that Tetracide advanced to the losers bracket half of the semifinals where it faced Big Betty. As soon as this fight started Tetracide came out, and immediately flipped Big Betty over. Big Betty however was unable to self right, and attempted to use its upper body as a clamping jaw. Before it could do that however Tetracide flipped it again. Big Betty then stalled in the middle of the arena, and Tetracide flipped it once more. Before Big Betty could regain its footing, Tetracide delivered another flip, putting Big Betty back upright. Big Betty then tried to get under Tetracide again, however its ground clearance was higher than that of Tetracide, which nearly flipped Big Betty again.
Big Betty lifts Tetracide against the arena wall

Tetracide is lifted against the arena wall by Big Betty.

Big Betty then got under Tetracide, and attempted a lift, but Tetracide slid off of Big Betty's wedge, and fired its flipper which Big Betty Grabbed. This allowed Big Betty to get under Tetracide, and take it to the wall where it tried, and failed to use its lifter once again. This broke Tetracide's flipper, and Big Betty got underneath and lifted it up, however it was unable to do anything with it, and let it go.

Big Betty then clamped down on Tetracide before lifting it against the arena wall, however Tetracide stayed on its wheels. It then clamped its lifting arm down on Tetracide once more, and took it to the opposite arena wall, nearly into the pulverizers.

Tetracide then stalled in the middle of the arena, and Big Betty attempted to take it to the pulverizers, but failed as Tetracide managed to get away as the clock ran down. Big Betty won the resulting judges decision, and this meant that Tetracide was eliminated from the tournament in the semifinals.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots Rochester R3 Bane

CycloneBot (Forfeit)


Big Betty

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