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"Something unique."
— Team Tilly upon being asked of Templar's design in March 2021

Templar was a heavyweight robot designed by Team Tilly which applied for BattleBots World Championship VI.

The design of Templar remained largely unknown around the time of its submission, as Team Tilly only ever shared confirmation of their application on March 1, 2021.[1] However, Templar was different to previous entries from the team, and notably separate from their shell spinner design which entered several other robot combat shows. Among the hashtags was "#kingoftheflippers" with the post itself appearing to call out Team Whyachi and Hydra, inferring it featuring flipper weaponry.

It was later revealed that Templar was a wedge-shaped flipper with pneumatic pins in its hinge mechanism to allow it to alternate between behaving like a front-hinged or rear-hinged flipper.[2] Despite clarification of its design, no images of Templar's design have been publicly revealed.

Outside BattleBots[]

Team captain Shane Lale had previous BattleBots experience as part of Team Pun-Chant and Nelly the Ellybot. He is also a regular competitor on the UK live circuit, having competed in Robot Wars with Meggamouse and China's Clash Bots with the team's titular shell spinner design, Tilly. Neither Meggamouse nor Tilly were able to pick up wins in their respective competitions, however.

In 2024, he designed and built Drive By for the MechMania sportsman heavyweight events.

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  • Captain Shane Lale regularly competes with a beetleweight homage to BattleBots champion End Game, which he named End Boss.