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Teenager was a middleweight robot designed and built by the My Mechanical Romance team of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. It competed exclusively in the 2009 BattleBots High School Championship. as one of three entries from the Miami-based high school, the others being the full-body spinners Fuchsia Fusion and PanDEMONium.

CAD of Teenager.

CAD of Teenager.

It was a lot, box-shaped robot with no active weapon and six individually-powered wheels. On each side were sloped wedges bolted to the chassis.

Despite receiving a bye and earning one victory against Fuchsia Fusion in the Winner's Bracket, Teenager's run in the High School Championship was cut short following two consecutive knockout losses against Tin Shredder and Mr. Plow IIX respectively. As a result, it was eliminated with a 1-2 record.[2][3]

Teenager was then retired in favor of a brand new build from My Mechanical Romance, also inspired by a song title from the US rock band My Chemical Romance and called Famous Last Words.

Robot History[]

High School Championship 2009[]

Teenager vs Fuchsia Fusion

After receiving a bye in the opening round of the main Winner's Bracket, Teenager's first match in the High School Championship saw it face fellow Carrollton School alumni Fuchsia Fusion. Very little information is available for this fight, though BattleBots records confirm that both robots survived the full three minutes and Teenager won the subsequent Judges' decision.[2][3]

Teenager vs Tin Shredder

Teenager next fought Tin Shredder, an invertible drum spinner built by The Gow School. BattleBots records state that although Teenager again lasted into the final minute, it lost to the New York-based machine by knockout after two minutes and 48 seconds.[2][3]

Teenager vs Mr. Plow IIX

Having been relegated to the Loser's Bracket, Teenager would face Mr. Plow IIX with the aim of staying in the competition. However, it would lose this battle by knockout after only 47 seconds, eliminating Teenager from the High School Championship with a 1-2 record.[2][3]


BattleBots High School Championship 2009
High School Championship 2009
Eliminated in Loser's Bracket (1-2)
Winner's Bracket, Round 1 vs. No opponent Bye
Winner's Bracket, Round 2 vs. Fuchsia Fusion Won (JD)
Winner's Bracket, Round 3 vs. Tin Shredder Lost (KO)
Loser's Bracket, Round 4 vs. Mr. Plow IIX Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Teenager's bye is omitted from the Wins tally.

Competition Wins Losses
High School Championship 2009 Bye

Fuchsia Fusion

Tin Shredder

Mr. Plow IIX


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