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"While builders generally regard their creations as male, Irvin insists that Techno Destructo is definitely a woman."
— Techno Destructo's introduction from BattleBots: The Official Guide

Techno Destructo was a superheavyweight robot built by Carnage Robotics which competed in Season 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 BattleBots.

It was a large, half barrel-shaped robot, rounded at the top in order to aid it in self-righting when flipped over. Techno Destruco's roll-over body design was originally an aesthetic decision by builder Sean Irvin, as he wanted the robot to have an aesthetically pleasing shape. Techno Destructo's primary weapon was a CO2-powered flipping arm, which was curved with a flat front-plate to get underneath opponents. Like other competitors armed with flippers such as Toro, Techno Destructo's arm only lifted halfway up its bodywork as this would allow the flipper to work with more power due to the shorter range of motion. It featured two bracket wedges on the front to aid it in getting under opponents. These wedges were flatter and smoother in its debut season, while they were spiked in its subsequent appearances.

The robot had a mostly bare metal silver color scheme with black sponsorship decals in Season 3.0, but adopted a lime green chassis and black body panels for its final two competitions.

Sean Irvin would also enter in Sesason 5.0 with middleweight Pentazmo Destructo and would tease a heavyweight design named Weezo Destructo which would not be constructed.[1] Irvin would then go on to enter Ultimo Destructo for World Championship II and IIIof the BattleBots reboot. He teased a brand new build in 2022, named Sawborg Destructo, though this would ultimately not compete.

Robot History[]

Season 3.0[]

Techno Destructo vs. Little Blue Engine

Techno Destructo first fought Little Blue Engine. At the beginning of the fight, Little Blue Engine actually impaled one of its forks on Techno Destructo, and this kept Techno Destructo's arm from working properly. The two robots pushed each other until Techno Destructo finally removed the fork and flipped Little Blue Engine over, winning the match on a tight 23-22 judges' decision.

Techno Destructo vs. Metalhead

Tdvsmetalhead sf01

Techno Destructo flips Metalhead.

Techno Destructo continued to the second round, where it fought Metalhead. Techno Destructo dominated the fight, flipping Metalhead around the arena. On one of Techno Destructo's flips, Metalhead landed on top of Techno Destructo, breaking a drive chain. However, there wasn't enough time for Techno Destructo to be counted out and it won on a 35-10 judges' decision.

Techno Destructo vs. CUAD the Crusher

TDestructovsCUAD sf01A

Techno Destructo flips the lifting arm off of CUAD.

Techno Destructo advanced to the televised rounds against CUAD the Crusher. This was another close battle where both robots got lifts in. Techno Destructo used its design to self-right during the battle, and Techno Destructo managed to maneuver CUAD onto the killsaws, damaging the battery covers. At the end of the battle, CUAD lost its spike lifter, which may have swung the decision in Techno Destructo's favor as it won another 23-22 decision.

Techno Destructo vs. Atomic Wedgie

THL techno and atomic wedgie season 3

Techno Destructo flips Atomic Wedgie.

TDestructo vs Atomic Wedgie SF01

Atomic Wedgie gets underneath Techno Destructo.

This win put Techno Destructo to the Round of 16, where it faced the Season 2.0 superheavyweight runner-up Atomic Wedgie. Techno Destructo was largely dominant in this fight, proving the aggressor as it was able to land multiple flips on Atomic Wedgie. One of its tri-foil spinners came off during the battle, and although both robots were still mobile at the end, Techno Destructo advanced on a 35-10 judges' decision.

Techno Destructo vs. Vladiator


Techno Destructo gets flipped and derobed by Vladiator.

Techno Destructo met Vladiator in the quarter-finals. Techno Destructo managed to stay close to Vladiator despite its great speed and managed to get in one good flip before Vladiator slammed Techno Destructo against the wall on its back. With no way to self-right, Techno Destructo sat helplessly while Vladiator rammed Techno Destructo twice more, damaging the two black plates that had covered the insides of Techno Destructo. Techno Destructo was being counted out and Vladiator won by KO. This meant that Techno Destructo was eliminated from the tournament.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

Techno Destructo was repaired in time for the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble, where it started strong, flipping Toro before being attacked by Atomic Wedgie, which damaged a drive chain. After losing a wheel, Techno Destructo was tossed into the air by Toro, hit the Lexan wall, and fell back to the ground where it remained immobile for the remainder of the battle. Techno Destructo ultimately lost overall to Toro.

Season 4.0[]

Techno Destructo vs. Dreadbot

Techno vs dreadbot

Dreadbot pushes Techno Destructo onto the killsaws.

Due to its seeding, Techno Destructo was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it faced Dreadbot. After getting pushed by Dreadbot onto the killsaws, Techno Destructo pushed Dreadbot into the corner and flipped it over. Techno Destructo won on a close 23-22 judges' decision and advanced to the Round of 16.

Techno Destructo vs. Ogre

Techno Destructo vs

Techno Destructo almost flips Ogre.

In the Round of 16, Techno Destructo faced Ogre. Early on, Techno Destructo was able to push Ogre near the screws where it took damage along with taking a small flip. Ogre charged back but Techno Destructo was able to flip Ogre high. Both bots then took damage from the screws again, however, Ogre was able to get under Techno Destructo and push it to the pulverizer where it took a few hits from the hammer. Since Ogre was upside down and having trouble driving, Techno Destructo was able to take advantage and it flipped Ogre again where it got tossed to the pulverizer and took a hit. However, Techno Destructo also seemed to be having drive problems too, but it was still able to corner Ogre and flipped him until the end of the fight. Techno Destructo won on a 33-12 judges' decision and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Techno Destructo vs. Diesector

Diesector Techno3

Techno Destructo's flip on Diesector.

Diesector Techno2

Diesector pushes Techno Destructo into the pulverizer.

In the quarter-finals, Techno Destructo met Donald Hutson and Diesector. The two robots drove out and met in the center, where Techno Destructo managed to get underneath Diesector's wedged jaws and flip it, causing it to become inverted. Diesector reset its jaws to a wedge while inverted, and drives into the front of Techno Destructo, who clamped down on Diesector. Techno Destructo started to maneuver Diesector toward the pulverizer, but Diesector pushed back, keeping the pulverizer away. Diesector escaped, reconfigured the wedge, and drove toward Techno Destructo's side. Techno Destructo tried to flip Diesector again but Diesector got underneath. Techno Destructo continued to fire its flipping arm as Diesector tried to get some hits in with its hammers, but they didn't hit Techno Destructo. Diesector then pushed Techno Destructo toward the red square entrance ramp, and Diesector was flipped back to its original position by Techno Destructo. Techno Destructo tried to pin Diesector, but Diesector did so instead. Diesector lifted Techno Destructo with the jaws, but was unable to flip it. Techno Destructo stopped moving and Diesector hit Techno Destructo with its hammers. Diesector tries to lift Techno Destructo again and the robot came back to life. Diesector almost tipped Techno Destructo on its side, but Techno Destructo escaped. However, it drove under the pulverizer in the process. Techno Destructo stopped moving again as it suffered a simultaneous loss of a drive train and a fried motor, and it was counted out while being hit by the pulverizer. Diesector won by KO and Techno Destructo was eliminated from the tournament again.

Superheavyweight Royal Rumble

SHWRumble SF01B

Techno Destructo during the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble.

Techno Destructo returned for the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament. Although it is unknown how well it performed, Techno Destructo lost overall to The Judge.

Season 5.0[]

Techno Destructo vs. Codebreaker

Cb td2

Codebreaker takes Techno Destructo to the pulverizer.


Codebreaker pushes Techno Destructo onto the killsaws.

Due to its seeding, Techno Destructo was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it eventually faced Codebreaker. The fight begun with Codebreaker charging into Techno Destructo, attempting to push it before backing off and swerving towards the sides of Techno Destructo. This led to Techno Destructo misfiring its flipper and allowing Codebreaker to get under Techno Destructo and chew at its exposed wheels and Lexan panels with its spinning drum. This pushing continued for a while before Codebreaker got round the front of Techno Destructo and pushed it into the spikestrip. Techno Destructo then attempted to flip Codebreaker near the pulverizer, but only scratched the side with its arm. Codebreaker then continued to chew away at Techno Destructo's side panel before Techno Destructo finally landed a successful flip, flipping Codebreaker straight into the pulverizer and causing it to suffer a hit, before Techno Destructo came around again and flipped Codebreaker onto its back, which rolled several times in mid-air. Codebreaker was then reversed into the killsaws, which shaved a few sparks off the titanium side panels but not causing major damage. Both robots then drove across the arena for a while before Techno Destructo lightly toppled Codebreaker onto its right side. Codebreaker waited for Techno Destructo to flip again before getting under the lifting arm and grinding at it with the spinning drum. This was followed up by Codebreaker pushing Techno Destructo's right side tire into the killsaws, slicing into it. Techno Destructo was then pushed into the screws, where it sat on top of Codebreaker. At this point, it rested over the sides of Codebreaker, meaning it was impossible to get off. Techno Destructo was continually pounded by the pulverizer, destroying the internal electronics before its fried drive motors brought the robot to a stop at the killsaws, where it got ground up badly and emitted showers of sparks. Techno Destructo was counted out with just one second of the fight remaining, and was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Carnage Robotics with Techno Destructo at Season 4.0


Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0

Little Blue Engine


CUAD the Crusher

Atomic Wedgie

Season 4.0



Season 5.0 None Codebreaker


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 3


Any appearances by Techno Destructo in merchandise are listed below:

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"A great philosopher once said 'He harms himself who does harm do another.' What a load of crap! Wait til you see the harm caused by TECHNO DESTRUCTO!"

"How many robots does it take to reduce you to a little more than a vicious puddle of aluminum? One! TECHNO DESTRUCTO!"

"Armed and dangerous. He's guilty of more hit in runs than Halle Berry on a long weekend. This is TECHNO DESTRUCTO!"

"A bot so ornery you would think he's been driving behind a minivan going 45 in the fast lane. Here is TECHNO DESTRUCTO!



  • Some spare parts from the Season 4.0 version of Techno Destructo were used in the construction of heavyweight RoboVore.
  • The drive motors of Techno Destructo would later be used in the construction of 2018 season competitor Sharkorpion.