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Team Wetware's Logo.

Team Wetware were a team that competed from from Long Beach 1999 to Season 5.0, and also attempted to compete in ABC Season 2. All of their robots performed poorly by either forfeiting, competing and losing all their matches or not being finished in time for competition. The team's only victorious robot was with Mr. Bonestripper in Season 5.0.
Robot Weight class Events competed in W/L
Clockwork'L'Orange Heavyweight ABC Season 2 N/A
Mr. Bonestripper Heavyweight Long Beach 1999 - Season 5.0 1/6
Abbatoir Superheavyweight Long Beach 1999

Season 1.0 - Season 2.0

Season 5.0

Blow Hard Lightweight Season 2.0 N/A
RipTide Middleweight Season 4.0 - Season 5.0 0/2
The Emasculator Middleweight Season 1.0 0/1


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 13
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