Team Van Cleve was a team based in Prior Lake, Minnesota that competed in the final season of the original BattleBots run as well as the 2004 NPC Charity Open. They were perhaps most well known for their success with Mad Mer, which made it to the Round of 32 in the original run and the quarter finals in the NPC Charity Open. All of their other robots that competed in BattleBots (apart from Flippin Mer, which never competed) had at least one win in their name. The team also had success in events outside of BattleBots, but they would never compete again after the 2004 NPC Charity Open.

Robots Entered in BattleBots

Robot Weight Class Events Competed in
Mirror Image Middleweight Season 5.0
Mad Mer Superheavyweight Season 5.0-NPC Charity Open
Mini Mer Lightweight Season 5.0-NPC Charity Open
Flippin Mer Heavyweight NPC Charity Open
Floor Jack Middleweight NPC Charity Open
Peanut Lightweight NPC Charity Open


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 11
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