Team Think Tank's logo.

Team Think Tank was a team based in Pasadena, California that competed in the last 3 BattleBots competitions in its original run, as well as in Vallejo 2009 and ABC Season 2. The team had great success with Ringmaster and VD6.0, making the Round of 16 in Season 5.0 and placing third in Vallejo 2009 respectively. Their other robots were not very successful, however. Apart from BatRay, all of the other robots went winless.

The original team would also compete in Extreme Warriors Season 2 with Mad Cow Bot, which performed sub-par at best.

Two branches came from the Think Tank name, named Team Bad Kitty and Team Ghetto Logic. Both of them would compete in Season 4 of the BattleBots Discovery Reboot series and in King of Bots/This is Fighting Robots. Team Ghetto Logic competed in Season 1.5 with heavyweight ring spinner Chronos, with little no real success in either show, though it did get a sole win in BattleBots, while the distant Bad Kitty team competed with Cat King in both Season 1.5 and 2 in China with great success, and Mad Catter in Battlebots, which performed decently.

Robots entered in Battlebots

Robot Weight Class Events competed in
MantaRay Superheavyweight Season 3.0-4.0
InTriVerter Heavyweight Season 4.0
BatRay Lightweight Season 4.0
Bullistic Heavyweight Season 5.0
Ringmaster Heavyweight Season 5.0
VD6.0 Heavyweight Vallejo 2009
Bad Kitty Heavyweight ABC Season 2
Chronos Heavyweight Discovery Season 4


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 12
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