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Team Tanto Robotics are an active BattleBots team which have applied for World Championship VIII, and competed at Proving Ground as part of the live show BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon.

The team are known for their heavyweight drum spinner Manta, which boasts one of the widest drum spinners in the show's history. Despite not yet competing in a televised BattleBots season, Manta boasts two RoboGames Gold Medal finishes and an unbeaten 2-0 record at Proving Ground against Triton.

Following their first outing in Las Vegas, Team Tanto Robotics applied for World Championship VIII. Though the season had not been green-lit at the time, Greg Munson stated the team would be accepted following their success at Proving Ground and RoboGames, assuming the competition went ahead and the team could attend filming.

Outside BattleBots[]

Team Tanto entered robots called Maverick and Rogue Wave into RoboGames 2017. Though Rogue Wave would suffer an early elimination in the beetleweight division, going 0-2, Maverick placed fourth overall despite losing its opening battle to The Highlander and won six consecutive battles before losing again to Rhino. Their 1lber, Tsunami, went undefeated throughout its bracket, even in a rumble, and won gold in the junior division.

As well as this, Dobrikov's team competed in Sparkfun AVC 2017 with Tsunami, Maverick, and a hobbyweight named Typhoon.

At RoboGames 2018, the team returned with Tsunami as well as a 60lb lightweight names Tsunami Light. While Tsunami went 2-2 this time around, Tsunami Light chalked up three wins before crashing out of the bracket.

Team Tanto celebration RG23

Nick Dobrikov celebrating his RoboGames 2023 win.

With assistance from former Team Malice member David Small, Team Tanto's 250lb heavyweight Manta first competed at RoboGames 2023, which originally signed up under the name Drago X. After receiving a bye in the first round, Manta took out Banana Runt in destructive fashion. Returning for Day 3, Manta lost to veteran HexaDecimator in the winner's bracket, bursting into flames after being flipped upside-down, despite causing serious damage to Team WhoopAss' robot.

After having its internals replaced, Manta returned to winning ways as it knocked out Ray Billings and Stinkeye. It then took the win over BattleBots World Championship VII alternate Terrortops in controversial circumstances; both robots were on the unfortunate end of an arena breach, in which one of Terrortops' forks damaged the Lexan roof and landed outside the arena, mere feet away from the camera crew.

Despite this, however, Manta was still eligible to advance in the bracket, winning its next fight over Ziggy Jr. before facing White Rabbit in the final. Here, the battle was stopped following another arena breach, in which an inner Lexan panel was dislodged and fell from the ceiling after Manta ripped one of White Rabbit's weapon teeth off. Despite arena safety being compromised at that point, the battle was restarted with no immediate repairs being carried out to the Lexan. Manta continued to inflict damage to White Rabbit, eventually throwing it into the ceiling and dislodging another Lexan panel in the process. White Rabbit tapped out immediately, enabling Manta to face Cataclysm in the overall final. Manta won the first of two potential encounters against Martin Mason's machine, damaging it so severely that Mason decided to formally forfeit the rematch. Manta was declared the overall 2023 RoboGames heavyweight champion.

Team Tanto Robotics entered RoboGames 2024 with Manta, looking to add to its 2023 title. Manta received a Round 1 bye and took on former champion Original Sin in the second round of the winner's bracket. After a worrying moment which cost Manta part of its drum, it tore a tire away from Gary Gin's robot and edged out a pushing match and won by knockout. Manta then dispatched of Echo 3.0 and BlackJack to earn a match against Chad New and Magnitude. Manta got the better of the Team Wazio robot and advanced to the finals, where it took on Ragin Scotsman - winner of the loser's bracket. Manta won the final and earned its second RoboGames championship in as many years.

Team Members[]

Nick Dobrikov

Nick Dobrikov[]

Nick Dobrikov is the team captain of Team Tanto Robotics. He regularly competes at National Havoc Robot League events with his 3lb drum spinner Noisy Boy, and has previously entered the 2017 and 2018 editions of RoboGames with Tsunami and Tsunami Light. Tsunami won gold in the junior bracket of its debut RoboGames campaign, but neither it nor its smaller counterpart would replicate that success a year later. He also fights with a 3lb full-body spinner called Kill Cake.

He has previous BattleBots experience as part of Team Malice during World Championship V and VI in 2020 and 2021 respectively.


Name Weight Class Season
Manta Heavyweight BattleBots Proving Ground

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 0

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