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Team Storm are a BattleBots team from the United Kingdom which competed in World Championship II with Photon Storm.

The team are well-known for their heavyweight robot Storm 2, which was originally built for a presumed Season 6.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots, under the name Project:2, but later competed in Robot Wars.[1] For BattleBots, the team boasted a wealth of experience from the UK show, with Ed Hoppitt joined by Alan Young and Andrew Marchant of Apollo and Tornado fame.

Ed Hoppitt Alison Haislip WCII

Ed Hoppitt speaking to Alison Haislip after their loss to Minotaur.

Team Storm lost their only fight in BattleBots to Team RioBotz and Minotaur. Ed Hoppitt's Team Storm would not return to BattleBots after the 2016 season as competitors, but did attend a weekend of BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon shows in August 2023 as spectators.[2]

Team Members[]

Ed Hoppitt Photon Storm

Ed Hoppitt[]

Team Storm captain Ed Hoppitt competed for almost 25 years prior to his BattleBots debut.

He also joined fellow veteran Robot Wars competitor Simon Harrison as his team entered King Buxton 20 into RoboGames 2018.

Alan Young[]

Part of the successful Team MAD alongside his brother Dave, Alan Young formed part of the technical crew for Robot Wars before joining his brother ahead of Series 10. His team have championship wins in both the United Kingdom and China.

Alan Young also entered reserve robot Chronic into BattleBots World Championship I and II, but would ultimately not compete in either season. He and Dave Young would unsuccessfully attempt to enter BattleBots in the years that followed with Orion.

For more, see Team MAD.

Andrew Marchant[]

Andrew Marchant joined Team Storm after competing in four series of Robot Wars with Tornado, winning Series 6 outright after a controversial title-decider against Razer.

Outside BattleBots[]

With Ed Hoppitt joined by Tim and Meral Bence (originally Kolac), Team Storm entered their titular robot, Storm, into Robot Wars. However, it withdrew from Series 5 qualifiers and the team turned their attention to a successor - Storm 2.

Storm 2 first appeared in the New Blood tournament made up exclusively of rookies and one-time competitors. There, Storm 2 advanced through its heat, ultimately defeating Thor and Mute in the final to become New Blood champion. As well as this, Storm 2 was granted automatic qualification into Series 7 of Robot Wars as the No.16 seed. In Series 7, Storm 2 debuted a four-bar lifting arm to satisfy the show's newly-enforced active weapon rule. The team continued their unbeaten streak into the UK Championship, winning six consecutive fights including a win over then-reigning champion Tornado, before falling to series champion Typhoon 2. Storm 2 returned for the Third World Championship and won the competition while representing the United Kingdom, earning the title of 'World Champion'.

Team Storm Robot Wars Series 8

Team Storm during Robot Wars Series 8.

During the show's hiatus, Storm 2 remained active on the live circuit, competing in both the United Kingdom and United States. After finishing runner-up in the 2006 FRA UK Heavyweight Championship, Storm 2 entered the heavyweight division of RoboGames 2008. It first defeated Eugene but then lost to Sewer Snake and had to forfeit in the loser's bracket.

Ed Hoppitt's team returned for Series 8 of Robot Wars in 2016, now featuring an interchangeable vertical spinner, though this was never seen in battle. This time, however, Team Storm failed to escape their heat after losing out to Team MAD and Apollo.

Storm 2 also competed in the UK series Techno Games under the name Ickle Toaster. Competing in the Sumo event, it pushed Storm Chaser - a rebranded Tornado - off the ring but damaged the dojo and the win was given to its opponent. In Football, Ickle Toaster inadvertently sent the ball into the live audience when paired with a teammate called Savage Toaster. This incident went untelevised, and Team Storm withdrew from the competition.


Name Weight Class Season
Project:2 Heavyweight Season 6.0 (Did not compete)
Photon Storm Heavyweight World Championship II

Wins/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

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