Team Sinister was a team that first competed in the original 1994 Robot Wars event. Lead by Mark Setrakian, the team built Mechadon and Snake, the two most unique walkers that competed in BattleBots. Mark built and entered The Master in the 1994-1996 Robot Wars events. He also entered Snake into the Robot Wars 1997 event where it lost to Scorpion. Peter Abrahamson, Mark's team mate, copied the module weapon system of Mark Setrakian's The Master when he turned a failed heavyweight (originally a featherweight in 96) entry built for the Robot Wars 1997 event called Gigan 2 into Ronin.

Team Sinister no longer competes, but both team members are both still a part of BattleBots, working behind the scenes.

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Ronin Superheavyweight (originally Heavyweight) Long Beach 1999-Season 5.0
Mechadon Superheavyweight Las Vegas 1999, Season 1.0
Snake Superheavyweight Season 2.0
The Master Middleweight Season 2.0, Season 5.0
  • The original Gigan without its shell
  • The original featherweight Gigan in the arena at US Robot Wars in 96
  • The rebuilt, heavyweight Gigan 2
  • Ronin with the sword (Long Beach 1999-Las Vegas 1999)
  • Ronin with the saw (Season 1.0-3.0)
  • Ronin with the disc (Season 4.0-5.0)
  • Snake before Robot Wars 97
  • Snake at Season 2.0
  • Mechadon doing some tricks before a event
  • Mechadon before Las Vegas 1999
  • The Master as a heavyweight at the Robot Wars 94
  • The Master as a Heavyweight before Robot Wars 96
  • The Master with the battleaxe in Season 2.0
  • The Master with the saw in Season 2.0
  • The Master with the lifter in Season 2.0
  • The Master with the saw in Season 5.0.
  • The Master with its lifting arm in Season 5.0.


  • Wins: 13
  • Losses: 14
  • Draws: 1



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