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Team RioBotz are an active BattleBots team from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who debuted in World Championship II. Although Team RioBotz have built combat robots since 2003, they are best known for their heavyweight drum spinner Minotaur.

Team RioBotz WC VII

Team RioBotz during World Championship VII.

Minotaur won the Most Destructive Robot Award in its debut BattleBots tournament, and only fell short in the title decider to Bite Force during the 2018 season. Minotaur reached the quarter-finals of the following season before opting out of competing in World Championship V due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team RioBotz WCII working on Minotaur

Team RioBotz working on Minotaur during World Championship II.

However, Team RioBotz returned to form in 2021, reaching the Top 8 of a much-improved field after dethroning then-reigning champions End Game. Minotaur advanced through World Championship VII, entering the tournament as the No.1 seed but lost to eventual champion SawBlaze.

Team RioBotz became the third international team to attend BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon as part of the Proving Ground fights in April 2024. There, they went 3-1 after fighting four times in the space of a week.

Outside BattleBots[]

Team RioBotz have achieved great success not only in their native Brazil, but also in numerous US competitions, making them the most decorated combat robotics team in the world. Founded in 2003 by Marco Meggiolaro, a professor of Brazilian university PUC-Rio, the team has been comprised of numerous members over the years. Team RioBotz have also produced humanoid robots, Sumobots, solar-powered robots and even autonomous robots for specific non-combat robotics competitions.


Team RioBotz in 2015.

With their Touro series of robots ranging from the 0.3lb Pico Touro to the 220lb RoboGames staple Touro Maximus, Team RioBotz have entered competitions in a range of different weight classes. Alongside running Minotaur for BattleBots, the Brazilian team secured a gold medal in the 2015 RoboGames with Touro Maximus, as well as silvers in the 2018 and 2010 editions of the event, and bronze in 2016.

Team RioBotz entered several of their Touro robots into the September 2023 National Havoc Robot League event, where Touro Feather placed third in the 30lb division and Touro Jr fell in the semi-finals of the 12lb division.

In January 2024, Team RioBotz competed at the Indian event TechFasT. Touro MF and Touro Junior earned gold medals in their respective divisions, with Touro Feather picking up silver.

Team RioBotz will also join forces with Team Uai!rrior as they enter the Russian heavyweight event Bitva Robotov as Team Brazil.[1]

Team Members[]

Marco Meggiolaro Minotaur 2022

Marco Antônio Meggiolaro[]

Described on the Team RioBotz website as "the leader", Meggiolaro captained Minotaur throughout its first three seasons, including in Minotaur's second-placed finish during the 2018 season. He returned to BattleBots in 2022 for World Championship VII.

He provided pre-match interviews ahead of its fights, but was notably absent from World Championship VI due to having other priorities during the time of filming. Marco Meggiolaro also published the RioBotz Combat Robot Tutorial.[2]

Daniel Freitas driving Minotaur.

Daniel Freitas[]

Known for his aggressive driving and emotional personality, Daniel Freitas has been part of the Minotaur team since the 2016 season. He is known by the nickname "Esguerda".

With just days to go before filming of World Championship VI began, Freitas lost both his mother and grandmother to COVID-19. After flying back to Brazil, he returned to the US to join Team RioBotz for Minotaur's 2021 campaign. Daniel Freitas received an emotional segment during the season dedicated to how supportive both family members were of his involvement with Team RioBotz.

Carlos junior

Carlos Junior[]

Much like Freitas, Carlos Junior has been everpresent with Minotaur since its BattleBots debut.

In Marco Meggiolaro's absence, Carlos Junior was given captaincy ahead of the 2021 season. Like Meggiolaro, he conducted pre-fight interviews as well as post-fight discussions with Chris Rose and Kenny Florian, often joined by Daniel Freitas.

Gabriel Barsi[]

An original member of the Minotaur team, Barsi was present for Team Riobotz's first three BattleBots seasons, and remains listed as a collaborator on the team's website.

Ivan Ekman Simões & Vitor Zig Garcia[]

Two team members who only appeared in Minotaur's 2016 season, their roles are unknown. According to Team RioBotz's website, however, Simões' specialty lies within their autonomous builds.

Marcos Angeli[]

Angeli joined the Minotaur team ahead of the 2019 season and has been present ever since.

Marcos Majeveski[]

Joining the BattleBots team in 2019, Majeveski originally focused on the electronics of Minotaur, but has since become a more well-rounded part of Team RioBotz, as revealed in an interview with Minotaur's main 2021 sponsor, Perficient.[3]

Rodrigo Almeida & Rodrigo Nogueira[]

Both Almeida and Noguerira were present with Minotaur for the 2018 and 2019 seasons of BattleBots, though neither returned after this. Their roles on the team are not known, though Nogueria is listed as a "collaborator" on the Team RioBotz website.

Lohan Marins[]

First competing with Minotaur in the 2019 season, Lohan Marins did not return after this for unknown reasons.

Matheus Amaral, Vinicius Monteiro & David Steagall[]

Team RioBotz's three new acquisitions ahead of Minotaur's return in the 2021 BattleBots season, the roles of Amaral and Monteiro are not known. David Steagall, however, performed an interview with main sponsor Perficient in 2021. Listed as a general mechanic, his specific focus revolves around Minotaur's drive system. Steagall specifically is listed as a "collaborator" on the team's site.[4]


Name Weight Class Season
Minotaur Heavyweight World Championship II
World Championship III
World Championship IV
World Championship VI
World Championship VII
BattleBots Proving Ground


  • Wins: 29
  • Losses: 11

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  • Captain Marco Meggiolaro wrote the 374 page RioBotz Combat Robot Tutorial, which was published in August 2009.
  • Minotaur driver Daniel Freitas is a fan of the soccer team Botafogo, which are based within the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro.