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Team Make Robotics, also shortened to Make Robotics, are a BattleBots team from the United Kingdom which entered Radioactive into World Championship I.

The team name derives from the initials of its founding members: Michael, Anthony, Kane and Edward. Despite Michael and Edward Pritchard not being present for the 2015 BattleBots season, the name was still used.

Outside BattleBots[]

Behemoth team Make Robotics RW

Team Make Robotics during Series 4 of Robot Wars.

The team's greatest success came in the British show Robot Wars, where Team Make Robotics were the longest-competing team. Debuting in Series 2, the team entered a total of nine televised series with Behemoth - a large, box-shaped robot armed with a pneumatic lifting scoop. It reached the series semi-finals in its debut year after winning its heat, but was defeated in the 1v1 battles by Killertron. Behemoth would fail to escape the heats in the following series, but was recognised as a strong competitor, being the inaugural holders of the Challenge Belt title before relinquishing this to Tornado during the first series of Robot Wars: Extreme. Twice included in All-Stars side competitions, Behemoth was among the competitors with the most career fights as of the show's first cancelation.

Team Make Robotics Robot Wars Series 10

Team Make Robotics during Series 10 of Robot Wars.

Returning for Series 8 in 2016, a brand new Behemoth build entered the first heat of the rebooted series, where it advanced through its qualifying battle and won two of its round robin battles, including one over Terrorhurtz. However, it lost out to Carbide the heat final, and missed out on a place in the Grand Final. In Series 9, Behemoth boasted alternative weaponry in the form of an angled, aluminum plow and a grappling attachment. The team again qualified in their initial four-way battle, but lost two of their head-to-head fights and failed to earn enough points to make the heat final on this occasion. Team Make Robotics returned for Series 10 and went unbeaten in their heat, earning an impressive win over former title-holder Apollo in the heat final. However, Behemoth lost out in the three-way qualifying battle and had to go through the redemption rounds, where it defeated Magnetar but ultimately fell to eventual champion Eruption.

Team Make Robotics would also compete in another BBC series called Techno Games. Two stripped-down versions of Behemoth entered the Football event as a team, called Technomoth and Tigermoth. alongside a redecorated build of Robot Wars fan favorite Pussycat.

With Behemoth, the team also boast a lengthy live circuit career, becoming Winter Tour Champions in 2006 and earning podium finishes in numerous other UK Championships.

Team Members[]

Anthony Pritchard Team Make Robotics captain

Anthony Pritchard[]

Anthony Pritchard captained Team Make Robotics for their one and only BattleBots season, as well as for their entire Robot Wars run. He also held the role of driver for Radioactive.

He also drove a 150g version of Behemoth for the two Robot Wars Antweight Championships, losing the first to Combatant but winning the second outright.

Kane Aston[]

Childhood friend to Anthony, Kane Aston joined the team officially ahead of Robot Wars Series 3 but had worked on Behemoth prior to then. He would feature in every subsequent televised Robot Wars competitions, including all three reboot series. He serves as chairman of the Fighting Robot Association and judged for the web-series Bugglebots.

Kevin Cleasby[]

Kevin Cleasby did not previously compete with Team Make Robotics for the original run of Robot Wars, but joined ahead of Series 8 in 2016 - the same year as World Championship II. Cleasby entered Switch into the Chinese series This is Fighting Robots. This would later become his World Championship V entry to BattleBots - X/Change. He also build a featherweight version called Microswitch for the 2018 King of Bots UK Featherweight Championship. Microswitch competed at the US event Motorama in early 2020, winning once before losing twice and being eliminated.


Name Weight Class Season
Radioactive Heavyweight World Championship II

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

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