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Team LOGICOM is a successful team that has built many bots and first started competing in Season 3.0 of BattleBots. Team LOGICOM has also competed in Robot Wars Extreme Warriors, with Phrizbee (re-named The Revolutionist) and Bambulance (re-named Spin Doctor). They still compete today, with success in numerous weight classes.

Robot Name Weight Class Seasons of Competition
Chopper Middleweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0, BattleBots Rochester R3
Dispose-All Middleweight Season 3.0
Phrizbee Heavyweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0
Code:BLACK Lightweight Season 5.0
Phrizbee-Ultimate Superheavyweight Season 5.0
Shredhead Featherweight 2004 NPC Charity Open
Mad Dog Middleweight 2004 NPC Charity Open
Bambulance Heavyweight 2004 NPC Charity Open
Captain Shrederator Heavyweight

ABC Season 1-2, Discovery Seasons 3-6


  • Wins: 27
  • Losses: 15


  • In Season 5.0, two of Team LOGICOM's bots (Code:Black and Phrizbee-Ultimate) defeated the defending champions in their weight class (Ziggo and Toro). While Phrizbee was defeated by Center Punch in the match that determined who would fight against the defending heavyweight champ (BioHazard), Brian Nave (Phrizbee's builder) drove Center Punch for that match and nearly defeated the champ (the judges split a 23-22 decision in favor of BioHazard).