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Team Jäger are an Anglo-German BattleBots team who made their debut in World Championship VI with their heavyweight multibot of the same name.

Team Jager 2021 intro

Team Jäger enter the BattleBox.

The team were plagued with misfortune during both attempts to qualify for the show. Originally accepted for the 2020 season, COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented the team from competing in World Championship V.

Though more teammates were billed to join Ralf Schneider, much of the team were unable to obtain NIE Visas in time to travel to Las Vegas for filming of the 2021 season. As such, the difficult decision was made to sacrifice one third of the multibot in favor of focusing their attention on just two robots - Toe Kicker and Arm Muscle.

Of the absent team members, many stem from the United Kingdom and have experience within the UK and US scenes. While not officially listed as part of the team, Emmanuel Carrillo of Team Food Fight assisted with driving Jäger alongside Ralf Schneider.

Team Members[]

Ralf Schneider WCVI Jäger

Ralf Schneider[]

German-born Ralf Schneider was the only originally listed team member present during the 2021 season. He and Emmanuel Carrillo each served as driver and weapons operator of their respective half of the multibot, and Schneider also took interviews pre and post-fight.

He previously competed in the web-series Bugglebots with a 3lb beetleweight called Anxt, which was armed with a powerful axe weapon.


Name Weight Class Season
Jäger Heavyweight World Championship V
World Championship VI
World Championship VII
(Not selected)

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

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