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Team Hammertime were a team who competed in Seasons 3.0 to 5.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots as well as three World Championships on ABC and Discovery.

They were best known for their middleweight turned heavyweight robot SubZero, which was entered under Team XD's name from World Championship V onwards following the retirement of Jerry Clarkin in 2019.

Outside BattleBots[]

The team also fought in numerous RoboGames events with Bounty Hunter and the middleweight version of SubZero. Bounty Hunter finished third overall at RoboGames 2005 with its 4-2 record, and SubZero earned the same accolade two years later.

Team Members[]

Jerry Clarkin Team Hammertime

Jerry Clarkin[]

Jerry Clarkin was Team Hammertime's captain throughout their history, including in untelevised events such as the 2004 NPC Charity Open, 2005 Rochester Robot Rampage event and the 2006 Cisco Party.

Following his retirement in 2019, SubZero's captaincy was switched to Logan Davis.


Robots[1] Weight Class Season
SubZero Middleweight
NPC Charity Open
BattleBots Rochester R3
Cisco Party 2006
JavaOne 2007
World Championship II
World Championship III
World Championship IV *
Bounty Hunter Superheavyweight NPC Charity Open
Hammertime Heavyweight Season 3.0
Season 4.0
Season 5.0

* The 250lb heavyweight SubZero competed in future BattleBots seasons under Team XD.


  • Wins: 23
  • Losses: 19

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