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Team Food Fight are an active BattleBots team who competed in the World Championship V and VII with their heavyweight entry Big Dill. The team also competed in both seasons of the spin-off, BattleBots: Champions.

Team food fight 2020

Team Food Fight during the 2020 season.

Debuting in 2020, Team Food Fight earned a 1-2 overall Fight Night record and failed to make the Top 32.

Having been a reserve during World Championship VI, Big Dill returned to the main BattleBots roster ahead of the seventh reboot season, as confirmed by the team. However, after going 1-3 during Fight Night, it was not selected to advance to the main tournament. The team returned for BattleBots: Champions I, losing out to Bloodsport.

Team Food Fight and Big Dill returned to the main field for World Championship VII. Despite going 1-3 in the regular season, the team showed improvement with their upgraded machine. In BattleBots: Champions II, Big Dill fell in the opening round to bracket winner JackPot.

Outside BattleBots[]

Prior to its BattleBots debut, Big Dill competed at Robot Ruckus in 2019. It beat non-BattleBots heavyweight Momentum by KO and took P1 and SubZero to judges' decisions, but lost to OYES Robotics and Krusty Grab.

The team repainted Big Dill for other US events following its rookie season, giving it a yellow color and the name Banana Runt. The robot was functionally identical to Big Dill and won the heavyweight division of Robot Ruckus in 2022.

Team Food Fight signed up for the Robotica event in July 2022 with a redesigned Big Dill, but had to withdraw due to shipping issues.[1]

Team Members[]

Team Food Fight WCVII Emmanuel Carrillo

Emmanuel Carrillo[]

Captain of Team Food Fight, Emmanuel Carrillo led the design and build of Big Dill. During World Championship VI, he lent himself to assist with the driving of multibot Jäger, as Big Dill was absent from the main competition. An industrial designer by day, he made up part of Western Allied Robotics and WAR Hawk and led the design of MadCatter.

"The reality is it probably does limit what I do, but I don’t see it."
— Emmanuel Carrillo in a 2021 interview with The Seattle Times[2]

Despite being born a below-the-right-elbow amputee, Emmanuel Carrillo has developed an array of skills in design and engineering, also managing to drive full combat robots to a high standard. He also produces CAD of 150g and 1lb robots which are uploaded to 3D printing sites such as Thingiverse. Examples include a fairyweight Minotaur named Minitaur and a four-wheel drive robot with hinged forks bearing a strong resemblance to DUCK!.

Isaak Malers[]

Part of Team Food Fight for the 2020 season, Isaak Malers joined Team Malice in 2021 where he has remained ever since. He competes with 12lbers DBSC-12 and Red-Dye-12 in the NHRL.

Brandon Young[]

Joining the team exclusively for World Championship V, Brandon Young captains Bone Dead Robotics, who compete in various US events with robots of various weight classes. These include Phenomena (3lb), Demogorgon (12lb) and Phenomenon (30lb).

Elizabeth Cao[]

Elizabeth "Izzy" Cao has competed in VEX Robotics events since 2013, mentoring in the years leading up to her first BattleBots appearance, where she specializes in CAD and machining work. In April 2020, she founded RobotMatter, a business which distributes robot parts across the US. Having spent a season with Big Dill, she joined Equals Zero Robotics and Overhaul ahead of the 2021 competition.

Tommy Wong[]

Present for the 2020 season, Tommy Wong is best known for his beetleweight robot Droopy. He also build the minibot Surrenderbot! for WAR Hawk in 2018, despite not being a listed member on the team. Alongside Izzy Cao, he was billed to make up part of multibot hopeful Caulk.

Trent Wilson & Ryan Lau[]

Having lost several members to other teams, Trent Wilson and Ryan Lau joined Team Food Fight in 2021 for BattleBots: Champions I. Wilson was previously part of the Chronos team in 2020, who opted against entering World Championship VI. Ryan Lau was involved with Team Bad Kitty and MadCatter during the 2019 and 2020 seasons of BattleBots, but joined up with Big Dill in 2021. However, he was not listed among the team members in 2022.

Ellis Ware[]

One of three new additions for World Championship VII, Ellis Ware is best known for captaining Team Ranglebots during Robot Wars with his heavyweights, Pulsar and Magnetar. Alongside Steven Martin of DeathRoll fame, Ellis Ware entered the Season 1 of King of Bots and its successor, This is Fighting Robots, with Great White, also entering the latter with Sandstorm and scoring a win over BattleBots competitor Chronos. He later entered the second season of King of Bots with multibot The Hounds. Outside of televised shows, Ellis Ware is an established builder in the smaller weight classes. His UK featherweight Neon sports a destructive undercutting bar spinner and has fought since 2017, whereas his Tormenta series of robots predate and feature similar weaponry to Sandstorm. In 2023, he designed and built a 3lb robot called Gizmo which won both the 2023 and 2024 Robot Rebellion events.

Ellis runs the company Ranglebox outside of competing, which offers robot parts, electronics and printing services to a UK audience.

Andy Russell[]

Originally part of Team Jäger, Andy Russell had to pull out of filming for the 2021 season due to issues concerning NIE Visas for British competitors travelling to Las Vegas. However, he joined Team Food Fight and Big Dill following Jäger's rejection from World Championship VII. Like Ellis Ware he also competed in Robot Wars, though with a heavyweight eggbeater spinner called Hobgoblin.

Russ Barrow[]

A third inclusion for Team Food Fight in 2022, Russ Barrow previously competed in Comedy Central BattleBots with Dark Steel and Dark Shredder. He also entered Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with Lightning Tracks, losing his only battle before entering the third season of Robotica with Dark Track, but suffered a similar fate by losing in the preliminary round.


Name Weight Class Season
Big Dill Heavyweight World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
BattleBots: Champions I
World Championship VII
BattleBots: Champions II

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 10

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